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HPE executive says digital transformation takes IT and clinical teams working together

December 21, 2018 / Bill Siwicki

In today’s world, almost everything computes thanks to constant connectivity, exponential increases in data, easy access to massive computational power and the growth of human-machine interaction. Technologies in these areas are accelerating the pace of innovation and creating new possibilities for a digital world while changing every industry, including healthcare, in significant ways. In healthcare, digital transformation is not only reducing cost but is also creating new, richer experiences for patients and clinicians, and, importantly, improving health outcomes, said Rich Bird, worldwide industry marketing manager for healthcare and life sciences at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which will be discussing this and other health IT trends at HIMSS19 in February in Orlando. Technology alone, however, is not the complete answer to the issues facing healthcare CIOs today – it’s a very important part of the answer, but if healthcare is going to digitize successfully, progra...