Why Your Health Marketing Campaigns Are Failing

It is no doubt that the disappointment of a failed launch or campaign is one that is costly, especially in the healthcare industry. However, becoming acquainted with the possible flaws in your marketing strategy is the first way to remedy the situation and achieve your business goals.

With the new rise of post-pandemic integration of businesses into online systems, consumers have become more selective than ever when it comes to the brands they are willing to buy from and support. Healthcare businesses are re-orienting into greater awareness about their online presence and visibility.

 No Marketing Strategy

The first mistake one could make is having no marketing strategy to begin with. Some healthcare businesses think that they can DIY their online content marketing strategy. I’m here to tell you that could not be farther from the truth. Putting strategy on the back burner is the equivalent of flushing money down the drain.

Having a custom marketing strategy that takes your readers through a journey on your website ending in your desired conversion is essential for success online. The same content strategy is one that needs to be implemented effectively across all your social media platforms, and used to hit your target audience at multiple touch points.

No Target Consumer

Generalising information and attempting to create content for everyone is the second most common mistake. A lack of targeted action is bound to decrease the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. One of the most essential parts of establishing a content strategy that increases your revenue, is specifying your target group. For a brand that sells health enhancing supplements, this could be 50-70 year old African American men and women who want to live longer and healthier.

The next step after identifying your target consumer, is to create an avatar profile that includes all details about your customer’s age, gender, marital status, income, residence, their daily struggles and needs and many more. Personalising the service and products you provide, and tailoring them in this way is going to get you more engagement and clicks, which will convert into red hot leads.

Inconsistent Branding

The third most common marketing mistake you may be making is lack of consistency with branding. This one is important because your reputation as a health business is vital to your success in the industry. Logos are meant to have stories behind them that constitute the mission that brought about the creation of your brand.

But it’s not just logos, every piece of content on your website needs to be created with your strategic business objectives and aims in mind. You need to question if your brand promise aligns fully with your values and the level of service you are providing to your consumer. How is your brand contributing to their lives in unique ways? Is your brand easily recognisable to your target consumers?

Ignoring Credibility

It comes as a surprise that most health brands often neglect this strong aspect of marketing their business. If your services are not fully supported with a backbone of credible subject matter experts who are well known in their communities, your brand will not be recognised as an authority in your field, adding to the growing mistrust that consumers already feel.

One way you can improve this is to reach out to the influencers your target consumer already follows and knows, and involve them as part of your outreach. This will increase brand awareness and lead to more sales and more trust.

Another factor to never underestimate, is the power of positive reviews. Consumers trust each other more than they trust you, so enabling them to have conversations involving your service or products, including the ability to give a rating, is the optimum for increasing engagement, building trust and brand loyalty.

Lack of Healthcare Specific Approach

This is where you can assess your website to see if the content there is appealing to your patients or customers. Is it accessible and simple to understand for the average person, or is it full of medical jargon and complicated, dense information?

Many businesses forget that the core purpose of the healthcare industry as a whole, is still ‘care’. So are you caring and catering to your consumers by providing not just any information, but the information that they are specifically looking for? Are you answering their questions and tending to their concerns in a way that they understand and comprehend? Are you enabling them and empowering them to make informed decisions about their health?

These are all aspects that help build a long-lasting relationship with your customer in which they consistently turn to your services and products, because you have made your marketing strategy centered around them. You have made it easy for them to get the help they need.

By regularly providing content that is useful and full of value, search engines will begin to automatically direct more traffic to your website.

Lack of Relevant Metrics

Regularly assessing and improving on the efficiency of your marketing initiatives, is what will propel your business into new heights.

In the words of H. James Harrington, “measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement”. You need to identify the metrics that directly correlate with your business objectives, and start actively examining them against your marketing campaign aims.

This will enable you to identify what messaging works on your consumers, leading to better outcomes for your campaigns.

The Bottom Line

Tweaking just one detail in your marketing strategy could be the key to multiplied revenue for your business. This is why it is important to work with experts in order to make sure you are aligned with your highest potential, enabling you to invest your time into the other aspects of your business that need it. If you would like to continue the conversation about how health content marketing could help your brand, feel free to reach out to me.

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