Can Technology Relieve Pulmonary Complications—and the Staffing Shortage?


As the number of patients with acute and chronic respiratory conditions rises, how will your department address the ongoing respiratory therapy staffing shortage? More than 92,000 RTs are expected to leave the profession by 2030, while enrollment in respiratory care education has declined 27% since 2010.* What impact will this have on patient outcomes?

A just-released white paper outlines the scope of the problem, as well as the evidence for one therapy solution: Oscillation and Lung Expansion (OLE) therapy. It presents data and insights related to the labor shortage, its potential impact on patient care and facility financials, and evidence for this enabling technology that supports RT efficiency and effectiveness.
Each trend includes actionable insights to help your business respond to pressures, keep pace with change and deliver on customers’ high expectations.

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2. Baxter, Inc. 12023) "Can Technology Relieve Pulmonary Complications—and the Staffng Shortage?'

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