Winner Medical Acquires Majority Stake in Pingan Medical to Fuel Growth

Winner Medical | June 02, 2022

Winner Medical

Winner Medical Co. Ltd. a leading manufacturer of disposable wound care and surgical products, announced on May 18 that it will acquire a majority 65.55% stake in Hunan Pingan Medical Device Technology Co. Ltd. for 652 million yuan as the Company continues to expand its disposable medical supply lineup.

Upon the completion of the deal, Winner Medical is set to hold a total of 68.7% stake in Pingan Medical for a total of 752 million yuan.

The Company's move comes as it looks to make a foray into the field of injection products to diversify its product offerings besides consumer products, and comes in line with its strategy to provide one-stop disposable medical supply solutions.

Established in 2010, Pingan Medical mainly produces disposable medical devices, such as syringes, infusion sets, and blood collection tubes among other medical supplies. In 2021, Pingan Medical recorded 360 million yuan in revenue and booked a net profit of 85 million yuan.

The acquisition will leverage both companies' strengths and help fill the product gap in injection-related disposables of Winner Medical, enabling it to expand into new medical verticals and achieve its goal of becoming a major supplier for the domestic market.

Specifically, the Company plans to roll out medical sets that comprise needle-type products from Pingan Medical and wound care supplies from Winner Medical, providing one-stop customized solutions for hospitals and large medical centers.

Meanwhile, Winner Medical will help Pingan Medical with its industry-leading R&D capabilities to develop medical device solutions and build smart manufacturing plants.

To fuel the growth based on the new deal, Winner Medical has signed an investment note with the local government of Li County in Hunan Province, where Pingan Medical is headquartered, to build medical equipment production lines, smart warehousing, and R&D facilities.

The latest deal follows Winner Medical's April-11 acquisition of wound dressing maker Zhejiang Longterm Medical Technology Co. Ltd. as part of its expansion strategy to stay competitive in the area of high-end wound dressings. The Company has also set up a dedicated team to promote its self-developed wound dressing products as the market for such medical supplies is still in its infancy in China.

Founded in 1991, Winner Medical has made efforts to offer quality cotton-based medical dressings and disposables, and will continue to push ahead with its strategy to diversify its product lineup and boost consumption. On the manufacturing front, the Company aims to expand to new medical verticals through acquisitions, while on the consumption front, it plans to enhance product sales through digitization and gradually phasing out less popular products.

As such, the Company has made significant progress in digitizing its operations. Winner Medical has gone live on multiple e-commerce platforms, and has gone digital in terms of online and offline warehousing and order management.


Team MHS Florida is an award-winning group of friends and colleagues at one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the nation. We're 14,000 strong, living a vision of wellness for all.


Team MHS Florida is an award-winning group of friends and colleagues at one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the nation. We're 14,000 strong, living a vision of wellness for all.

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