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CrossTx Announces the Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) Module for Chronic Care Management, Care Coordination and Compliance

Behavioral health care workers continue to see a rise in mental health concerns as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to provoke Americans' levels of psychological and emotional distress.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has identified the mission-critical importance of integrating behavioral health with primary care, widely understood as an effective strategy for improving the outcomes of millions of Americans experiencing mental or behavioral health issues.

The market-leading CrossTx closed-loop referral management and care coordination platform now has seamless, turnkey accessible BHI services ensuring that all primary care clinics, including federally qualified health centers, rural health clinics, and other health system clinics, can better care for their patients.

Ensuring that clinics can connect eligible Medicare and Medicaid patients with behavioral health services, CrossTx supports Medicare's ongoing payment reform efforts, ensuring clients are reimbursed for services offered to patients.

Faith Jones, a long-time CMS program and compliance subject matter expert, shared recently that "CMS launched the Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) program to incentivize providers to address this serious health concern as coordinating behavioral health care within primary care practices is an effective strategy for improving outcomes for adults with mental or behavioral health conditions."

A colleague with HealthTechS3 and CrossTx partner, Jones continued, "Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) remuneration for behavioral health coordination is accessible for primary care practices, certain specialty providers, Rural Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Clinics. Adding BHI to existing chronic care management services is the logical next step to ensure both physical and mental health conditions are managed."

In fact, CrossTx announces that the new release streamlines compliance and reimbursement associated with BHI care coordination, including:

  • BHI program introduction is initiated by the primary care provider, with care coordination activities performed by a care team member.
  • Psychiatric medical provider does NOT need to be a staff member for BHI reimbursement, a referral can be appropriate.
  •  Initial assessment and ongoing systematic administration of applicable clinically validated rating scale(s).
  • Care planning by the primary care team jointly with the beneficiary, with care plan revision for patients whose condition is not improving.
  • Facilitation and coordination of behavioral health treatment.
  • Continuous relationship with a care coordinator.
  • Further remuneration for additional intervals of time spent, as well as consultation with psychiatric medical providers.

Chad Nybo, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Bozeman, Montana-based company, launched CrossTx a decade ago to improve efficiencies and patient care.

"We are excited to help our current and new customers not only improve healthcare outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries but also boost revenues to the clinic. We are excited about the ease of access to compelling capabilities in the easy-to-use cloud-based, secure service including chart reviews, scheduling, administering behavioral health screening, phone calls, coordination with community resources, and education. The CrossTx BHI service ensures compliance with federal rules while ensuring the seamless integration with current primary care workflows and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to increase practice revenues and improve health outcomes for patients." 

Chad Nybo, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  CrossTx 

The robust, holistic solution is both a software and a service completely covering:

  • All education and training via subject matter expert for setting up and ongoing success.
  • All compliance elements are met and confirmed through the training and software solution.
  • Auditable trail ensuring correct billing each month including distinctions between different coding options available for specific months, elevated patient diagnoses, additional time spent, etc.

Consider integrating behavioral health care with primary care to improve outcomes for those struggling with mental or behavioral health conditions. Capitalize on turnkey compliance with the CMS BHI program.

About CrossTx

CrossTx, a leading cloud-based health and human services network technology platform, based in Bozeman, Montana, supports care coordination, patient discharge planning, referral management, and care management for value-based programs and initiatives. The CrossTx platform powers rural health clinics and critical access hospitals, federally qualified health centers (FQHC) and health systems' journey to adopting U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)  value-based care delivery models such as Chronic Care Management, Transitional care management (TCM), Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management (CoCM), Remote Physiological Management (RPM) and now turnkey Behavioral health Integration (BHI) services. 


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AirLife Completes Acquisition of Avanos Medical’s Respiratory Health Business

Business Wire | October 04, 2023

AirLife, a leading North American manufacturer and distributor of consumable medical devices for anesthesia and respiratory care formerly known as SunMed, today announced the completion of its acquisition of Avanos Medical, Inc.’s (NYSE: AVNS) (“Avanos”) respiratory health business, including the BALLARD*, MICROCUFF* and endOclear® product lines. The acquisition adds three complementary brands, the R&D expertise behind them and two manufacturing facilities into AirLife’s growing platform. The transaction advances AirLife’s strategy to enhance its leading portfolio of the most trusted products in anesthesia and respiratory care and serve even more customers as a one-stop source for the highest-quality consumable breathing solutions that support the best patient outcomes. “We’re thrilled to complete this exciting milestone in AirLife’s evolution as we strengthen our leadership as a premier, completely dedicated consumable breathing products company,” said Hank Struik, AirLife CEO. We are especially pleased to welcome the exceptional team that has driven the success of these market leading brands to our company. As some of the most trusted closed suction and endotracheal consumables used to treat patients in critical care, this addition to AirLife unlocks new opportunities to accelerate our growth, serve more healthcare practitioners and drive innovation across our comprehensive portfolio of leading brands. [Source – Business Wire] Goodwin Procter LLP is acting as legal counsel to AirLife. About AirLife AirLife, formerly known as SunMed and headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with manufacturing and distribution sites in the United States, Mexico, China and Europe, is a leading medical device manufacturer, offering one of the most comprehensive portfolios of consumable anesthesia and respiratory care products. AirLife’s product portfolio spans the continuum of care from first responders to hospitals and home care, with safety, patient comfort and clinical performance in mind. AirLife’s comprehensive portfolio of trusted anesthesia products and respiratory care include premier brands such as Salter Labs®, Ethox Medical™, Ventlab™, Westmed™, AirLife™ and Vital Signs™. Currently, AirLife has over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space, providing comprehensive expertise in all plastics materials and conversion—supported by a world-class Quality Management System. Frazier Healthcare Partners, a leading healthcare investment firm, acquired a majority ownership stake in AirLife in 2021.

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CareView Launches Software 5.10 for Improved Virtual Care Solutions

CareView Communications | September 13, 2023

CareView Communications, Inc., a prominent provider of integrated virtual care solutions for the healthcare sector, has announced the introduction of its most recent milestone in patient care technology through the unveiling of Software Version 5.10. This release incorporates many cutting-edge features and improvements meticulously crafted to empower healthcare professionals and enhance patient results. Software Release 5.10 introduces a range of significant enhancements, beginning with the seamless integration of CareView with Get Well, a leading patient engagement platform. This integration facilitates bidirectional video communication, ultimately elevating patient engagement, education, and overall satisfaction. Additionally, a new Universal Dashboard has been introduced. This internal tool plays a crucial role in optimizing solutions. It leverages hospital utilization data along with machine learning algorithms to provide predictive analytics and enables in-depth analyses, significantly enhancing the overall offerings. Derek del Carpio, CareView's VP of Product Development, stated, At CareView, we continuously strive to provide innovative solutions that redefine patient care. Software Release 5.10 is a testament to our commitment to advancing virtual care technology and enhancing the well-being of patients. [Source: Business Wire] Further, substantial improvements have been applied to the Virtual Sitting feature, empowering CareView Controllers to manipulate associated views through EquipmentView and introducing Night Mode in SitterView to reduce eye strain, thus enhancing both patient monitoring flexibility and safety. Virtual Nursing has also undergone notable refinements, enabling the virtual Registered Nurse to mute participants during TeleCareView encounters, facilitating participants' easy transition between viewing fellow participants and shared screens, and granting healthcare providers the capability to blur backgrounds in TeleCareView, thereby fostering a more professional and focused virtual interaction environment. CareView maintains a steadfast commitment to fostering collaboration with healthcare providers to elevate patient safety, optimize clinical processes, and enhance overall patient care quality. Introducing this latest software release further underscores CareView's unwavering dedication to providing hospital teams with innovative virtual care solutions to meet their evolving needs. About CareView Communications CareView, leveraging predictive technology and purpose-built hardware, has forged partnerships with more than 200 hospitals to tackle pressing staffing issues and elevate patient safety through its platform. The company collaborates closely with its hospital partners to deliver tailored virtual care strategies that improve patient outcomes and foster a sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

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Home Care Delivered, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Medline Industries, LP's DMEPOS Supplier Business Unit

PR Newswire | October 17, 2023

Home Care Delivered, Inc. a leader in providing medical supplies including diabetes/CGM, incontinence, wound, urological, and ostomy products, is excited to announce the successful acquisition of Medline Industries, LP's DMEPOS supplier business unit. This strategic move will significantly enhance HCD's market presence, expand its geographical footprint, and provide access to a broader customer base while reinforcing relationships with patients, healthcare plans and providers, and manufacturers. "The transaction represents a major milestone for HCD by leveraging over 25 years of distinguished expertise in medical supplies," said Gordy Fox, founder and chief executive officer of HCD. "This acquisition aligns with our commitment to delivering personalized and compassionate customer experiences while leveraging Medline's DMEPOS supplier assets, and continuing to provide our industry expertise and best-in-class customer service." said Brad Mariam, executive vice president, Medline. With the transition of Medline's DMEPOS supplier assets to HCD, a company that shares in our commitment to exceptional service and patient care, Medline will continue to focus on its core role as an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality medical supplies. [Source: PR Newswire] "By integrating Medline's DMEPOS supplier assets, we are accelerating our growth strategy, delivering an avenue for expanded cost-efficiencies and member adherence," said Lowell Price, senior vice president of business development and chief growth officer of HCD. "This strategic move aligns with our commitment to delivering superior customer service, additional product offerings and ensuring reliable delivery to our members. HCD is well-positioned to continue to elevate customer experiences and reinforce our market presence." About Home Care Delivered, Inc. Home Care Delivered is a leading direct-to-consumer provider of insurance-covered medical supplies of diabetes testing, incontinence, urology, ostomy and wound care supplies delivered directly to the patient's home. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Glen Allen, Virginia, Home Care Delivered is dedicated to providing best-in-class customer support and quality supplies for patients and caregivers nationwide.

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Aspect Imaging to bring Improvements in NICUs for Vizient

Aspect Imaging | September 25, 2023

Aspect Imaging, a global leader in MRI systems for neonatal patients, has been awarded an Innovative Technology contract by Vizient, the nation's largest provider -driven healthcare performance improvement company. This contract recognizes the unique qualities of Aspect Imaging's Embrace Point of Care Neonatal MRI System and its potential to bring improvements to the healthcare industry. The Embrace Point of Care Neonatal MRI System is designed specifically for the imaging needs of prematureand newborn infants, making it a critical tool in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). The Embrace is the world's first FDA-cleared and CE-approved MRI system for neonatal patients. It is designed to be placed directly within NICUs, overcoming the size and risk limitations associated with adult MRI scanners. The system includes features such as a temperature-controlled patient bed and a Whisper Quiet sound profile to meet the specific care needs of neonatal patients. This technology enables safer and more accessible MRI imaging for fragile neonatal patients and provides critical information to the clinical care team. Chief Commercial Officer at Aspect Imaging, Wendy Slatery, stated, It is an honor to have the Embrace recognized by the clinical experts at Vizient, as an Innovative Technology, and an exciting opportunity to bring valuable solutions to Vizient customers. We are looking forward to working with Vizient members seeking to expand and elevate neurocritical care of the smallest patients while reducing patient risks and staff time associated with transporting newborns to a traditional MRI. The Embrace MRI gives the neonatal medical team access to information from the life’s first hours and throughout the patient’s time in the NICU, on which critical care decisions will be based. [Source: Business Wire] Vizient's provider customer-led councils recommended the Embrace system for an Innovative Technology contract after evaluating its potential to enhance clinical care, patient safety, and healthcare worker safety, or improve business operations in healthcare organizations. The recognition and award of this contract highlight the potential of the Embrace Point of Care Neonatal MRI System to improve neurocritical care for the smallest patients while reducing risks associated with transporting newborns to traditional MRI facilities. About Aspect Imaging Aspect Imaging, a pioneering force in the field, stands as the global frontrunner in crafting and advancing compact MR imaging systems tailored for both research and clinical use. Their groundbreaking technology centers on compact, high-performance permanent magnets, introducing transformative MRI solutions to tackle unmet requirements in research and medical contexts. These innovations ensure the delivery of the finest quality images, whether at the benchtop or in point-of-care scenarios.

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