Document Imaging and Medical Record Management


Many Health Information Management departments are still prepping charts that come from all departments of a hospital system. This means that there is a potential time lag in making this critical information available to providers. The first place to start is selecting a document imaging solution for any paper being produced outside of your EMR system. But let's take this a step further. What if we move document imaging out of the HIM department and into each clinical area of a hospital?
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Jonathan Norris, Managing Director for Healthcare at Silicon Valley Bank provides insights from the latest Healthcare and Exits report including VC fundraising, investment into companies, and M&A and IPO trends.


Navigating the Road Ahead in Healthcare

With 2021 coming to a close, it’s time to get ready for 2022. Join Stephen Grossbart, PhD, and Bobbi Brown, MBA, as they tackle the challenges of what’s next for healthcare in the new year and why data and analytics are foundational to your success.
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Pursuing the Adaptive Plant to Enable Personalized Healthcare

Our industry is rapidly transforming to support personalized healthcare as we strive to cure disease. This latest evolution of healthcare amplifies existing requirements and introduces new challenges for life sciences industry supply chains.
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Achieving Next-Generation Care Delivery with Unified Healthcare Communications

In the increasingly complex and now highly virtual world of healthcare delivery, effectively coordinating multi-channel, multi-stakeholder
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How Better Healthcare Cybersecurity Helps Protect Patients


In order to stay competitive, improve efficiencies, drive down costs, and improve patient care, hospitals increasingly turn to technology.The result is a rapid expansion in the number and use of medical devices and clinical assets. As the threat of cyber attacks loom large, those assets are quickly becoming liabilities.
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