Tomorrow Health Modernizes Home-Based Care Operations For Medicaid Managed Care Plans

prnewswire | March 31, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Tomorrow Health Modernizes

Tomorrow Health, an innovator in home-based care, announced novel technology to improve home-based care operations for Medicaid managed care organizations. Helping MCO care coordinators move beyond analog fax and phone workflows for home-based care, get up-to-the minute insight into order status and better manage members with complex cases, the new offering ensures essential healthcare can reliably be both delivered and coordinated in the home.

Created to provide publicly funded insurance coverage to low-income Americans, Medicaid is the second largest source of health insurance in the U.S., with nearly 83 million enrolled members. Adults with chronic conditions make up roughly 40 percent of the Medicaid patient population. Historically, Medicaid members have been more vulnerable to higher rates of chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, endocrine disorders and hypertension. Seven million seniors are covered through Medicaid and receive services such as home healthcare and medical equipment to support long-term care needs. Medicaid members often experience difficulties accessing life-improving medical equipment, like hospital beds, oxygen equipment, nebulizers, insulin pumps, in a timely manner.

Care coordinators play a vital role in facilitating Medicaid members' physical and mental health, housing, crisis, and employment needs. In managing home-based care services, care coordinators are dedicated support for members who are the entry point for specific problems. They often rely on manual phone and fax communication with members' care teams, medical equipment suppliers, and care providers, and as a result, have little-to-no visibility into an order status or progress, lack information on past and existing referrals, and have no systematic way to collect regulatory forms.

By partnering with Medicaid MCOs, Tomorrow Health can streamline the workflow of the home-based care ordering process through modern day technology. Commercially sponsored Medicaid plans are monitored and graded on cost control, quality of care, and member satisfaction. Tomorrow Health's technology adds an extra layer of efficiency to meet these metrics by providing coordinators with important DME order-related information such as: referring provider details, product category estimated delivery date, confirmed delivery date, cancellation reasons, among others. Tomorrow Health's technology creates a tailor-made, one-stop-shop for coordinators at Medicaid MCOs who are managing multiple member cases.

"The Medicaid patient population has unique health and social needs, and requires high-touch care teams to manage all facets of the home-based care experience. Care coordinators act as lifelines for Medicaid MCO members, and often don't have the technology tools they need to ensure timely home-based care is delivered in a member's home," said Vijay Kedar, CEO and Co-Founder, Tomorrow Health. "With one in four aging seniors requiring some form of home-based care, our technology can simplify a disjointed ordering and management process for Medicaid MCOs, drive down costs, and most importantly, deliver high-quality home-based care to those most in need."

Tomorrow Health's technology is fully customizable for the Medicaid MCO population, depending on the plan and state.

About Tomorrow Health

Tomorrow Health builds technology that improves the way home-based care is ordered, delivered, and paid for. Today, the home-based care ecosystem is fragmented, confusing, and expensive, costing the healthcare system billions of dollars annually. Tomorrow Health manages and improves every step of the process, using technology-driven matching and considering quality, specialization, insurance coverage, and geography to pair patients with appropriate suppliers of more than 40,000 products and services. As a result, Tomorrow Health reduces the time it takes to coordinate and deliver home-based care for the one in four Americans who need it, from prescription, to reimbursement, to patient outcomes - ultimately leading to improved patient health results and lowered costs. Tomorrow Health partners with more than 125 leading health plans and health systems nationwide, including Pennsylvania's Geisinger Health Plan, and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, BOND, Obvious Ventures, BoxGroup, Rainfall Ventures, and Sound Ventures.


Philips Ulrasound offers services designed around your needs and solutions that enable you to streamline and enhance the care you provide.


Philips Ulrasound offers services designed around your needs and solutions that enable you to streamline and enhance the care you provide.

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Avaneer Health, a trusted and secure digital network catering to the healthcare sector, recently announced that it has initiated its private, peer-to-peer network with various distinguished healthcare organizations. By utilizing a single connection to Avaneer Network, all stakeholders can efficiently collaborate and exchange real-time data, resulting in a seamless healthcare administration process and an improved healthcare experience for all parties involved. The healthcare industry has long been grappling with the issues of fragmented data silos, complex point-to-point connections, technology debt, incomplete information, and manual processes. Addressing these challenges, Avaneer Network has designed a secure healthcare data fabric to streamline the healthcare ecosystem. As the first-of-its-kind peer-to-peer network that caters exclusively to healthcare, it fosters connectivity among payers, providers, and innovators to enhance care delivery, optimize costs as well as improve outcomes. Avaneer Health network streamlines the revenue cycle and reduces costs while enhancing data security and protection. Moreover, it encourages innovation and collaboration, providing an ideal platform for all stakeholders to collaborate and work toward transforming the healthcare landscape. Avaneer Network will soon include a real-time adjudication application that will significantly accelerate the process and accuracy of submitting and adjudicating healthcare claims. This development is expected to provide a streamlined and efficient workflow, which will ultimately benefit all stakeholders involved in the healthcare industry. About Avaneer Health Avaneer Health is a secure digital network and platform that simplifies healthcare administration by connecting, collaborating, and providing real-time data access. Its decentralized network provides healthcare data transparency and interoperability through innovative technologies. The company collaborates with industry stakeholders and technology vendors to launch solutions that streamline administrative operations and improve healthcare.

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