Hangover Alcohol Syndrome

Ha, ha, ha, it’s me, alcohol hangover syndrome. Oh no, it feels like I have a fire burning through my head, that cannot be put out. What a pain, the hang-over. I can't get up. My eyes are red and blurred.  I feel sick and body is tired. My body aches like French fries sizzling in scalding hot oil. Ouch, what a pain it is.  Ouch is not a strong enough expression. So I Scream! Damn is the toe nail fungus vomiting too, I am sick. Screaming; oh no my head cannot handle it, it spinning and blazing like fire. My eyes are red, like a red eyed dragon.

Well you are feeling the side effects of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, referred to as intoxication - hang-over. Alcohol is labeled as the gateway to addiction and may lead to other drugs. The Lancet Medical Journal advises alcohol increases the risk of hypertension, stroke and heart attack.

Alcohol intoxication is the result of high consumption of alcohol increase in the blood stream. The higher the amount of alcohol within blood stream the more impaired you become. According to statistics of 2015 an average of 6 people die each day due to alcohol poisoning or drinking so much that the body become overwhelmed. The body resistance to alcohol intoxication poison aligns in the critical or essential areas of the brain that control heart rate and breathing causing the heart rate and breathing to shut down and can lead to death.

Frequent intoxication can inhibit ones' ability to think, focus, health, work, communicate, behavior and relationships.  Frequent intoxication also influences one to become isolated, trying not to disclose habits by lying about drinking to family, friends or associates and even hiding alcohol in some cases whether it be at home or work. Hazardous harm of alcohol poison to the body begin as a craving for alcohol. This chain reaction is similar to the body becoming tired and fatigue and demands sleep which you cannot control, you must get sleep or pass out.  Groans are similar to a choking frog that cannot control it voice.

The craving or urge to drink may be triggered by internal or external factors. Attention and insight or consciousness to what triggers urge to drink is an advantage to assist in controlling the (ABV) alcohol beverage volume consumed. Mentioned in the beginning intoxication poison is not pleasurable and intoxication is unhealthy, so has this habit of excessive drinking become an uncontrollable addiction? My rap song is you are hooked and chorus is:

Unforgettable, Unforgettable, Unforgettable
You have made me your number one love
You take me with you like a shadow
You hold me with such a grasping hold of touch
I am yours and you live just to be with me!

Risk Factors of Alcohol
Toxic obstacle of future damage
Reality is a hard hitter and a definite strike out
Consequences and penalties exist!

Many times with a toast, alcohol is the toaster to recognize an individual are group of individuals.  Toast with alcohol can lead the way to consumption of more alcohol. There is a chicle that friends don’t let friends drink drunk. Well when the friend is seeing through eyes of alcohol themselves who become the helper? Drinking and drinking is a serious violation of the law.  Risk factors are costly, expensive and devastating. Risk factors include but are not limited to:

DUI- (Driving under the influence) Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited by law and punishable by law. Consequences for illegally operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol can range from imprisonment, fines, community service and limited operating driving privileges. These factors are enforced under Misdemeanor Offense based on the merits, history of the first time offense. If the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) is above .08 consumption
while driving a vehicle one can be arrested.

DWI- (Driving while intoxicated) Driving while intoxicated is also prohibited by law and is punishable by law. DUI and DWI are related and both are violations that have penalties. Multiple DUI’s are DWI’s fines can range from $2000 0r more, are or imprisonment depending on state
which the violation occurred. The violation is governed under Gross Misdemeanor or felony. Factors include subject pass history, accidents and drug use. Related obligations imposed are rate of operating a vehicle insurance increase, storage and towing fees, attorney fees, DUI classes, restitution, possible criminal and court fees, scarred background record, possible driver license suspension or driver license being revoked.

Accidents-  According to National Institution on Drug Abuse report “Drinking and driving can add up to tragic ending. In the U.S. about 4300 people under the age 21 die each year from injuries caused by underage drinking, more than 35 percent in car crashes.”

Relationships- Relationships are a valued connection, resource, positive interaction, communication and socially are viewed as binding or a bond.   When a relationship becomes troubled an uncomfortable strain effects the stability of comfort and sometimes trust. Drugs for instance can cause damage to a good relationship with family, friends and acquaintances. Relationships should be positive, supported and loving.

Jail-  A sentence for punishment of an unlawful crime.

Risk Factors of Alcohol

Divorce – Divorce can carry the burden of a setback. Change is transition and sometimes stressful.  An individual can feel pressure and seek relief that may eventually lead to depression anxiety or harmful opioids without medical advice.

License Suspension-  A period of time which a valid driver license privilege is suspend temporary.

Financial Burden- Fines, fees, loss of driver privilege and other costly expenses create financial burden or loss of income that may be saved or distribute differently.

Health Issues-  Quote your health is wealth has merit and valuable.  Your health matters and chemical dependency addiction impairs the body system with side effects such as strokes, hypertension, seizers, respiratory problems and heart failure.

Employment- EAP (Employment Assistance Program) EAP is an employment assistance agency providing services to assist in personal, financial and work related occurrences.

Court Ordered Rehabilitation –  The risk factors associated with alcohol related court can be positive. The individual who takes advantage of this opportunity could overcome alcohol addiction and improve his or her behavior to become a more productive citizen. This also helps one to rebuild their lives. Alcohol rehabilitation also allows people to heal from addiction and dependence issues. Most people prefer alcohol rehabilitation programs to avoid a Criminal sentencing and to get their lives back on track. Risk factors can work out very well for one and help one redeem his or her positive life back. 

Children Neglect-  Family and especially children struggle and suffer as they learn to live without your guidance. Being absent in your children life signal a lack of love and trust for them.
They begin to doubt themselves despite your habit of addiction.

Grief – Regret and self-emotional punishment for the injury, harm or death inflicted upon another while impaired by the use of alcohol (Drinking and driving)

Don’t drive and drink is a safety factor that should not be ignored!

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Benzena is the mother of four wonderful children and seven grandchildren. Benzena believes knowledge is power. A dream, a whisper opens the pathway to allow her to share the benefits of setting goals. She studied at Miami-Dade South Campus and Chapman University.


Creative growth expressions

Benzena is the mother of four wonderful children and seven grandchildren. Benzena believes knowledge is power. A dream, a whisper opens the pathway to allow her to share the benefits of setting goals. She studied at Miami-Dade South Campus and Chapman University.