The Importance of Accurate Chemical Characterization of Medical Devices Extractables

The Importance
Chemical characterization of medical devices, involving the identification, quantification, and subsequent toxicological risk assessment of E&L compounds, is becoming increasingly accepted by regulatory agencies as a means to assess the biocompatibility of medical devices.
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Medical Device Package Testing: Avoid Thinking Strictly Inside the Box

Companies are often so keenly focused on developing the product inside the box that they can sometimes miss critical requirements for the package that is intended to protect it.
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Next-Gen BI for Healthcare and Life Sciences on AWS


Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations are using data to generate knowledge that helps them provide better patient care, enhances biopharma research and development, and streamlines operations across the product innovation and care delivery continuum. Next-Gen business intelligence (BI) solutions can help organizations reduce time-to-insight by aggregating and analyzing structured and unstructured data sets in real or near-real time.
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Legal Issues Facing Health Care Workers on a Daily Basis


Nurses are expected to do more with less, to work long hours, and to deliver high standard of care. Government regulations, state laws and the threat of litigation lingering require that nurses remain knowledgeable of the latest and most current information that affects their clinical practice and be aware of the legal implication of documentation in the medical record regardless whether it is an electronic format or handwritten. Understanding the legal implications of health care is frequently stated Its not if you get sued but when you get sued.There has been an increase in the number of malpractice cases in part, due to an increased awareness of patients' and consumers' rights. Nurses have to bear heavy responsibilities. Failure to fulfill these responsibilities may result in allegations of negligence that can lead to malpractice lawsuits. Allegations of negligence can arise against a nurse from almost any action or failure to act that result in patient injury. This information addresses related laws and regulations, malpractice, and ways of preventing malpractice allegations by defining the relevant issues nurses are facing in health care on a daily basis.
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New Insights on Digital Health Readiness


Evolving consumer expectations and the drive toward value-based care are causing healthcare providers to recast the healthcare experience they provide. While digital transformation is a key component of this evolution, efforts still appear to be largely fragmented, and convenient frameworks to assess and monitor digital health readiness still are not widely available. This makes managing competing priorities while promoting the best digital adoption and deployment delivery practices quite difficult.
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