Medicare's Overhaul of Physician Payments


Gain an understanding of the updated payment changes reflective in the new year within Medicare restructured specifically for physicians. Medicare is expected to impose far-reaching changes in how physicians are paid starting in 2019. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed the first major re-do in almost 20 years in how evaluation and management (E&M) services will be paid - these are an important part of billings for almost all specialties. CMS has proposed to simplify the E&M payment structure in ways that will if adopted as proposed, create winners and loser and be disruptive for many specialties.
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Operating rules support a range of standards to make electronic data transactions more predictable and consistent, regardless of the technology.


Leveraging Managed Services for Clinical Asset Management and Cybersecurity

Webinar Wednesday would like to thank our sponsor Ordr. Ordr is focused on making connected device security simple through our zero-touch agentless deployment, one common platform for multiple stakeholders, and automation.
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Climate change as a risk to respiratory health

Changes in climate constitute a reality that, according to recent projections, is going to worsen in the coming years.1 Increasing air pollution and climate change have an impact on respiratory health and mortality
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Disinfection Protocols for Healthcare IT Equipment - Help Reduce HAIs and Safeguard Patients


With the surge in EMR usage, keyboards and PCs are used widely in clinical care settings. But unlike medical equipment and high-touch environmental surfaces, these IT devices are rarely subject to infection prevention standards. Studies have demonstrated that over 80% of these devices might have significant microbial contamination which may include nosocomial pathogens like vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus species (VRE). Coupled with low (40%) compliance with the CDC's guidelines on hand hygiene, these ubiquitous computers and keyboards can lead to cross-contamination of patients.
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Essential public health functions and the health systems transformation

The fifth meeting of the series proposes to discuss and analyze the new challenges facing health systems that the COVID-19 pandemic has created and that have affected the conditions of access, coverage, and results in the field of public health.
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