RTLS is a Transformative Tool for Addressing Nursing and Biomedical Staff Shortages

RTLS is a Transformative
Webinar Wednesday would like to thank our sponsor Sonitor. Sonitor is the leading developer and provider of unique, ultrasound technology that locates people and items in real-time with the most reliable, high definition accuracy within complex indoor environments.
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 A Review of Validated Tools for Geriatric Assessment and How to Use Them


Join in a practical review of validated geriatric assessment tools and learn how to incorporate them into your oncology practice. Logistics, including who can and should administer the assessment will also be included.
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IASLC Educational Webinars


IASLC webinars bring the most contemporary trends and latest developments in the lung cancer directly to you. The webinars produced by the IASLC provide in-depth coverage on a diverse array of topics related to the prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies each complete with a question and answer session that allows you to interact directly with experts in the field.
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How Better Healthcare Cybersecurity Helps Protect Patients


In order to stay competitive, improve efficiencies, drive down costs, and improve patient care, hospitals increasingly turn to technology.The result is a rapid expansion in the number and use of medical devices and clinical assets. As the threat of cyber attacks loom large, those assets are quickly becoming liabilities.
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Setting Yourself Up for Data Analytics Success

This webinar will discuss the required infrastructure needed to successfully implement data analytics for laboratory medicine applications.
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