Residency application process: What’s new for the 2022-2023 cycle?

Residency application
This upcoming webinar, part of the American Medical Association’s “Innovations in Medical Education” series, will cover upcoming changes to the 2022–2023 residency application cycle.
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3D and Bio-printing in Healthcare


Has your hospital or AMC considered using 3D printed devices in patient care? What are the regulatory considerations? Does the AMC become a manufacturer if it creates and uses a 3D printed device? What risks does the AMC taking on when manufacturing and using a 3D printed device. What contracts will be in place? Does the AMC need to purchase product liability insurance? This webinar will provide an overview of the regulatory, contractual and risk considerations when a provider manufactures and/or uses a 3D printed device.
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Mitigating Healthcare Fraud with End-To-End Payments

Change Healthcare

Fraudsters employ sophisticated tactics to defraud healthcare payers including “popup” providers, identity theft, and intentional upcoding. Fortunately, there are techniques you can use to protect yourself against these fraudsters. This session offers practical advice from two experts in payments integrity and reveals how you can better safeguard your payments environment with Change Healthcare’sSettlement Advocate and payment accuracy solutions.
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2019 Top Ten Trends in Healthcare


2019 will be a year of change in the healthcare industry but also a great innovation. In this webinar, we will identify ways to help your organization face the year head-on, while also addressing challenges that are influencing the delivery of care.
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Patient Engagement in Healthcare Increases ROI for the Marketing Budget

Sequence Health

Watch and learn how patient engagement in healthcare can significantly increase your leads and provide a positive return on your marketing spend for your Bariatric Program.
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