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Notable launches Patient AI, the world's first use of large language models and GPT to bring personalization at scale to healthcare

Notable launches Patient

Notable, the leading intelligent automation company for healthcare, launched Patient AI, the world's first use of large language models and GPT to bring personalization at scale to healthcare. Patient AI continuously reviews millions of data points across medical records and third-party data sets to develop a comprehensive clinical and social understanding of each patient. These insights are automatically translated into personalized recommendations that are surfaced to the patient before, after, and in between encounters through adaptive design without any staff involvement. The result is that patients are engaged at precisely the right moment to take action in achieving their health goals.

As consumers, we have highly personalized experiences across retail, financial services, entertainment, and other aspects of our lives, and yet the healthcare experience has remained decidedly impersonal. This is despite the fact that trillions of dollars have been spent working to shift healthcare from what was a very analog industry to one that is far more digital. It is estimated that healthcare today accounts for a whopping 30% of the world's data volume. Yet, capitalizing on that data to personalize the patient experience and improve care has remained elusive for most health systems. The labor-intensive nature of mining, reading, and drawing conclusions from these data sets, combined with staffing shortages, has made it infeasible to personalize care for all patients. The result is fragmented, delayed, or deferred care, leading to poor outcomes for patients and inhibited revenue growth for health systems.

"The entire industry is talking about generative AI and ChatGPT," said Pranay Kapadia, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Notable. "While others talk, we've been busy incorporating LLMs into our intelligent automation platform and the early results are incredibly encouraging. From the very beginning, we've embraced an iterative deployment methodology that allows us to capitalize on the rapid pace at which technology continues to evolve. Going forward, we are committed to safely deploying Patient AI into all of our digital assistant solutions to allow caregivers to practice at the top of their license."

For example, a patient with lung cancer who frequently misses appointments due to a lack of transportation can be matched by Notable to

  • A one-click ride booking with a rideshare service
  • A recommendation to learn more about a clinical trial to treat symptoms of her cancer
  • An opportunity to request a refill of an expiring medication
  • The option to reschedule multiple upcoming appointments into a single day

Alternatively, a patient being discharged after knee surgery can be matched with

  • A home health nurse
  • A medical equipment provider for crutches
  • A series of periodic questionnaires to assess patient-reported outcomes (PROs)

Notable presents all of these services to patients in an intuitively designed digital experience.

Previously, this level of personalization required teams of professionals - including care coordinators, medical assistants, and nurses - and multiple hours of work to deeply examine a patient's clinical history, assess social determinants of health (SDOH), and manually contact the patient. Patient AI powers this level of proactive, personalized care without any increase in staff.

Using GPT to scan existing clinical documentation, Patient AI can detect missed diagnoses and comorbidities to further improve a patient's care and risk accuracy. It is also able to identify lapsed insurance cards, incorrect addresses, eligible clinical trials, or costly care gaps in real-time across an entire patient population.

"We are transforming how we engage patients through highly personalized care experiences," said Dave Henriksen, VP, Clinical Operations, Castell. "We have extended the capacity of our current workforce and equipped them with actionable insights to keep patients healthy. With Notable, we activate our patients at the right moment – without placing undue burden on our caregivers or adding more staff."

"As an industry, it is imperative that we change the way we deliver care and that means embracing cutting-edge technology, like large language models," said Dr. Mark Cockley, Chief Clinical Officer, ThedaCare. "Intelligent automation is at the core of our digital transformation strategy. Notable is empowering us to deliver on our Triple Aim and our mission at ThedaCare: to improve the health and well-being of our communities by empowering each person to live their unique best life."

See the Notable platform in action at HIMSS 2023 in booth #6827. To learn how to put your health system on the path to a personalized patient experience at scale

About Notable

Notable, the leading intelligent automation company for healthcare, is on a mission to optimize healthcare delivery for every patient and caregiver. Deployed at over 1,000 locations, Notable automates over half a million repetitive workflows every day across scheduling, registration, intake, referrals, and authorizations. The result: personalized, streamlined care for patients, the elimination of burdensome manual work for caregivers, and improved financial health for healthcare providers. Based in San Mateo, Calif., Notable is backed by leading investors, including ICONIQ Growth, Greylock Partners, F-Prime, Oak HC/FT, Maverick Ventures, and 8VC.


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