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How Medical University of South Carolina used ITIL for a telehealth service management framework

January 17, 2019 / Bill Siwicki

The Medical University of South Carolina was charged recently by its leadership and state leaders to expand its telehealth portfolio and rapidly develop new services. That goal was helped along by some strategies gleaned from ITIL, a library of best practices to help organizations optimize their infrastructure projects. Over time, the health system had created many checklists and processes for telehealth service development, but it started to experience growing pains during this accelerated growth phase. For example, key stakeholders were not being engaged at the appropriate steps, which resulted in provider dissatisfaction and implementation delays. The organization needed a better structure that incorporated the whole telehealth service lifecycle and accounted for all of the complex factors that could impact the design of a new service. To solve the problem, the Medical University of South Carolina decided to use ITIL – the Information Technology Infrastructure Library.