Healthcare meets Brakes and Clutches

July 19, 2022

It's impossible to imagine modern medicine without high-performance apparatus and diagnostic equipment. Within these high-tech applications, clutches and brakes from KEB Automation take on the task of safely holding and engaging.



Baylor University Medical Center has a rich history which began with its founding as the Texas Baptist Memorial Sanitarium in 1903.


Innovation Challenge 2022

video | September 28, 2022

Health Technology for Social Impact - a tech platform sponsored and established by CharmHealth to enable enhanced quality of life, and to mitigate access inequalities through healthcare technology....

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Why Insurers Are Vital to the Future of Digital Therapeutics

video | September 22, 2022

Our latest research predicts that adoption of digital therapeutics is set to skyrocket over the next four years, as consumers and industry stakeholders recognise their value to the delivery of proactive healthcare....

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Best AI-powered Software Used in Healthcare (2022)

video | September 22, 2022

Nowadays, AI has walked into all aspects of human society and brought significant benefits to our daily work and life....

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Hancock Health CEO Steve Long speaks about his hospital's relationship with Sonicu

video | September 27, 2022

Sonicu has more than 500 customers in all 50 states and serves Healthcare, Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Food service industries....

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