Sharecare to acquire to speed up healthcare digital transformation and widen the engineering expertise through innovative AI platform

Sharecare | February 01, 2021

Sharecare, one of the best digital health company and a one-stop solution for all health-related needs, today announced it has acquired, a well-known enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) platform, which is aimed at accelerating the healthcare industry digital transformation.

“More than mapping conditions to content and identifying behavior patterns, AI in Healthcare has a lot of possibilities”, said Jeff Arnold, founder, CEO, and Chairman of Sharecare. “Using AI, we will privately and securely turn data into various insights and these insights into action and ultimately a culture of sharing care will be built up to drive improvement in community well-being, personal health goals, and medical research. Sharecare's flagship platform integrated with's enterprise technology will enable us to successfully unlock the value of digital health data in a scalable, impactful, and compelling way and fulfill our shared mission of fully transforming healthcare industry into a digital one”.

This acquisition makes Sharecare add 70 engineers more to its team. These new Engineers in the team include 11 PhDs, who have developed various product offerings and technology that makes clients launch their products at a lower cost and faster. Along with the acquisition, some key executive leadership appointments are also taking place in the company, including co-founders Walter De Brouwer and Sam De Brouwer as chief science officer and new chief strategy officer of Sharecare respectively.  Other senior management is also integrated into the company's leadership team.

Sam De Brouwer, “Over the last five years, as a team, we have contributed a lot for fostering better healthcare outcomes for both future and current generations using AI, accessible data, and zero-trust infrastructure. Now we are very fortunate to co-operate with an exceptional group of people at Sharecare”. “Our fierce commitment has made us make privacy-first solutions and created value for our users and now we are excited to continue this under the leadership and visions of Jeff in Sharecare with their extensive customer base”.

Adding to it, Arnold said, “At Sharecare, to bring needed innovation to the industry, our efficiency in leveraging technology will be helpful. Along with this good track record of leveraging technology, we are very much excited, with this acquisition, to add exceptional talent and technology of to Sharecare and capitalize on our other complementary efforts in various verticals such as behavioral health and health security. We are also looking forward to forging a new collaboration with leading health benefits company, Anthem, Inc.”, over the last five years, has focused much on bringing in privacy-first digital health solutions for marketing that help increase personalization and engagement and expand access. This is ultimately helpful for organizations to create various pathways to bring out better outcomes and to increase innovation possibilities. To power the digital development, since 2018, Anthem is using's portfolio of privacy-first technologies and platforms. Anthem is also using, to create improved value for users and drive personalization of its digital assets,'s artificial intelligence software services.

As a significant relationship to and as part of the transaction, Anthem becomes the strategic partner of Sharecare. Chief digital officer and senior vice president of Anthem, Rajeev Ronanki will join the board of directors of Sharecare.

Anthem's Ronanki said, "We have the firsthand experience with what has contributed to healthcare transformation and we are looking forward and excited to work together and bring out success collectively using our extensive product offerings and customer bases. Both the organizations are focused much on the end-user and technology visions are shared to deliver outcomes proactively and in a personalized way. We are united to improve the health of the consumers and bring out innovations in the field of healthcare”.

The deal has not disclosed the financial terms.

This acquisition is subjected to regulators and customary closing conditions. The closing may take place in the first quarter of 2021.

For this transaction, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC acts as financial advisor and King & Spalding LLP as legal advisor to Sharecare. Foley & Lardner LLP. is providing regulatory support for and L2 Counsel, P.C. acts as legal advisor.

About, the Silicon Valley-based company, was founded in 2016. This has the vision of accelerating digital transformation in healthcare using privacy-preserving infrastructure and edge computing. This has also got the goal of unlocking health data value. the company is licensed to create AI modules and make various products for various client portfolios, including payers, providers, and pharma. 

About Sharecare 

Sharecare, the leading health company in helping people manage their health on the platform. Our data-driven and comprehensive virtual health platform are developed to assist people, employers, providers, government organizations, health plans, and communities to make sure wellbeing with positive behavior change. Focused on our philosophy, we are committed to supporting the personal health of every individual that is affordable and accessible for everyone.


Statistics Canada conducted the National Cannabis Survey every three months throughout 2018, and continues to do so in 2019. These data are about Canadians, 15 and older, and re¬flect their cannabis use and related behaviours in the past three months.

Other News

The Garage enters strategic partnership with Morris Heights Health Center in an effort to change healthcare in underserved Bronx, NY

Garage and Morris Heights Health Center (MHHC) | December 05, 2022

Population health management platform company, the Garage, announced that it is joining forces with federally qualified health center, Morris Heights Health Center (MHHC). The Bronx-based MHHC serves over 50,000 patients, and its mission is to be the vanguard for quality, affordable, and accessible health care for all. MHHC will be utilizing the Garage’s proven population health management platform, Bridge, for empowering better care in the community. The SaaS platform connects providers, care teams and enables real-time patient information exchange, facilitates referral management, secure messaging, patient tracking and communication, clinical data management, clinical integration, clinical intelligence, and clinical analytics. “We are excited to partner with the Garage. We needed a solution that would help us better serve our patients and prepare us for the opportunities ahead in value-based care. Their proven credentials along with the depth of their platform made this decision a no-brainer.” Mari Millet, President and CEO of MHHC MHHC’s utilization of Bridge will start with a focus in care management for all of its patients and will be another implementation of the Garage’s Digital-First, Data-First approach, which focuses on the Quintuple Aim – Lower Costs of Care, Better Care for the Patient, Improved Health of Communities, Sustainable Service Model for Care Teams, and Equitable Access to Care for All. “Our mission to change healthcare for good…one community at a time is realized by partnerships like this,” said Pranam Ben, Founder and CEO of the Garage. “MHHC’s commitment to their patients presents a great opportunity for us to architect a data driven, platform-based, collaborative care model for the Bronx community.” About the Garage Based in Orlando, Florida, the Garage is a population health management technology company dedicated to changing healthcare for good…one community at a time. The company works with more than 140+ healthcare organizations and 19,500+ providers across 34 states. Through its collaborative population health management platform, Bridge, the Garage touches more than 15 million patient lives. About Morris Heights Health Center MHHC is a non-profit organization funded by federal, state, and foundation grants as well as private and corporate donors. They serve more than 50,000 patients annually and provide a wide range of primary, specialty, dental, mental health, educational, and social services at thirteen locations throughout the Bronx.

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mPulse Expands Streaming Engagement Capabilities for Consumer-Focused Digital Health Content

mPulse Mobile, | December 16, 2022

mPulse Mobile, a leader in conversational AI and digital engagement solutions for the healthcare industry, announced the launch of new content capabilities and streaming courses that address health literacy barriers in a consumer-friendly format. Several solution advances continue mPulse’s focus on integrating streaming content into digital health engagement strategies, creating an industry-leading combination of conversational AI that drives two-way SMS messaging campaigns and powerful health streaming content to engage, delight, and move consumers to adopt healthy behaviors. “Stories” Video Format mPulse launched the stories video format to deliver more impactful content experiences in consumer-focused outreach programs. The format adapts video “stories” commonly seen in social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels to deliver captivating content on important healthcare topics. mPulse’s Health Activation Platform tailors the stories content to the individual to address important engagement challenges such as medication adherence, gaps in care, and health plan navigation. “These new video capabilities are proof that mPulse Mobile continues to pioneer category-defining member engagement technology. Our highly tailored, consumer focused content is a powerful tool that creates culturally sensitive digital experiences to address health disparities, encourage healthy behaviors, and drive member outcomes. The stories format allows us to be more impactful when consumers engage, and our initial results show they have a significant impact on program goals.” Bob Farrell, CEO of mPulse Mobile The format drives increased engagement and improved health outcomes among targeted populations. mPulse deployed the stories format in a diabetes eye-screening outreach program. The program included 200,000 Medicare Advantage members, with a subset of 100,000 members receiving the streaming content, delivered in a stories format. This cohort showed a 274% higher Call to Action completion rate than members who did not receive the stories-formatted content. Leveraging conversational outreach, consumers are prompted on the issues that might be preventing them from completing a given action. When they respond via text to identify a barrier, tailored streaming content is delivered instantly and in real-time via an embedded link to address the barrier. New Health Educational Courses mPulse has also launched new streaming health courses that address key health issues and improve health literacy in a consumer-friendly digital format. Produced with proven learning techniques and behavioral science, these courses allow healthcare organizations to extend the digital experience from initial outreach to deep, relationship-building experiences. “Our product strategy aims to offer the most effective technology at delivering health engagement, and core to mPulse’s value is meaningful digital content, which elevates engagement experiences to a new level,” said Sanjeev Sawai, Chief Product and Technology Officer at mPulse Mobile. “Members are in need of better educational content that they find engaging and worth their time. We use short, captivating content to get members' attention and motivate them to act in healthy ways - ways that help them build their health literacy, prevent diseases, manage conditions, and foster wellbeing. Our approach offers innovative frictionless ways to encourage members to engage deeply in their own health and healthcare.” About mPulse Mobile mPulse Mobile is reimagining health engagement to inspire healthier lives and deeper relationships between healthcare organizations and their consumers. A leading healthcare Conversational AI platform combines with award-winning health education for the streaming age to deliver tailored digital health engagement that nurtures, educates, and activates healthcare consumers. With more than a decade of experience, 150+ healthcare customers and 1 billion conversations annually, mPulse Mobile has the data, the expertise, and the solutions to drive healthy behavior change.

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Asep Medical Holdings Inc. Announces Grant of Stock Options

ASEP Medical Holdings Inc | November 25, 2022

Asep Medical Holdings Inc. is pleased to announce that, for recruitment, incentivization, and retention purposes, it has granted to certain officers and advisors an aggregate of 1,080,000 stock options to purchase up to 1,080,000 common shares of the Company of which 200,000 are exercisable at a price of $0.30 per Share until September 29, 2032, 200,000 are exercisable at a price of $0.30 per share until October 1, 2032, and 680,000 are exercisable at a price of $0.30 per share until November 24, 2032. ABOUT ASEP MEDICAL HOLDINGS INC Asep Inc. is dedicated to addressing antibiotic failure by developing novel solutions for significant unmet medical needs. The Company is a consolidation of two existing private companies that are both in the advanced development of both proprietary diagnostic tools, enabling the early and timely identification of severe sepsis as well as broad-spectrum therapeutic agents to address multidrug-resistant biofilm infections. Sepset Biosciences Inc. is developing a diagnostic technology that involves a patient gene expression signature that predicts severe sepsis, one of the significant diseases leading to antibiotic failure since antibiotics are the primary treatment for sepsis. Despite this, sepsis is responsible for nearly 20% of all deaths on the planet. The semester test is a blood-based gene expression assay that is straightforward to implement, and results are obtained in about an hour in the emergency room or intensive care unit. This proprietary diagnostic technology differs from current diagnostic tests in enabling diagnosis of severe sepsis within 1-2 hours of first clinical presentation while other diagnostics only provide diagnosis after 24-36 hours. Asep Inc. believes this will enable critical early decisions to be made by physicians regarding appropriate therapies and reduce overall morbidity and mortality due to sepsis. ABT Innovations Inc.'s peptide technology covers a broad range of therapeutic applications, including bacterial biofilm infections anti-inflammatories, anti-infective immune modulators, and vaccine adjuvants.

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MarketVector Indexes™ Licenses the MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index to VanEck Europe

MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index | December 08, 2022

MarketVector IndexesTM announced the licensing of the MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index to underlie the VanEck Bionic Engineering UCITS ETF. The MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index includes companies that generate at least 50% of their revenue from medical, dental, or vision-related implants, bioprinting, prosthesis, or preservation of organs and tissue. “We have observed sound growth in the global bionics market which includes a range of niche healthcare solutions from medical implants to prostheses and bioprinting. These innovations in medical technology open new horizons to meet the rising needs of an aging population, significantly improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, and pave the way for the discovery of potentially life-saving treatments. The MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index offers an investable benchmark to track the leading companies in this industry.” Mirela Stefanova, Manager of Equity Operations at MarketVector The MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index is weighted by free float market capitalization and reviewed on a quarterly basis. The index is calculated in USD as a price index and a total return net index. Capping factors are applied to avoid overweighting of single index components. “The proportion of the elderly population is rising and with it the demand for technical solutions such as hearing and visual aids, pacemakers, artificial joints and the like that improve the quality of life in the old age,” says Martijn Rozemuller, CEO at VanEck Europe. “At the same time, increasingly available bionic tools are helping people with chronic diseases such as diabetes or functional disorders.” About MarketVector Indexes MarketVector IndexesTM is a regulated Benchmark Administrator in Europe, incorporated in Germany and registered with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). MarketVector maintains indexes under the MarketVectorTM, MVIS® and BlueStar® names. With a mission to accelerate index innovation globally, MarketVector is best known for its broad suite of Thematic indexes, a long-running expertise in Hard Asset-linked Equity indexes, and its pioneering Digital Asset index family. MarketVector is proud to be in partnership with more than 25 Exchange Traded Product issuers and index fund managers in markets throughout the world, with approximately USD 26.99 billion in assets under management.

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Statistics Canada conducted the National Cannabis Survey every three months throughout 2018, and continues to do so in 2019. These data are about Canadians, 15 and older, and re¬flect their cannabis use and related behaviours in the past three months.