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WebMD Ignite and HIA Technologies, Inc. Announce Exclusive Partnership to Offer HealthInteractive, AI-powered Digital Health Assistants

WebMD Ignite and HIA Technologies

WebMD Ignite announced an exclusive partnership with HIA Technologies, Inc. to offer a new solution called HealthInteractive that delivers artificial intelligence (AI)-powered health assistants.

HealthInteractive combines WebMD Ignite’s industry-leading patient education with HIA’s Aivio™, which is designed to educate patients using two-way, interactive technology. The Aivio experience not only delivers information in a highly-visual multimedia format, but also allows patients and caregivers to ask questions and get instant answers from their trusted healthcare organization through digital health assistants.

Within each Aivio, digital health assistants guide patients through WebMD Ignite content, providing them a private and welcoming environment to ask their questions and hear their care team’s answers, thanks to the Physician-Controlled AI™️ (PCAI). PCAI guarantees that all information delivered to patients - including answers to their questions - remains under the control of the publisher of the content. The Aivio experience can deliver WebMD Ignite content tailored to the end-user’s unique needs, answer their questions in real-time, and analyze each interaction--all without compromising the trust established between patients and their clinical teams.

“Partnering with HIA to deliver our content through their two-way, interactive technology is another way we’re helping guide people to better health at all stages of their journey, from discovery to recovery with highly-personalized, engaging information,” said Ann Bilyew, SVP, Health and Group GM, WebMD Ignite. “By bringing our capabilities together, we can continue to support better clinical outcomes and provide valuable comprehension information that frees up clinicians to provide higher-level care.”

By adding this new offering, WebMD Ignite customers can transform their current content into an innovative, interactive, and guided experience. This on-demand content, and the ability to get instant answers, deepens the connection between patients and their healthcare providers while building rich analytics on the backend that provide meaningful, measurable insights to the healthcare organization.

HIA CEO, Vacit Arat, also said: “We are excited to partner with WebMD Ignite to promote this new way of delivering interactive education and Physician-Controlled AI to all WebMD Ignite clients. We share the vision of WebMD to facilitate a unified engagement experience for patients across their entire health journey. But we recognize there is no one-size-fits-all in healthcare. The Aivio guides patients through their unique journey, allowing them to take the path they want to take, ask the questions they want to ask, and learn from the sources they already know and trust. Partnering with WebMD Ignite allows us to focus on scaling these critical two-way interactions without creating more resource strain on the healthcare systems we serve.”

All existing and future WebMD Ignite clients will be able to take advantage of HealthInteractive, which includes

  • Access to the Aivio-versions of their preferred content
  • Session and user analytics that provide insight into patient behavior and comprehension
  • In-session engagement features (PCAI, forms, surveys, quizzes, etc.)
  • Multi-modal distribution (URL, QR Code, HTML, etc.)
  • Early-access to future engagement tools co-developed by WebMD Ignite and HIA

Organizations interested in learning more about this new offering can contact their WebMD Ignite representative or visit to connect with the team.

About WebMD Ignite

WebMD Ignite, a division of WebMD and Internet Brands, is the growth partner for healthcare organizations. We guide people to better health at all stages of their journey, from discovery to recovery. Our combination of leading brands in the industry including WebMD, Medscape, Krames, PulsePoint, Vitals, The Wellness Network, and Mercury Healthcare—offers comprehensive solutions that engage individuals with timely, relevant messaging that optimizes experiences and outcomes, driving loyalty and lifetime value for our clients.

About WebMD Health Corp.

WebMD, an Internet Brands company, is at the heart of the digital health revolution that is transforming the health care experience for consumers, patients, health care professionals, employers, health plans, and health systems. Through public and private online portals, mobile platforms, and health-focused publications, WebMD delivers leading-edge content and digital services that enable and improve decision-making, support and motivate health actions, streamline and simplify the health care journey, and improve patient care.

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About HIA Technologies

HIA Technologies, Inc. was founded with the mission to transform digital engagement by restoring trust, empowering the end-user with the right information at the right time, and delivering tools that capture meaningful, measurable, data that fosters continual improvement. HIA's Embodied AI technology is a transformative user interface that allows artificially intelligent interactive characters to conduct sophisticated conversations with people, educate them, ask and answer questions, and report back on the interactions. A result of 20+ years of research in human-computer interaction, digital humans, AI, and XR, HIA's products allow businesses to quickly create and deploy conversations at scale, opening the door to endless engagement opportunities.



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