Webinars on Climate Change Negotiations and Health

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WHO are organising two webinars on climate change negotiations and health to provide an overview of the recent milestones in climate change negotiations and the health priorities for COP27. 

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SSH Keys: Security Asset or Liability for Healthcare?


With the extensive network systems found in the healthcare industry, SSH keys are widely used to provide privileged administrative access and to secure machine-to-machine automation for important business functions. However, SSH keys are routinely untracked, unmanaged and unmonitored. This lack of visibility and control can create HIPAA violations by not adequately restricting access to Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). If SSH keys are not surely managed, the organization does not know who has access. In this session, we’ll examine SSH study results that reveal widespread lack of security controls for SSH keys in the healthcare industry. We’ll discuss the common mistakes that almost all healthcare organizations make around security, policy, and auditing practices when managing SSH keys.
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The centerpiece of biosimilar adoption

Biosimilars have the potential to deliver significant cost savings across healthcare. As this emerging market evolves, the product landscape faces significant hurdles. In order to ensure success
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Supporting Integrated Patient Care by Moving Tests Out of the Core Lab and into Physicians Offices


In an effort to reduce costs, many clinical laboratories and pathology groups have moved to a central lab system where almost all lab tests are sent. This has led to both patients and doctors incurring lengthy wait times often until the next day to learn the results, as well as myriad other inefficiencies.
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Reduce your reliance on costly staffing agencies

To deal with the current staffing crisis, health systems feel forced to rely on costly external staffing agencies, which is killing hospital and health system operating margins.
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