The GIANT Health Event 2021. Early bird tickets on sale now

GIANT Health | October 13, 2021

Europe's greatest festival of Health Tech Innovation | 30th Nov - 1st Dec 2021

Join us at GIANT this year and immerse yourself in Europe's greatest festival of healthcare innovation. Find inspiration from global leading innovators, and discover the advances in technology that are revolutionizing healthcare provision.

GIANT 2021 is set to be our biggest event yet so don't miss out. GIANT Health event is an invaluable, cost-effective global hybrid event. Combining both a real-world physical trade show and multiple conferences in central London, as well as a sophisticated and engaging virtual event based on GIANT Health’s proprietary Virtual Event Platform.

Learn more about Digital Therapeutics.  Would you like to network with 1000s and 1000s of Europe's leading healthcare and technology innovators, hospital leaders, health-sector investors, and entrepreneurs?  Over 400 speakers will convene in 15+ conference at the massive GIANT Health Event, 30 November - 1 December, 2021.

Come join us in person or remotely.  Early Bird tickets are now available.


A special promotional code which allows to save up to 25% on top is available for our subscribers: MEDIA25

See you there!

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Expectations in health care are higher than ever. Patients are taking on more responsibility for costs and are demanding more personalized service. At the same time, health plan reimbursements to providers are increasingly tied to quality and patient satisfaction.  It all adds up to an increasing need for responsive, adaptable and patient-centered care. Introducing Optum Interactive Platform; a multi-channel, data-driven solution that works with a hospital’s existing IT systems. To learn more watch our short video!


Expectations in health care are higher than ever. Patients are taking on more responsibility for costs and are demanding more personalized service. At the same time, health plan reimbursements to providers are increasingly tied to quality and patient satisfaction.  It all adds up to an increasing need for responsive, adaptable and patient-centered care. Introducing Optum Interactive Platform; a multi-channel, data-driven solution that works with a hospital’s existing IT systems. To learn more watch our short video!

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Avalon Healthcare Solutions Announces New Collaboration with N.Y.-Based Health Insurer CDPHP

Avalon Healthcare Solutions | February 19, 2022

Avalon Healthcare Solutions, LLC, DBA Avalon Healthcare Solutions, is pleased to announce a new collaboration to provide genetic testing management to Capital District Physicians' Health Plan, Inc. (CDPHP®). Lab testing is the gateway to appropriate diagnosis and treatment plans, and there are more than 13 billion lab tests performed annually in the U.S. Those results influence 70 percent of all medical decisions. Lab testing is highly complex and constantly evolving, creating challenges for health plans to navigate. Avalon, the world's first Lab Insights company, takes lab benefit and value management services to the next level, further removing waste and abuse from the system, while also improving clinical outcomes. Avalon helps its clients provide earlier disease detection for their members and drive treatment protocols to accelerate the Triple Aim of improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per member cost of healthcare. Avalon and CDPHP are focused on using the latest technology, evidence-based medicine, and provider education to ensure high-quality, cost-effective laboratory services to drive appropriate care for CDPHP members. Avalon's innovative management services unlock the power of lab data, expanding the view to encompass the entire patient journey, optimizing treatment, improving outcomes, and driving down costs. "We are pleased to join together withCDPHP and bring our proven history of management, as well as our innovative approach to unlocking new possibilities. The CDPHP focus on improving the health and well-being of its members and communities is perfectly aligned with Avalon's mission to help our clients enable value-driven care in this dynamic and increasingly challenging environment." Bill Kerr, MD, Chief Executive Officer at Avalon "For nearly 40 years, CDPHP has been committed to lowering the total cost of care while preserving the high-quality service our members and the community at-large have come to expect," saidElizabeth Warner, MD, Senior Vice President of Member Health, CDPHP. "This new venture with Avalon Healthcare Solutions will further our mission of ensuring care is delivered at the right place, at the right time, and with the best outcome possible for each and every member we serve." About Avalon Healthcare Solutions Avalon Healthcare Solutions is the world's first and only Lab Insights company, bringing together our proven Lab Benefit Management solutions, lab science expertise, digitized lab values, and proprietary analytics to help healthcare insurers proactively inform appropriate care, reduce costs, and improve clinical outcomes. Working with health plans across the country, the company covers more than 36 million lives and delivers 7-12% outpatient lab benefit savings. Avalon is pioneering a new era of value-driven care with its Lab Insights Platform that captures, digitizes, and analyzes lab results in real time to provide actionable insights for earlier disease detection, ensuring appropriate treatment protocols, and driving down overall cost. About CDPHP® Established in 1984, CDPHP is a physician-founded, member-focused and community-based not-for-profit health plan that offers high-quality affordable health insurance plans to members in 29 counties throughoutNew York.

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Acquisition of Uprise, a World Class Digital Health Platform, Strengthens the Position of the IBH as the Leading Agency for Public Health

IBH | March 31, 2021

IBH, a population, and digital health services pioneer, announced the acquisition of Uprise, a digital health platform that delivers highly customized treatment through self-guided modules, live coaching, and in-person counseling. The acquisition of Uprise follows IBH's latest acquisition of HMC HealthWorks in December 2020, which expanded IBH's presence in chronic disease management. This new acquisition not only strengthens IBH's use of data analytics to treat its members but also aids in the delivery of treatment to more people at a time when standard coverage is restricted due to the pandemic. According to the Harvard Business Review, the Covid-19 pandemic has expanded the urgency of treating those suffering from mental health problems through technology that allows for support, care, and increased capability. Although conventional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) typically have a 4% engagement rate, Uprise's digital EAP has a whopping 24% engagement rate. This high degree of interaction with Uprise's mobile app and online site demonstrates that interactive technologies allow more users to learn from mental health services. IBH's investment in Uprise provides its millions of users with digitally oriented, best-in-class technology. “Through a deeply customized and intuitive interface, Uprise's technology provides our users with the most advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based, self-guided content in the United States,” said Dan Clark, CEO of IBH. “We may include self-guided CBT, live instruction, in-person consultation, and chronic illness care based on a member's specific needs and risk factors. With the acquisition of Uprise, IBH has truly become one of the market's largest and most efficient digitally-enabled healthcare companies.” Uprise was founded by Dr. Jay Spence to provide the best digital tools for individuals to self-manage their mental health and making access to a healthcare provider accessible and convenient. “We couldn't be more excited to be working with IBH and being a part of its innovative and tech-enabled wellness vision,” said Dr. Spence, former Founder, and CEO of Uprise and new SVP of Digital Product for IBH. “We've concentrated on supplying members with tried-and-true digital services that they can use from anywhere, at any time. We are genuinely able to do something for our members that no one else can by enhancing our interactive service with IBH's portfolio of customized EAP products, chronic illness treatment, and supervised mental health.” “Uprise is an essential part of our technology plan, which focuses on the Triple Goal of optimizing outcomes, customer engagement, and cost-effectiveness. It fits amazingly well into our clinical evaluation, data, treatment navigation, and risk reduction capabilities,” said IBH Chief Technology Officer Dr. Ilya Gluhovsky. “This is just the start of our ambitious agenda aimed at improving health and outcomes for our members through digital solutions.” About IBH IBH, a Periscope Equity portfolio company, provides digitally powered employee support services augmented with customized counseling, chronic illness care, guided mental wellbeing, data analytics, and drug screening and recovery options. IBH lowers claims and costs for organizations while strengthening the lives of its participants by focusing on sustainable effects through scientifically-based approaches and resources. IBH has been a Shortlister Vendor of Choice for EAP, mental wellness, and healthcare material for over 30 years.

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Healthcare Triangle Announces, Advanced Capture & Routing Solution for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Triangle | March 30, 2021

Healthcare Triangle is pleased to declare its dispatch of, a condition of-craftsmanship, progressed programmed catch arrangement fueled by Artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for archive characterization, data extraction and steering. It is explicitly intended for healthcare associations - to assist them with robotizing their record driven cycles. Advancing computerized healthcare alternatives – PCs, portable applications, telehealth, and other available innovation makes patient information basic to mind conveyance and examination. Nonetheless, a large portion of the details are caught in storehouses that are not associated and includes tedious manual information work which makes the whole quiet wellbeing history not effectively open in an expansive view. Artificial intelligence is changing the manner in which information is gotten to and handled inside the healthcare industry. HTI, with its key profound skill in healthcare and trend setting innovations, constructed, a computerized record catch and preparing arrangement which shrewdly recognizes archive type, catches information, carefully changes to usable configuration, and consistently courses the gathered details to line of business frameworks. – utilizes cutting edge public cloud artificial intelligence and AI to perceive and extricate healthcare data from records, faxes, and account reports. is planned with security and consistence as its center column and it surpasses norms for treatment of ensured wellbeing data. Counting in your work process smoothes out the interaction to improve patient consideration and clinical efficiencies while maintaining security and privacy. guarantees the essential wellbeing data is available for patient consideration with negligible time and work exertion. "We listen to our healthcare clients and continue to hear about the challenge of document-based healthcare information. helps organizations unlock the data in these documents and speed up healthcare." says Joe Grinstead, Vice President of Technology for Healthcare Triangle. "Healthcare has long been challenged by the flow of paper and deriving patient care insight from unstructured information," said Suresh Venkatachari, Chairman and CEO of Healthcare Triangle. "The power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the core of will enable a digital transformation for our customers that will streamline workflows and improve the patient care and clinical efficiencies that play an increasingly important role in the evolution of care delivery and the patient experience." About Healthcare Triangle, Inc. Healthcare Triangle, Inc. (HTI) is a leading healthcare information technology company focused on advancing innovative, industry-transforming solutions in the areas of cloud services, data science, professional and managed services for the healthcare and life sciences industry. HTI reinforces healthcare progress by enabling the adoption of new technologies, data enlightenment, business agility, and response to the immediate business needs of healthcare organizations.

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