New Insights on Digital Health Readiness

Evolving consumer expectations and the drive toward value-based care are causing healthcare providers to recast the healthcare experience they provide. While digital transformation is a key component of this evolution, efforts still appear to be largely fragmented, and convenient frameworks to assess and monitor digital health readiness still are not widely available. This makes managing competing priorities while promoting the best digital adoption and deployment delivery practices quite difficult.
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Collaborating to Improve Health Beyond the Hospital


After investing considerable effort in managing throughput, many hospitals and health systems today have created a more coordinated inpatient experience. But as hard as it is to create a harmonious environment within a hospital’s walls, unifying patient care outside those walls is exponentially more difficult. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital has adopted an innovative population health management strategy that is helping the organization build a better healthcare system outside the hospital, driving a transformational shift in patient care delivery. The health system has also invested in telehealth and AI through its fast-growing NYP OnDemand digital care service, which is allowing caregivers to more efficiently deliver care and support NYP’s commitment of delivering the highest level of care to underserved communities.
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Webinars on Climate Change Negotiations and Health

WHOare organisingtwo webinars onclimate change negotiations and healthto provide an overview of the recent milestones in climate change negotiations and the health priorities for COP27.
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Unlocking The Value Of Regulatory Dossiers Through Next Generation eCTD Viewing Technology

Applicants dedicate a vast amount of time and effort to get their regulatory submissions in compliance with exchange standards in order to facilitate the review process by the Health Authorities with the ultimate goal of obtaining approvals.
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What is happening in Healthcare Cybersecurity: Threats, Mitigation, Resources, and Tools You Can Use


Healthcare data breaches have increased 70 percent between 2010 and 2017, according to a new report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. While healthcare organizations have increased discussions around cybersecurity, hackers have matched their pace, continually targeting the sector. This webinar will provide you with situational awareness on what is happening in terms of threats, mitigation, resources, and tools you can use.
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