WebMD Expands Flagship Medscape Brand with Grupo SANED Acquisition

Medscape | March 09, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

WebMD Expands Medscape

On March 08, 2023, WebMD Health Corp., a subsidiary of Internet Brands and a provider of information services for healthcare professionals and consumers, announced that it had acquired Grupo SANED, the Spanish market leader for medical and health information services.

Grupo SANED is an industry pioneer for scientific communications, clinical news, medical education, and regulatory advice. The acquisition expands Medscape's presence among healthcare professionals in Spain to include over 200,000 registered nurses, physicians, and pharmacists, as well as 1 million Spanish-speaking consumers.

The acquisition marks a significant expansion for WebMD's global flagship brand, Medscape, which features an exceptional reach of over 6.5 million physicians worldwide. In addition, the transaction secures the company's position as the premier global provider of clinical news, healthcare communications, and education for healthcare professionals.

For more than four decades, Grupo SANED has provided the medical and healthcare industry with research, marketing, publishing, communication, and onsite training. Its partnerships with business schools, universities, and scientific societies, as well as its close collaboration with prestigious academics, have enabled the development of highly regarded accredited training, which has been instrumental in fostering member loyalty.

Medscape's strategic growth plan is advanced with this transaction, which follows similar acquisitions of country-specific clinical and health information providers that target healthcare professionals, such as MGP in the UK in 2021, Coliquio in Germany in 2020, and MediQuality in Benelux in 2018. Grupo SANED will now operate as an independent subsidiary of WebMD.

About Medscape

Medscape, headquartered in New York, is a major online platform for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide. With over 30 specialty sites for physicians, and additional sites for medical students, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists, it offers essential point-of-care drug and disease information, expert perspectives, medical news, professional education, and CME. The platform aims to enhance patient care by providing physicians and healthcare professionals with comprehensive clinical resources and information.


In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, optimizing operations and improving patient care are more important than ever. 


In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, optimizing operations and improving patient care are more important than ever. 

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Cascade Health, an intelligent platform for healthcare transparency, announced it has raised $1.7 million in venture funding led by AlleyCorp with participation from other strategic angel investors. The company also announced the launch of its first two products: a generative AI assistant to personalize the consumer experience with full visibility around cost and quality of care, as well as APIs that allow companies in the healthcare industry to access data on demand and use it to build their own internal and external products. As healthcare costs have continued to rise in the US, the system has also grown more complex and increasingly opaque. In an effort to counter this, the US government has recently mandated that hospitals and insurance companies publicly disclose pricing data for procedures across the country. Both parties have done so, but in massive files that can't be opened or used without substantial computing power. Cascade Health leverages cloud and AI to aggregate these datasets, along with other public and private healthcare data, to help employers, consumers, government agencies, hospitals, insurance companies and other healthcare-related businesses better understand pricing and coverage. It is the only company that can transform these datasets along with client-specific data and use large language models to interact with the combined data to optimize decision-making in real-time to personalize the experience for anyone seeking or giving care. "We want Cascade Health to become the infrastructure for healthcare transparency – an objective, neutral source for healthcare pricing and coverage," said Ana-Maria Constantin, Cascade Health's CEO and co-founder. "Our intelligent platform provides a window into all this that allows anyone on any side of the healthcare system to make data-driven decisions about the care they receive or deliver." The core of Cascade Health's intelligent platform is a proprietary massive-scale cloud computing infrastructure which works alongside machine learning models and AI to help find, sort and transform massive amounts of healthcare data needed to provide transparency into healthcare pricing and coverage. Cascade Health's generative AI assistant lets consumers ask about coverage options, pricing for different procedures and regions, and more, then uses Cascade Health's platform to deliver data-driven answers to those questions in plain English. The company also provides data management and warehousing infrastructure so customers can benefit from using it without having to worry about storing data. Before founding Cascade Health, Constantin and co-founder Pulak Goyal spent six years at Microsoft building large-scale cloud systems that used machine learning to make intelligent, data-driven decisions for efficient resource utilization. "Complexity and opacity are both endemic in the American healthcare system. It's nearly impossible for stakeholders to make truly informed decisions, whether it's about individual or group coverage, or how to most efficiently deliver and pay for care," said Jane Suh, Principal at AlleyCorp. "We invested in Cascade Health because the team's background and knowledge base perfectly aligns with their mission to bring clarity and access to an essential part of healthcare decision-making." About Cascade Health Cascade Health is an intelligent platform for healthcare transparency. Its intelligent platform is the first to deliver specific data-driven insights that allow consumers, employers buying group insurance plans, government agencies, hospitals, insurance companies to make informed strategic decisions, creating a more affordable and equitable healthcare system for all. Cascade Health is based in Seattle and backed by AlleyCorp and other strategic angels.

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DocGo Announces Strategic Mobile Health Agreement with Fresenius Medical Care

Businesswire | April 26, 2023

DocGo a leading provider of last-mile mobile health services, announced it has entered into a preferred provider agreement with Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) – the largest provider of kidney dialysis treatment in the United States. This preferred provider agreement includes remote patient monitoring, principal care management, chronic care management, and urgent care services. DocGo has been an FMC preferred medical transportation partner since 2019. The new multi-year agreement, expected to start on May 1, 2023, advances DocGo’s mission to provide high-quality, technology-driven care to patients, where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and ensure better experiences and outcomes. DocGo’s remote patient monitoring services will provide a solution for nephrologists to extend their reach and better manage patients’ conditions. Additionally, DocGo capabilities include after-hours support for urgent care needs, both treating on scene as well as ambulance transport when necessary. “Our relationship with Fresenius Medical Care positions DocGo to assist nephrologists with patient treatment, while growing and offering services that enable us to do what we do best: provide proactive care that mitigates a patient’s chance of hospitalization,” said Anthony Capone, CEO of DocGo. “By providing services such as remote patient monitoring, chronic care management and 24x7 mobile urgent care, our top-rated medical professionals can operate as an extension of nephrologists to help develop successful and accessible treatment plans that keep patients healthy longer.” DocGo's suite of services can help nephrologists better manage the condition of the 780,000-end stage renal disease patients and millions of chronic kidney disease patients that are currently estimated to reside in the U.S. by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. DocGo uses data from its remote patient monitoring program to continually assess a patient’s condition. If necessary, DocGo can also dispatch urgent care services and medical transportation to patients in need of immediate attention. By integrating into DocGo’s existing infrastructure and leveraging DocGo’s world-class AI technology, this DocGo/Fresenius Medical Care collaboration will help more patients manage their condition, stay healthier in their homes, and have beneficial health outcomes. About DocGo DocGo is a leading provider of last-mile mobile care services. DocGo is disrupting the traditional four-wall healthcare system by providing high quality, highly affordable care to patients where and when they need it. DocGo's innovative technology and dedicated field staff of certified health professionals elevate the quality of patient care and drive business efficiencies for facilities, hospital networks, and health insurance providers. With Mobile Health, DocGo empowers the full promise and potential of telehealth by facilitating healthcare treatment, in tandem with a remote physician, in the comfort of a patient's home or workplace. Together with DocGo's integrated Ambulnz medical transport services, DocGo is bridging the gap between physical and virtual care.

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InterSystems Helps Pria Improve Patient Outcomes and Streamline At-Home Care Delivery with Health Connect Cloud

Businesswire | April 12, 2023

Pria, an innovative healthcare technology company that is transforming the way chronic care management is delivered at home, announced that Pria will be using InterSystems Health Connect Cloud to deliver the integration required to accelerate Pria’s efforts to revolutionize the operating system for health at home. With Pria, providers, patients, and family caregivers can access a suite of health management tools to help them monitor and manage all aspects of their prescribed care plans. Through cloud-based connectivity, Pria’s platform can be used to identify eligible patients, align their care plan with a Pria Wellness Plan, and integrate patient data with their electronic health records. With guaranteed delivery, reliability, and stability, InterSystems Health Connect Cloud delivers comprehensive healthcare interoperability via a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. Health Connect Cloud streamlines data integration between clinical systems and applications, while managing the entire infrastructure and providing enhanced data automation and management capabilities to help providers and application developers rapidly leverage HL7 FHIR® and other healthcare standards to connect systems and solutions. As a PaaS model, it is ideal for digital health solution developers such as Pria because it reduces infrastructure and licensing costs and ensures compliance with standards, allowing developers to focus on building their unique product offering. According to Pria’s CEO Ainar Abdrakhmanov, “We are thrilled with the continued support and collaboration from InterSystems to advance our operating system for health at home. With InterSystems' cutting-edge technology and expertise, we will develop a platform that enables healthcare organizations to deliver health-at-home, value-based care for the Medicare population. Our innovative platform will simplify and improve the scalability of the health-at-home solutions market, thereby resolving current market pain points.” “InterSystems is thrilled to collaborate with forward-thinking companies in pursuit of a shared goal: leveraging technology to deliver advanced data automation and intelligence solutions that improve patient outcomes,” said Paul Grabscheid, Vice President of Strategic Planning, InterSystems. “Through supporting innovative companies like Pria, we are excited to push the boundaries of what's possible in healthcare and revolutionize traditional approaches to data management and analysis.” Pria is building the standard for health-at-home solutions by delivering a platform that streamlines workflows, improves patient outcomes, and reduces costs. The company's innovative approach has earned it a reputation as a game-changer in the healthcare industry. Pria's integration of health-at-home solutions on one platform supports healthcare organizations to lower costs while delivering a patient engagement experience through Pria's Digital Nurse. Pria will be demonstrating their operating system for health at home and the Pria Digital Nurse at HIMSS 2023 in InterSystems booth #942. Pria also announced an investment from InterSystems Corporation, that follows several years of technical collaboration and promises to accelerate Pria’s efforts to revolutionize the operating system for health at home. About InterSystems Established in 1978, InterSystems is the leading provider of next-generation solutions for enterprise digital transformations in the healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and supply chain sectors. Its cloud-first data platforms solve interoperability, speed, and scalability problems for large organizations around the globe. InterSystems is committed to excellence through its award-winning, 24×7 support for customers and partners in more than 80 countries. Privately held and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems has 36 offices in 25 countries worldwide.

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