Occupational Safety and Health under EPA-TSCA

Occupational Safety

OSHA standards are the backbone of EPA’s extensive requirements for protection of workers under the Toxic Substances Control Act, but EPA adapts them under TSCA.

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The Blockchain in Healthcare Industry

Attune World Wide

The Webinar discusses the core and most important information specifically related to the Healthcare Industry in Blockchain Technology. Blockchain, when used with the Healthcare Industry, becomes doon for all the Users working on Healthcare platforms.
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Creating an Inpatient Clinic, the Future of Inpatient Medicine


Phoenix VA Health Care System has implemented the "computer on wheels" approach to take the office and workflow back to the bedside. By doing this, they completed rounds, charting, and discharges at the bedside and were able to predict when they would be at the bedside, creating "appointments" for nursing, ancillary services, and family to know when staff would be present.
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New US FDA Guidance on HFE for Medical Devices

In this webinar, the presenters help attendees better understand the decision points they might face when determining a submission category and examine the examples provided by the FDA.
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Medical Device Package Testing: Avoid Thinking Strictly Inside the Box

Companies are often so keenly focused on developing the product inside the box that they can sometimes miss critical requirements for the package that is intended to protect it.
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