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CANet and Clearbridge Mobile to Launch COVID-19 Healthcare Web App

Clearbridge Mobile is glad to have assumed an essential function in helping the Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet) dispatch, VIRTUES, an online electronic application created to decrease crisis division visits and improve COVID-19 patient-driven consideration. With a considerable lot of Canada's telehealth arrangements under gigantic strain because of the pandemic, the requirement for an advanced arrangement was unavoidable and introduced an awesome open door for the two associations to accomplice and aggregately uphold Canadian residents and forefront medical services experts.


With a demonstrated history of meeting forceful timetables, past experience working with ventures in the medical care area across Canada and the United States, and industry-explicit aptitude in portable and web application improvement, banding together with Clearbridge Mobile was a conspicuous decision for this undertaking.


"As a made-in-Canada solution, partnering with a local North American vendor was extremely important to us," says CANet CEO and Scientific Director Dr. Anthony Tang. "This ensured we would have unrestricted access to their team of experts whenever needed, and allowed for open and transparent communication. Clearbridge Mobile was very customer-centric and dedicated to a refined process that helped us achieve success in launching this app."


The web-application dispatched inside its four-week cutoff time and has different highlights that empower CANet's VIRTUES stage to assume a characterized function in COVID-19 patient-driven consideration. Excellencies permits patients and medical services experts to all the more likely screen, emergency, and deal with their therapy while restricting eye to eye cooperation.


Key features include:

The ability to record, monitor, and track symptoms within the platform

The ability to display patterns in the symptom progression of individual patients

The ability for healthcare professionals to communicate care plans remotely

The ability for nurses to alert and triage patients' recovery


"Time was of the essence with this project," says Clearbridge Mobile CEO Deepak Chopra. "Given the circumstances, it was imperative for us to bring the app to market ASAP. Our design thinking approach, and agile software development expertise allowed us to work quickly and iteratively to leverage our in-house team's knowledge to meet this demand. As a company, it is our goal to develop applications that have a positive impact on the lives of the user, and I think this platform holds tremendous value for both healthcare professionals and COVID-19 positive patients."


The partnership with Clearbridge Mobile empowered CANet to approach industry specialists with a profound comprehension of the necessities of the medical care area and in the standards of communication configuration, bringing about a client experience that understands all clients, while as yet tending to the operational effect on emergency clinics, and facilities to diminish failures and expenses.


About Clearbridge Mobile

Clearbridge Mobile is an award-winning full-stack mobile app development company that provides user-centric design and engineering services to the world's top enterprises, helping them meet their digital initiatives. Clearbridge Mobile is dedicated to building better, healthier relationships between you and your customers with best-in-class mobile solutions. 


About Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada

CANet is a Pan-Canadian multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral research and development network of investigators, well-positioned industry partners, patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers focused on arrhythmia research, technology development and commercialization, and digital transformation activities. 


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