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Out of network medical bills are a problem health care networks are a bigger one

May 10, 2019 / NATALIE SHURE

There's bipartisan consensus on curbing "surprise medical bills," but the american health-care system's flaws run much deeper.the scourge of so-called "surprise medical bills"—a label nearly always referring to out-of-network emergency care provided by an in-network facility, resulting in outlandish bills for the patient—has stoked outrage in recent years. since 2017, investigative reporting driven by outlets including vox, npr, and kaiser health news has highlighted cases like that of scott kohan, who was saddled with an $8,000 bill for emergency oral surgery it turned out had been performed by an out-of-network surgeon. some 57 percent of americans have reportedly experienced this problem; three-quarters say government action should be taken against it.