MedCity INVEST Precision Medicine

June 9-11, 2021 | USA

Precision medicine is the next chapter of healthcare and life sciences promising more targeted, effective treatment and cures for common and rare diseases. But with advancements in digital health, diagnostics, R&D, and care to support these treatments come new questions and challenges that need to be addressed for wider adoption to become a reality. MedCity INVEST Precision Medicine will bring together regional and national stakeholders across hospitals, insurers, pharma, health IT, and medtech to discuss new developments in precision medicine, the reality on the ground, and what needs to happen for more widespread adoption and integration of these innovative technologies.


Azure Machine Learning includes a responsible AI dashboard that helps you check models for fairness, explainability, and error analysis before they are deployed in healthcare settings.


World Congress on Public Health, Nutrition & Epidemiology

April 6, 2023 | Germany

World Congress on Public Health, Nutrition & Epidemiology (WCPHNE-23) at Frankfurt, Germany strives to serve all those engaged in the discipline of World Congress on Public Health, Nutrition & Epidemiology as an avenue for growth and community-building.

Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

February 1, 2023 | USA

Join leading healthcare innovators and investors at the 2nd Annual Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (DHIS) in La Jolla, CA. We’ll examine the ROI of many evolving areas, such as virtual/home care, patient data, and mental & women’s health.

International Conference on Global Healthcare

May 22-23, 2023 | UAE

On behalf of the Scientex Conferences, we take the privilege of welcoming you to the upcoming "International Conference on Global Healthcare" with the theme “To Explore the Advancement and Emerging Techniques in Healthcare” on May 22-23, 2023 in DUBAI, UAE.

The Fifteenth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine

April 24-28, 2023 | Italy

Globalizing health informatics; eHealth Web science; ePatient Reputation in Health Fora; Challenges for eHealth; eHealth-enabled Health; Nursing eChart; eLiteracy in healthcare; ePoint.