Tegria Acquires Cumberland to Provide New and Enhanced Offerings for Healthcare

Tegria | March 17, 2021

Tegria today announced the acquisition of Cumberland, a leading healthcare consulting and benefits firm for payers and providers. The move speeds up the development of Tegria, dispatched by Providence in October 2020 to give cutting edge advancements and administrations to the healthcare area. Because of this exchange, Tegria builds its consulting abilities for payer associations while reinforcing and expanding its extensive consulting and oversaw administration contributions for supplier associations.

"The healthcare industry is simultaneously managing two enormous challenges – the COVID-19 crisis and the need to invest in a post-pandemic future," said Anders Brown, managing director of Tegria's consulting and technology services group, where Cumberland will reside. "Cumberland brings new energy and capacity to Tegria's commitment to help the industry meet those challenges.  Together, we can help customers transform by delivering patient-centered care, through improved access to better and more useful data, and through the deployment of forward-looking technologies."

"The breadth of our industry-leading healthcare consulting and managed services, combined with Tegria's vision for supporting customers as they transform, positions us to support payers and providers as they evolve and continue to integrate," said Brian Cahill, chief executive officer of Cumberland. "Our team is excited about joining Tegria and we look forward to what we can accomplish together."

With Cumberland, Tegria further grows its capacities and reach to payers, especially in center cases and advantage organization frameworks, just as care the executives frameworks. Cumberland carries correlative qualities to Tegria's hearty oversaw administrations offering, and extra expansiveness and profundity to Tegria's innovation consulting ability, basically in the technique, streamlining and reconciliation of leading endeavor frameworks. Likewise, Cumberland has expanding force in the retail healthcare market, which is extending quickly and is set to develop altogether throughout the following decade.

Cumberland will work as an autonomous specialty unit, with its initiative group and representatives staying set up, as a feature of Tegria's consulting and innovation administrations gathering. It will keep on supporting its present client portfolio while likewise banding together with groups across Tegria to team up on new joined contributions and shared customers.

Since its establishing in 2004, Cumberland has procured honors by conveying warning consulting, innovation benefits, and oversaw administrations for healthcare associations in the supplier and payer markets. The organization is situated in Franklin, Tennessee, and has in excess of 250 representatives focused on their clients' accomplishment in propelling healthcare.

"Cumberland has a stellar reputation for technology expertise and advisory services, with outstanding talent at every level of their organization," said Brown. "They share our values and sense of mission, and there's a strong cultural alignment between us. We're excited to see Cumberland join Tegria, and we're looking forward to working together on behalf of our healthcare customers."

Cascadia Capital filled in as the monetary counselor and Davis Wright Tremaine went about as lawful advice to Tegria. Clearsight Advisors filled in as the monetary guide and Goodwin Procter went about as lawful insight to Cumberland.

About Tegria

Tegria helps health care organizations of all sizes accelerate technological, clinical and operational advances that enable people to live their healthiest lives. Based in Seattle with teams throughout the United States and Canada, Tegria is comprised of ten companies and more than 3,000 strategists, technologists, service providers and scientists dedicated to delivering value for customers. Founded by Providence, Tegria is committed to creating health for a better world.

About Cumberland

Cumberland, a Tegria company, is a leading healthcare consulting and services firm providing strategic advisory consulting services, technology services and managed services solutions to healthcare clients in the payer and provider markets. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to delivering solutions that advance the business of healthcare.


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Other News

Catalyst Solutions Announces Third-Party Administration White Paper Publication

Catalyst Solutions | December 22, 2022

Catalyst Solutions announces the publication of the white paper, Third Party Administration for Healthcare Payers. This white paper reviews the unique needs that self-funded and fully-insured plans might have for Third Party Administration as well as, the services and benefits TPAs provide. As an industry, healthcare continues to experience constant change. The landscape is dynamic, and new challenges are on the horizon. Mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships are occurring at an unprecedented rate - and the government continues to introduce mandates to which the healthcare plan must adhere. These factors continue to add demands on plans that are already facing budgetary and resource constraints. "To manage these challenges healthcare payers are increasingly outsourcing business processes to Third Party Administrators. Just like in organizations, outsourcing allows them to focus on what they do best, which is: improving the healthcare outcomes of their membership." Scott Martin, President of Catalyst Solutions TPAs deliver administrative support to self-funded businesses and fully-insured healthcare plans. Both are increasingly outsourcing day-to-day operational services to a TPA, which is driving significant cost savings and reducing the administrative burden. Catalyst Solutions provides a full suite of TPA services. Its team of fully-trained, US-based employees can deliver the operational and technology functions required by a healthcare plan or self-funded business. Catalyst seeks to maximize the performance of healthcare plans by taking a holistic view of people, process, and technology. "Catalyst engages plans at a strategic level," Scott Martin said, "aligning our outsourcing services to our customer's business goals. We use our industry expertise to anticipate our customers' long-term needs. Our services don't end with outsourcing – we become trusted advisors in helping our customers achieve a better future." About Catalyst Solutions Catalyst Solutions has an extensive history of exclusively serving the payer industry. With 20+ years of deep industry expertise, Catalyst provides outsourced BPO, IT, and consulting services. As a diversity-certified, woman-owned company based in the U.S., our mission is to help insurance payers drive down costs, optimize revenue, and most importantly, improve member healthcare outcomes. We deliver comprehensive and flexible solutions that meet the unique needs of payers, and we are committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing unmatched, white-glove service. We are passionate about making positive and measurable change on behalf of the clients we serve and the communities in which we live.

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Sharps Technology Begins Manufacturing at its Hungary Facility for the Company's Innovative Syringe Products

Sharps Technology Inc | December 21, 2022

Sharps Technology, Inc. an innovative medical device and drug delivery Company offering patented, best-in-class syringe products, announces they have commenced manufacturing of their much-needed ultra-low waste smart safety syringe products in their European operation in Hungary. The plant has been producing products and will begin shipments to support the distribution and sales agreement with Nephron Pharmaceuticals by the end of the year, and customer agreements in Europe in early 2023. The production of these specialty syringe products will ramp up over the next several months to increase supply. Sharps innovative syringe designs provide a beneficial set of features and advantages for the healthcare industry. These syringe product features include a combination of ultra-low waste, passive and active safety, and reuse prevention. By combining all these features and building them into a portfolio of syringe offerings, it will create product platforms that can help drive down the cost of healthcare treatments. “This is a transformative point for our company as we move from a pre-revenue research & development start-up to a true manufacturing company that should generate revenue in the first half of 2023. Today’s healthcare providers are responsible for managing their supply chains and driving down their total cost of ownership (TCO) for medical treatments. Sharps Technology will be able to offer products that can directly support those programs. At Sharps Technology, we feel that by using better drug delivery technology, we can help create additional medical treatments at no additional cost for patients that need them." Robert Hayes, Sharps Technology CEO "We look forward to a bright future at Sharps Technology," concluded Mr. Hayes. "The recently signed distribution agreement with Nephron Pharmaceuticals accelerates the sales plan for our innovative syringe products that are currently being produced in the Sharps plant in Hungary. The ability to pull forward our sales plan for customers in the US will create a unique opportunity for early revenue at Sharps. We expect to have our first products available for sale in the US by the end of January 2023, with additional products to be added to the distribution network by mid-year of 2023." When healthcare providers use ultra-low waste syringes with multi-dose vials, it allows for the availability of up to 20% to 40% more medication for patients that need the treatment. This medication availability is created by using more efficient syringes designated as low-waste and ultra-low waste products, and not trapping medication within the syringe after the dose is given. The use of standard syringes that are not designated as low waste or ultra-low waste products typically creates a dead space area within the syringe where excess medication is trapped and cannot be used. This dead space then causes the healthcare provider to throw away the unused medication. The trapped medication in the dead space of a standard syringe can waste as much as 100 microliters of medication or more. The Pharmaceutical companies that fill their medication into vials understand this and must then overfill the vial with drug therapy to compensate for the problem. As the costs for medication and medical treatments rise, the discarded medication can cost the industry millions of dollars, or more, globally. The purchase of the European facility was finalized in the summer of 2022 and Sharps has invested in infrastructure and equipment upgrades to prepare the plant for a full manufacturing schedule. Syringe products produced by Sharps comply with all applicable FDA and ISO requirements and have been awarded the European Union’s CE Mark. The Sharps Hungary team, led by General Manager Filippo Filippi, brings together a dedicated and knowledgeable manufacturing force, with more than 20 years of experience in supplying the world with high quality, innovative syringe products. Prior to the GM position, Filippi’s career spanned years of building, managing, and supporting multiple manufacturing sites across Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Hungary plant is vertically integrated in that it has the capability to manufacture the syringe components by injection molding, assemble the devices on automated lines or by manual assembly if required, and to sterilize the products on-site through the Ethylene Oxide sterilization process. This last stage of the syringe manufacturing process is unique in the industry and gives Sharps an advantage in supporting shortened lead times as compared to the common need to utilize a third-party for sterilization. The plant has manufacturing capacity to supply more than 50 million units today and the facility could be expanded to produce 250 million units or more over the next couple of years. About Sharps Technology Sharps Technology is a medical device and pharmaceutical packaging company specializing in the development and manufacturing of innovative drug delivery systems. The company’s product lines focus on low waste and ultra-low waste syringe technologies that incorporate both passive and active safety features. These features protect front line healthcare workers from life-threatening needle stick injuries and protect the public from needle re-use. Sharps Technology has extensive expertise in specialized prefilled syringe systems and ready to use processing. The company has a manufacturing facility in Hungary and has partnered with Nephron Pharmaceuticals to expand its manufacturing capacity in the US..

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From community giving, to volunteerism, to programs and benefits that support their members, MAHP member health plans are vital members of the communities they serve. Learn more about Senior Whole Health by Molina Healthcare.