Machine Learning for Healthcare

August 6-7, 2021 | USA

MLHC is an annual research meeting that exists to bring together two usually insular disciplines: computer scientists with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data expertise, and clinicians/medical researchers. MLHC supports the advancement of data analytics, knowledge discovery, and meaningful use of complex medical data by fostering collaborations and the exchange of ideas between members of these often completely separated communities. To pursue this goal, the event includes invited talks, poster presentations, panels, and ample time for thoughtful discussion and robust debate. Note for 2021: we are currently considering both virtual and hybrid formats. We anticipate making this decision in the coming weeks, but regardless in-person attendance will not be required.


Cystitis and thrush are fairly common infections amongst women. The treatment is quite simple, but if not treated they can develop into more serious ailments.Our infographic explains what to look out for and how best to treat these maladies.


MedCity INVEST Digital Health

September 20-24, 2021 | USA

MedCity INVEST Digital Health was created as an opportunity for healthcare investors and entrepreneurs to network and connect. At MedCity INVEST Digital Health, you’ll hear from innovative investors across the healthcare spectrum, prominent industry players and the most promising digital health startups offering innovative approaches or trying to solve some of healthcare’s greatest challenges.

Innovation and Health Summit Africa & Middle East

September 2-4, 2021 | South Africa

Innovation and Health Summit Africa & Middle East will highlight areas like COVID19 Situational Analysis for specific NCD’s (Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiology), Innovative and New Therapies for NCD’s (Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiology), National Strategic Plan regarding NCDs and NHI – how will this work for the clinician, and Telemedicine – How to optimize an ethical & practical approach.

Common Sense AI Healthcare Virtual Conference

September 2-2, 2021 | USA

Common Sense AI Healthcare Virtual Conference is 2 roundtable discussions focused on practical solutions to challenges digital transformation leaders at health plans and providers face daily. 30 executives in digital transformation roles will brainstorm how they are leveraging data to predict, protect and improve outcomes in their organizations.

Stress Management Revolutions (SMR) Summit 2021

August 28-29, 2021 | Australia

This Event is for youth, Schools, GPs, NHS Staff, CAMHS, Charities, Youth Clubs, Staff in Residential Housing for Children and Mental Health, Foster Carers, Rehabilitation Centres, Colleges, Sports Clubs, Spiritual and Holistic Therapists and anyone interested in empowering youths. AND FOR CORPORATES to plan a sustainable Mental Health Strategy. The world’s most renowned humanitarians, psychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, allied health practitioners, political leaders, community leaders, youth activists, artists, and researchers will share openly to improve the mental health of the participants inside and outside the corporate world.