The Changing Landscape of Telemedicine

The Changing Landscape
Join the Omega Education Team as we review the evolving changes of Telehealth during the COVID-19 Pandemic as compared to today. We will provide an overview of Telemedicine guidelines.
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Delivering impactful, clinically sound healthcare benefits that improve outcomes

As we head into a tighter economic climate, employers are looking at their healthcare benefits with a critical eye to ensure their investments are paying off. But how can benefits administrators ensure that they are spending wisely
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Postage Trends and Mitigation Strategies for Partners

Change Healthcare

Recent USPS policy changes and expanding consumerism in healthcare, pose real challenges for member engagement and communication. The good news is that there are solutions that can help your clients counter increasing mailing costs and engage members through their preferred channels, helping them throughout their healthcare journey. Listen to the webinar to learn how postage trends and data and new developments from the Postal Regulatory Commission decision can impact paper-based communications. Our experts share their insights on making communications more efficient to reduce overall costs and provide strategies/tips for implementing digital adoption to help improve member engagement.
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Cyberthreat Research for the Healthcare Industry


The cyberthreat landscape for the healthcare industry continues to evolve with clear evidence that securing connected medical devices require a different approach to that of IT devices. Through year-long research, Zingbox analyzed the underlying vulnerabilities of connected medical devices, identified the particular type of medical devices requiring attention, and the security implications of IoT devices as a whole to the healthcare community. The research also found promising trends in how care providers are improving the security of their network. Join us as we provide the details of our findings.
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After COP26 – what will it take to get the NHS to net zero?

The Health Foundation

Our webinar brought together an expert panel to reflect on the outcome of COP26, the challenges and opportunities this presents for decarbonising health care and what this means for the NHS.
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