Patient Engagement in Healthcare Increases ROI for the Marketing Budget

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Watch and learn how patient engagement in healthcare can significantly increase your leads and provide a positive return on your marketing spend for your Bariatric Program.
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To create the most realistic, patient-specific simulation for
surgical training, vascular models must mimic how native
tissue responds to pressure, punctures, and stitches.


Health Care in the Age of Social Media


Learn how to better identify any liability and regulatory risks that may occur on social media. Social media seems to be part of every aspect of our lives, and health care is no exception. In the health care industry, professionals dealing with social media confront unique and critical compliance pitfalls like privacy, security, and HIPAA concerns. This topic will go over how to navigate key compliance issues, such as using social media for marketing, setting social media policies for employees, ownership of social media content, social media as part of the medical record, and how to identify risks and mitigate them by setting up appropriate social media policies. This information will give you the insights and tools you need to identify and minimize regulatory and liability risks linked to social media, and draft your own social media policy using a sample policy and put into place appropriate consequences for potential violations.
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Postage Trends and Mitigation Strategies for Partners

Change Healthcare

Recent USPS policy changes and expanding consumerism in healthcare, pose real challenges for member engagement and communication. The good news is that there are solutions that can help your clients counter increasing mailing costs and engage members through their preferred channels, helping them throughout their healthcare journey. Listen to the webinar to learn how postage trends and data and new developments from the Postal Regulatory Commission decision can impact paper-based communications. Our experts share their insights on making communications more efficient to reduce overall costs and provide strategies/tips for implementing digital adoption to help improve member engagement.
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Setting Yourself Up for Data Analytics Success

This webinar will discuss the required infrastructure needed to successfully implement data analytics for laboratory medicine applications.
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Securing IoT - Essential Steps in Ensuring Patient Safety


IoT has transformed healthcare in a significant way and is a game-changer for providers who embrace next-generation technology. Technologies that track patient data, improve healthcare operations, and provide remote and mobile patient monitoring help reduce costs and improve delivery of patient care. The variety and novelty of these devices introduces a range of cybersecurity concerns related to the Confidentiality-Integrity and Availability (CIA) triad that underpins HIPAA compliance, patient data protection, and overall information security. There are steps you can take, both before your medical devices get hacked and after it happens. Learn how to detect intruders and expel them quickly so that you can maintain your security posture and quality of patient care.
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