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Healthcare Roundup—U.S. healthcare costs from animal-related injuries exceed $1B

December 12, 2018 / Tina Reed

The total healthcare costs of animal-related injuries exceeds $1 billion every year and is expected to rise amid climate change and development pressures on animal habitats, according to research published in the online journal Trauma Surgery and Acute Care Open. What kind of injuries? Nearly half were caused by nonvenomous insect and spider bites, while dog bites accounted for 26% and hornet, wasp, or bee stings accounted for another 13% of injuries. A small proportion of patients (3%) were admitted to the hospital with bites from insects and spiders accounting for 26% of these admissions. About .02% died as a result of their injury with the highest rate of deaths among those bitten by a rat, venomous snake or lizard, or a dog.