AI-assisted healthcare

November 21, 2019

Connected healthcare is better healthcare. Patients who take part along with physicians in their healthcare will be healthier. Technology today allows personal health records to be recorded and updated by patients and a host of apps, whereby physicians can view additional data on their patients. Learn how patients of the future will be able to leverage connected healthcare to stay healthy.


Erie County Medical Center Corporation

ECMC is a medical leader that makes patient experience our first priority, and brings compassionate, first-class care to the eight counties of Western New York, as well as Southern Ontario.


Asset Maintenance Management (CMMS & RTLS) | IoT for Healthcare | Borda Technology

video | February 2, 2023

Schedule, track, and manage every stage of maintenance, calibration, and breakdown processes from anywhere, at any time. Biomedical technicians are instantly notified of work order requests with the real-time location of assets....

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Healthcare Software Development Services

video | February 2, 2023

Healthcare software development can facilitate health services, providing platforms and apps that help transform the healthcare industry. In today’s video we’ll talk about the benefits of medical software engineering....

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Top Digital Health Trends for 2023

video | January 31, 2023

The year 2023 is definitely set to see the healthcare sector evolve with groundbreaking findings and technologies. Most major mods are yet to come! The market will continue to grow and is predicted to reach $95 billion. This means more competition between healthcare organizations and more money invested in the latest technology....

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Location technology for healthcare

video | February 1, 2023

Every hospital is its own ecosystem with lives beginning, ending, and changing with every heartbeat. Wouldn’t it be transformational to be able to connect in real-time with the people under your roof?...

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