Medical Record Ownership: Do you Know Who Can Stake Claim?

Medical records are currently a primary target of hackers. This clearly indicates the ultimate value that medical records hold. However that begs an introductory question, who owns those records in the first place? The physician, hospital, or other health care provider who compiles the medical records has a clear claim to the records, but so does the patient who is the subject of the information.
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The Blockchain in Healthcare Industry

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The Webinar discusses the core and most important information specifically related to the Healthcare Industry in Blockchain Technology. Blockchain, when used with the Healthcare Industry, becomes doon for all the Users working on Healthcare platforms.
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Cyber-Threats in Healthcare: Understanding and Protecting Against the Risks


Security is more critical than ever for healthcare organizations. At the same time, the sector has become one of the most easily targeted. Hospitals, for example, are falling victim to cyber-attacks such as ransomware and business email compromise (BEC). However, healthcare organizations attack surface extends beyond email.
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Leveraging Open Source to Advance Clinical Decision Support


Hospital and acute-care facility staff view clinical decision support (CDS) tools as a chief ingredient in improving patient care, despite dissatisfaction with their current solution. That’s according to a recent survey of clinicians and healthcare IT and business professionals conducted by HIMSS Media. Join our webinar to take a deeper dive into the research and solutions that healthcare organizations are using today to achieve success and satisfaction in CDS, including the role of open-source software to obtain the desired capabilities.
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Navigating the Current Downcycle in Healthcare

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