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XRHealth Announces its Virtual Therapeutic Care Solution for the Lenovo VRX Utilizing Snapdragon Spaces

PRNewswire | June 01, 2023 | Read time : 04:00 min

XRHealth Announces its Virtual

XRHealth, a Boston-based developer and operator of virtual treatment rooms, announces today their adoption of Snapdragon Spaces™ XR Developer Platform for the Lenovo ThinkReality VRX. The integration will enable XRHealth developers to create immersive experiences in AR/VR/MR for the healthcare industry. Lenovo's ThinkReality VRX is one of the first headsets launched with Snapdragon Spaces to empower developers to expand the XR ecosystem. Lenovo ThinkReality VRX will now be preloaded with XRHealth therapeutic solutions.

"Snapdragon Spaces is created to provide application developers the software tools to build immersive XR solutions and innovate using immersive technology," said Martin Herdina, Senior Director, Product Management, XR. "XR Health brings impressive technology to the table in their virtual healthcare and therapy solution, and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is excited to work with them as part of its rapidly growing XR enterprise ecosystem."

Lenovo and Qualcomm Technologies have long worked together to expand the enterprise metaverse and virtual workspaces. With XRHealth's adoption of Snapdragon Spaces, developers will be able to create immersive VR healthcare experiences on devices powered by Snapdragon®, offering developers the option to develop VR, AR, or MR experiences on the leading headsets for training and collaboration in 3D. Lenovo's ThinkReality VRX headset that will support both Snapdragon Spaces and XRHealth will be available in Q3 of 2023.

"We are excited to integrate our solution on Snapdragon Spaces and Lenovo ThinkReality VRX to enable developers to build innovative experiences that will revolutionize therapeutic care," says Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth. "We are honored to join Qualcomm Technologies' first cohort of companies developing on VRX using Snapdragon Spaces technology."

This announcement comes at the heels of XRHealth announcing a merger with Amelia Virtual Care which has created a XR therapeutic powerhouse, addressing both physical and mental health issues.

XRHealth will demonstrate the headset at AWE in Santa Clara, CA during May 31-June 2 at Lenovo's booth #219 and Qualcomm's booth #205 at Hall A.

About XRHealth

XRHealth operates state-of-the-art therapeutic care Virtual Rooms, utilizing proprietary FDA and CE-registered medical Extended Reality (XR) technology (virtual and augmented reality). XRHealth integrates immersive XR technology, licensed clinicians, and advanced data analytics on one platform, providing a comprehensive therapeutic care solution for patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their home. The company offers a variety of patent-pending solutions from rehabilitation services to cognitive assessment and training to pain management. XRHealth works with several world-renowned U.S. healthcare providers, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. Founded in 2016, XRHealth is headquartered in Boston,


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Your healthcare organization needs a centralized, trustworthy data asset. Top health systems and health plans partner with Arcadia to drive ROI, improve workflows, and operationalize insights across their growing Medicare Advantage, MSSP, and commercial populations.

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Hospice Dynamix™ and MatrixCare Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Offer Advanced AI-Powered EHR Integration to Hospice Care Providers

Businesswire | June 28, 2023

Hospice Dynamix™, a predictive analytics software platform from Diversified Health Technology (DHT), announced a strategic partnership with MatrixCare, a leading SaaS provider for out-of-hospital care settings. This marks the first integration of Hospice Dynamix™ with an electronic healthcare records (EHR) system. The Hospice Dynamix software platform is a patent-pending, AI-powered, cloud-based SaaS solution that provides hospice organizations with continuous, automated predictive analyses of their financial, marketing, and operational health. The solution is built on a continuously updated Predicted Length of Stay (PLOS) projection designated to every patient upon admission. This automated PLOS projection powers a user-specific dashboard that provides real-time insights into: 1) Medicare revenue and Cap projection for every open year; 2) referral source behaviors, quality, and value; and 3) compliance risk and audit readiness. "We are thrilled to announce MatrixCare as our inaugural EMR integration partner,” said Terry Swatley, CEO of Hospice Dynamix. “Their strong alignment with our vision of delivering exceptional value to their customers, coupled with their remarkable capabilities for open integration and collaborative approach to partnerships, makes them an outstanding choice for this groundbreaking alliance with Hospice Dynamix." "Hospices encounter numerous challenges in providing the remarkable benefits of end-of-life care,” said Tim Smokoff, general manager of Home Health and Hospice at MatrixCare. “Identifying partners like Hospice Dynamix who can assist them in achieving greater operational efficiency through data management is just one of the ways MatrixCare strives to support our customers in tackling these challenges effectively." About Hospice Dynamix Founded by former hospice owners and operators, Hospice Dynamix is the first decision intelligence software that designates a Predicted Length of Stay (PLOS) for every patient from admission through the end of life. The Hospice Dynamix mission is to provide innovative, technology-based solutions that inform providers of their financial and operational risks and eliminate inefficient and ineffective methods. Leveraging proprietary real-time, automated predictive analytics, we offer solutions that empower healthcare providers with BETTER information to make BETTER decisions and provide BETTER results. About MatrixCare MatrixCare enables out-of-hospital care organizations to manage senior care more safely and securely. Current and multiyear winner of the “Best in KLAS” award for Long-Term Care Software, MatrixCare is trusted by more than 15,000 long-term, post-acute care (LTPAC) organizations across senior living, skilled nursing, life plan communities, accountable care organizations, home health, home care, and hospice, helping them connect and collaborate to keep America’s seniors healthy in the home or care setting of their choice.

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Xenex Announces World’s First Disinfection Tracking System

Businesswire | June 27, 2023

Portable Medical Equipment (PME) such as IV pumps, workstations on wheels (WOWs), and vitals machines can carry and transfer dangerous pathogens between rooms and patients within healthcare facilities because the equipment is often used and rolled between multiple patient rooms. Recognizing the importance of being able to track and report disinfection, Xenex Disinfection Services today announced TrackMate™, a patented device developed by hospitals for hospitals that provides automated tracking of disinfection/cleaning events for PME and hospital rooms. It’s the world’s first automated tracking system and solution for The Joint Commission standard IC 02.02.01 EP1, which focuses on the disinfection of PME. TrackMate is a small, easy-to-use device that attaches to PME and registers each disinfection\cleaning event stores the data in a secure portal, and provides the data that can be used for compliance and The Joint Commission reporting. Peer-reviewed studies demonstrated that twice as many PME disinfection events occurred when TrackMate was deployed and 100% of disinfection events were tracked and reported for compliance. TrackMate replaces low tech and often labor-intensive monitoring solutions currently being used in healthcare facilities, such as equipment tags, clipboards and paper checklists, and plastic bags placed over IV poles. It eliminates the need for the manual collection of disinfection event data for Joint Commission compliance reporting. In addition to tracking disinfection events for PME and rooms, TrackMate can be used anywhere there is a need for tracking disinfection/cleaning, logging of cleaning activity, or automated and remote monitoring of cleaning activity. For example, tracking the cleaning of surfaces in patient rooms, emergency and waiting rooms, nurse stations, kitchens, microbiology laboratories and mannequins in simulation centers. “Healthcare workers can’t look at an IV pole and know when it was last disinfected, which is why TrackMate is such a game changer. For the first time, disinfection/cleaning event status is being delivered to the user at the point of care. Nurses can quickly look at TrackMate and see when the last disinfection/cleaning event occurred. The CDC has stated that Candida auris is commonly spread via PME – so it’s incredibly important to know when the PME was last cleaned. Infection preventionists and hospital compliance personnel are going to be very excited to learn that we have a solution to IC 02.02.01,” said Dr. Mark “Tuck” Stibich, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Xenex. TrackMate was invented by Dr. Chetan Jinadatha, Chief of the Infectious Diseases Division at the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System and Clinical Professor, School of Medicine, Texas A&M University. Commercialization of TrackMate is supported by the VA Technology Transfer Program, which facilitates the commercialization of VA inventions to benefit Veterans and the American public. Funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System supported scientific evaluation of the technology. TrackMate is a small (2”x5”) device that attaches to PME or can be placed in a room. It senses moisture (wipes) or UV light irradiation, collects all of the disinfection/cleaning events and keeps a log locally and online. Events are transmitted once a day through cellular signal to an online database. Supervisors can log in and retrieve the cleaning log for improving cleaning practices or validate compliance with policy. Battery life on each device is 3 years. About Xenex Disinfection Services Xenex is a world leader in innovative UV technology-based disinfection strategies and solutions. Xenex's mission is to enable its partners to save lives and reduce suffering by destroying the deadly microorganisms that can cause infections. Xenex is backed by well-known investors that include EW Healthcare Partners, Piper Sandler, Malin Corporation, Battery Ventures, Targeted Technology Fund II, Tectonic Ventures and RK Ventures.

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WellSky® Joins Moving Health Home to Drive Policy Reforms, Paving the Way for Home-Based Care Transformation

businesswire | August 14, 2023

WellSky, a leading health and community care technology company, today announced it has joined the Moving Health Home (MHH) coalition. MHH comprises stakeholders working to advance federal and state policy to enable the home to be a clinical site of care. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for care in the home has been steadily increasing. According to a recent study, 70% of adults 50 and older prefer in-home care. This shift to home-based care is enabled through greater use of telehealth services, remote patient monitoring, patient engagement tools, and care coordination technology. “The pandemic clearly demonstrated that the home is a viable site of care and that the future of healthcare is at home,” said Krista Drobac, founder of Moving Health Home. “Our coalition strongly believes that by enacting policies that support providers and reduce barriers, we can make home-based care accessible to all patients who prefer it.” Since its founding in March 2021, MHH has successfully lobbied Congress to pass the two-year Hospital at Home waiver extension, introduced legislation to extend the Acute Hospital Care at Home waiver, and supported the fight against cuts to home health services through education, events, and other advocacy efforts. “The Moving Health Home coalition has already made significant progress on its goal to ensure our nation’s leaders understand and support the advances in home-based care and the value it provides,” said Margaret Haynes, CEO of Right at Home, a member organization of MHH. “Having a healthcare technology leader like WellSky on board only further strengthens our position as the leading voice for change on home-based care policy, and we look forward to partnering with them in our efforts.” Founding members of Moving Health Home include Amazon Care, Landmark Health, Signify Health, Dispatch Health, Elara Caring, Intermountain Healthcare, Home Instead and Ascension. “At WellSky, our focus is supporting providers caring for patients in the home with purpose-built technology, analytics, and tech-enabled services that help them deliver better, more efficient care,” said WellSky CEO Bill Miller. “When we come together to advance care delivery in the home, we can improve outcomes, lower costs, and elevate the patient and family experience. That’s why we’re excited to work closely with the members of Moving Health Home to shape the future of healthcare policy.” About WellSky® WellSky is one of America’s largest and most innovative healthcare technology companies leading the movement for intelligent, coordinated care. Our proven software, analytics, and services power better outcomes and lower costs for stakeholders across the health and community care continuum. In today’s value-based care environment, WellSky helps providers, payers, health systems, and community organizations scale processes, improve collaboration for growth, harness the power of data analytics, and achieve better outcomes by further connecting clinical and social care. WellSky serves more than 20,000 client sites — including the largest hospital systems, blood banks, cell therapy labs, home health and hospice franchises, post-acute providers, government agencies, and human services organizations. Informed by more than 40 years of providing software and expertise, WellSky anticipates clients’ needs and innovates relentlessly to build healthy, thriving communities.

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