Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry Business Licensing

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

From manufacturing to retail distribution, the pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated. These regulations come at both the federal and state level, with requirements often varying considerably from state-to-state.

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Operating rules support a range of standards to make electronic data transactions more predictable and consistent, regardless of the technology.


Mitigating Healthcare Fraud with End-To-End Payments

Change Healthcare

Fraudsters employ sophisticated tactics to defraud healthcare payers including “popup” providers, identity theft, and intentional upcoding. Fortunately, there are techniques you can use to protect yourself against these fraudsters. This session offers practical advice from two experts in payments integrity and reveals how you can better safeguard your payments environment with Change Healthcare’sSettlement Advocate and payment accuracy solutions.
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Principles for Validation of Reprocessing for Reusable Medical Devices

Reprocessing is a process carried out on a used device in order to allow its safe reuse including cleaning (removal of soil and contaminants), disinfection, sterilization (inactivation of microorganisms) and related procedures.
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Occupational Safety and Health under EPA-TSCA

OSHA standards are the backbone of EPA’s extensive requirements for protection of workers under the Toxic Substances Control Act, but EPA adapts them under TSCA.
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AI and Medical Imaging: Hype or Help?


The role that Artificial Intelligence is starting to play in the analysis of medical images is transitioning from one of controversy and the threat of displacing radiologist’s jobs to one of being a critical advance in helping them meet the demand for timely and accurate analysis of ever-more prevalent and complex imaging studies. This webinar will explore the advances, challenges, future, and most importantly, the implications and actions for healthcare stakeholders to consider when employing AI in medical research and clinical practice.
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