Zynx Health Introduces Complimentary Monkeypox Order Set and Care Plan Bundle

Zynx Health | September 20, 2022 | Read time : 02:00 min

Zynx Health

Zynx Health announced that it has published new order set and care plan guidelines to aid clinicians in the treatment of patients diagnosed with monkeypox. Created by the Zynx Clinical Team and based on recommendations from World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the content is available as a single, downloadable PDF on the Zynx Health website. Given the public health emergency, this content is being made available at no cost.

“As monkeypox cases continue to rise, and with hospitals still facing shortfalls in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Zynx clinicians have developed and deployed this comprehensive order set and care plan bundle to alleviate the burden of researching the underlying evidence and then building the associated clinical decision support from scratch,” said Chuck Tuchinda, MD, president of Zynx Health. “The monkeypox content on the Zynx site is comprehensive, evidence-based, and ready for use.”

The Zynx Clinical Team will continue to update its monkeypox care guidance as new evidence emerges and best-practice recommendations evolve. 

About Zynx Health
Zynx Health, a market leader in providing evidence- and experience-based clinical improvement solutions since 1996 and part of the Hearst Health network, provides healthcare professionals with vital information and processes that guide care decisions and reduce complexity across the entire patient journey in a way that leads to healthier lives for all. Named the “Best in KLAS” Category Leader for Clinical Decision Support – Care Plans and Order Sets in 2021 and 2022, Zynx is a pioneer and market leader in evidence- and experience-based clinical solutions that help health systems improve patient outcomes, financial outcomes, clinical engagement, and technology performance. With Zynx Health, healthcare organizations exceed industry demands for delivering high-quality care at lower costs under value-based reimbursement models.

About Hearst Health
The mission of Hearst Health is to help guide the most important care moments by delivering vital information into the hands of everyone who touches a person’s health journey. Each year in the U.S., care guidance from Hearst Health reaches 85% of discharged patients, 205 million insured individuals, 103 million home health visits, and 3.2 billion dispensed prescriptions. The Hearst Health network includes FDB Zynx Health, MCG, Homecare Homebase, and MHK. Hearst also holds a minority interest in the precision medicine and oncology analytics company M2Gen.


Azure Machine Learning includes a responsible AI dashboard that helps you check models for fairness, explainability, and error analysis before they are deployed in healthcare settings.


Azure Machine Learning includes a responsible AI dashboard that helps you check models for fairness, explainability, and error analysis before they are deployed in healthcare settings.

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WellSky® Unveils Patient Engagement Platform to Personalize Condition Management and Optimize Health Outcomes

Businesswire | April 10, 2023

WellSky, a leading health and community care technology company, today announced the launch of WellSky Patient, a transformative patient engagement platform aimed at identifying patient health risks, avoiding complications, and improving outcomes through stronger transparency and communication between patients, families, and clinical care teams. A patient’s willingness and ability to participate in their care plans, particularly between provider visits, can greatly influence whether they experience new health problems and subsequent use of costly, unplanned emergent care. With the WellSky Patient platform, patients stay connected to their care providers between visits through two-way communication, video-based telehealth, and guided condition management programs. At the same time, patient-generated data from health status submissions and remote monitoring creates a comprehensive view for clinicians to track a patient’s progression and identify needs for clinical intervention. “It is critical that our care team members have a complete picture of the patient’s condition and are given the insights necessary to engage most appropriately with the right resources at the right time,” said Dr. Bethany Snider, chief medical officer at Hosparus Health. “The capabilities WellSky is bringing to the table help give us the visibility we need to customize care to the individual, while also ensuring the patient’s family members and other caregivers are full participants in the care journey.” When patients are given convenient and practical tools to help them take an active role in their own care and well-being, satisfaction is higher, complications are fewer, and outcomes are better. By focusing on the home as the center of patient engagement, healthcare organizations can gain new insights into patient behaviors and conditions, enabling them to adjust the plan of care, control costs, and positively influence outcomes to the benefit of the person and the healthcare organization alike. “Patient engagement technology has historically focused on completing tasks related to a care episode, such as scheduling an appointment, completing an intake form, or viewing a lab result,” said Tim Ashe, chief clinical officer at WellSky. “That paradigm must shift toward the person, with a focus on how to best guide them through the care journey while surveying and managing their condition virtually. The innovation WellSky has developed to bring this strategy to life will be of great value to our clients, their care team members, and their patients.” By putting the person at the center of their own care, healthcare organizations can offer unique and differentiated care experiences while gaining unprecedented insights into when – and how – specific interventions can optimize outcomes for patients and ultimately ensure success in models of value-based care. About WellSky® WellSky is one of America’s largest and most innovative healthcare technology companies leading the movement for intelligent, coordinated care. Our proven software, analytics, and services power better outcomes and lower costs for stakeholders across the health and community care continuum. In today’s value-based care environment, WellSky helps providers, payers, health systems, and community organizations scale processes, improve collaboration for growth, harness the power of data analytics, and achieve better outcomes by further connecting clinical and social care. WellSky serves more than 20,000 client sites — including the largest hospital systems, blood banks, cell therapy labs, home health and hospice franchises, post-acute providers, government agencies, and human services organizations. Informed by more than 40 years of providing software and expertise, WellSky anticipates clients’ needs and innovates relentlessly to build healthy, thriving communities.

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Masimo Announces Major Expansion of the HEOS® Platform

Businesswire | May 25, 2023

Masimo announced the global expansion of the HEOS platform, enabling an always-on connection to the Masimo Health secure cloud for four million devices and empowering consumers with an enhanced health tracking experience. This software upgrade allows Masimo’s cutting-edge devices and secure cloud solution to seamlessly integrate with HEOS-enabled sound bars, wireless speakers, amplifiers, and receivers from Denon, Marantz, and Definitive Technology worldwide – including the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia, with more countries going live later this year. “We are excited to expand the footprint and capabilities of our HEOS platform with our wearables and provide our customers with health tracking truly integrated with their favorite audio solutions,” said Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo. “Now, four million devices around the world can help improve the lives of our customers by combining the joy of high-quality audio with the convenience of continuous and accurate health and wellness tracking from the comfort of their own homes.” Masimo’s groundbreaking HEOS ecosystem platform, combined with Masimo's latest wearable health and wellness devices – such as the Masimo W1™ advanced health tracking watch, and soon the Stork™ baby monitor and Radius Tº™ continuous thermometer, select Masimo medical devices, and more – will allow users to keep track of their health and wellness, as well as share their data with loved ones and clinicians, paving the way for the next chapter in telehealth innovation and cohesive care. This latest ecosystem innovation not only wirelessly relays health data to the HEOS-enabled home device and Masimo’s secure Health cloud for storage, analysis, reporting, and transfer, but now offers a revolutionary way to connect and interact with health technologies from the company that, among many other medical breakthroughs, invented Masimo SET® – the primary pulse oximetry at 9 of the top 10 U.S. hospitals. “The HEOS platform embodies the true essence of luxury in the modern era, where health and wellness take center stage. These new capabilities redefine what it means to live a life centered around wellness, and empower individuals to embrace self-care as an essential part of that life, transforming their lives with innovative technology and personalized insights,” Mr. Kiani continued. “We believe the health hub feature will not only differentiate Masimo audio products in the eyes of consumers worldwide, but also bring forth the next level of health and wellness by allowing connected care as consumers move around tetherless and even smartphone-less.” Whether it’s enjoying music in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, experiencing movie night with the family, or getting a workout in their home gyms, users all over the globe can effortlessly connect and track and record key health data from Masimo wearable monitoring devices, including pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, hydration index, and more, using their HEOS-enabled devices. Customers will be able to access this new functionality through a cloud software update to their existing devices, which ensures a hassle-free transition to the enhanced music and health hub platform. Some technologies and devices described may not be available or approved in every market. About Masimo Masimo is a global medical technology company that develops and produces a wide array of industry-leading monitoring technologies, including innovative measurements, sensors, patient monitors, and automation and connectivity solutions. In addition, Masimo Consumer Audio is home to eight legendary audio brands, including Bowers & Wilkins, Denon, Marantz, and Polk Audio. Our mission is to improve life, improve patient outcomes, and reduce the cost of care. Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ pulse oximetry, introduced in 1995, has been shown in over 100 independent and objective studies to outperform other pulse oximetry technologies.2 Masimo SET® has also been shown to help clinicians reduce severe retinopathy of prematurity in neonates,3 improve CCHD screening in newborns4 and, when used for continuous monitoring with Masimo Patient SafetyNet™ in post-surgical wards, reduce rapid response team activations, ICU transfers, and costs.5-8

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Nova Scotia Selects OceanMD for Electronic Surgical Consult Referrals to Help Reduce Wait Times

Prnewswire | April 05, 2023

WELL Health Technologies Corp. a digital healthcare company focused on positively impacting health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower healthcare practitioners and their patients globally, is pleased to announce that pursuant to an announcement made on March 29, 2023, the Province of Nova Scotia is introducing a new electronic tool, Ocean eReferrals, to manage surgical referrals and make the process more efficient for physicians and patients. This new system will help patients receive better information on the status of their referral and will lead to shorter wait times in the long run. The goal is to improve the process of sending and receiving surgical referrals for both primary care providers and surgeons, to support improved access and provide better information to support planning and care. Nova Scotia's Health and Wellness Minister, Michelle Thompson, stated "Waiting for care is hard for patients and their families. It's also frustrating for healthcare professionals when they don't have the information to answer their patients' questions. Nova Scotians deserve short wait times that will keep them out of pain and allow them to move on with their lives." Jeff Kavanagh, CEO of OceanMD, a subsidiary of WELL, commented, "We are thrilled to work with the Province of Nova Scotia to address the growing need for an electronic referral system across the entire province. We applaud the work of the Department of Health and Wellness in leading this initiative to create an efficient process to reduce wait times and provide critical information to the people of Nova Scotia." Through the new system, primary care providers will send their requests for surgical consultations via e-referral, rather than faxing, emailing, or mailing requests directly to a surgeon. This method of referral will enable better tracking, review, and management of referrals, and will eventually include consult wait time information to help ensure patients have faster access to care. Patients who provide their email address and referring providers will receive automatic notifications when their referral is received, forwarded to a surgeon, and when a consult is booked or changed. This feature will provide patients with greater visibility into the referral process and enable them to stay informed throughout their journey. Ocean eReferrals was made available to primary care providers and surgeons at Nova Scotia Health and IWK Health as of Friday, March 31, 2023. About WELL Health Technologies WELL is a practitioner-focused digital healthcare company. WELL's overarching mission is to positively impact health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower healthcare practitioners and their patients globally. WELL exists to enable healthcare practitioners with best-in-class technology and services. WELL has built the most comprehensive end-to-end healthcare system across Canada including the nation's largest network of clinics supporting primary care, specialized care, and diagnostics services. In the United States, WELL provides omni-channel healthcare services and solutions targeting specialized markets such as the gastrointestinal market, women's health, primary care, and mental disorders. In addition to providing patient services, WELL develops, integrates, and sells its own suite of technology software and solutions to medical clinics and healthcare practitioners. WELL's practitioner enablement platform includes: Electronic Medical Records ("EMR"), telehealth platforms, practice management, billing, Revenue Cycle Management digital health apps and data protection solutions. WELL is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "WELL" and on the OTC Exchange under the symbol "WHTCF".

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