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The Future of Healthcare Leadership

September 04, 2019 / Keith Loria

As health disparities continue to impact access to care and health outcomes in the U.S., and patients are demanding quicker access to care, easier communication with their providers and higher quality outcomes, healthcare leaders are seeking innovative ways to narrow the gap. With the growth of consumerism in healthcare, consumers are demanding the same of their providers and plans that they do of any other brand they interact with, says Tom Wicka, CEO and co-founder of NovuHealth, Minneapolis. They want to be treated like an individual, they want a personalized experience, and they want to be acknowledged for doing the right thing for their health. Healthcare leaders need to recognize this, put consumers at the center of their business, and align internally around a comprehensive strategy to engage and serve them. And that’s often meant a change in thinking from leadership and the need for new skills that can help them and their healthcare facilities better succeed.