Medicare's Overhaul of Physician Payments


Gain an understanding of the updated payment changes reflective in the new year within Medicare restructured specifically for physicians. Medicare is expected to impose far-reaching changes in how physicians are paid starting in 2019. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed the first major re-do in almost 20 years in how evaluation and management (E&M) services will be paid - these are an important part of billings for almost all specialties. CMS has proposed to simplify the E&M payment structure in ways that will if adopted as proposed, create winners and loser and be disruptive for many specialties.
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Learn how to gain access to innovative tools and solutions from Quest Diagnostics that help healthcare providers take faster, more decisive action on behalf of your patients and their health.


How Cystatin C measurement contributes to health care equity

Kidney function is assessed in the laboratory by measuring serum creatinine and/or Cystatin C and estimating glomerular filtration rate using equations. Since 2009 the most frequently used equation has been the 2009 CKD-EPI equation, which includes Cr, age, sex and race in the equation.
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Supporting Integrated Patient Care by Moving Tests Out of the Core Lab and into Physicians Offices


In an effort to reduce costs, many clinical laboratories and pathology groups have moved to a central lab system where almost all lab tests are sent. This has led to both patients and doctors incurring lengthy wait times often until the next day to learn the results, as well as myriad other inefficiencies.
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NCI Social Media Events


A large part of the mission of the National Cancer Institute is to share information and updates with the public and cancer research community. Social media is an ideal platform for connecting with people, and we often participate in live social media events like Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitter chats. Listed below are past and upcoming social media events involving NCI and our partners.
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Disinfection Protocols for Healthcare IT Equipment - Help Reduce HAIs and Safeguard Patients


With the surge in EMR usage, keyboards and PCs are used widely in clinical care settings. But unlike medical equipment and high-touch environmental surfaces, these IT devices are rarely subject to infection prevention standards. Studies have demonstrated that over 80% of these devices might have significant microbial contamination which may include nosocomial pathogens like vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus species (VRE). Coupled with low (40%) compliance with the CDC's guidelines on hand hygiene, these ubiquitous computers and keyboards can lead to cross-contamination of patients.
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