Swift Medical Launches the World’s First All-in-One Hyperspectral Imaging Device to Make Healthcare More Accessible

Swift Medical | March 03, 2022

Swift Medical, the global leader in digital wound care technology, unveiled the Swift Ray 1, a groundbreaking hardware device that wirelessly attaches to a smartphone camera and captures comprehensive clinical data to better support assessment, treatment and monitoring of skin and wound conditions. The Swift Ray 1 fits in the palm of a clinician or patient’s hand, making powerful medical imaging accessible anywhere, from the hospital to the home. Further, this advanced imaging enables the capture of accurate clinical data for every patient, regardless of skin tone, making wound care more equitable for everyone.

“The future of wound care goes beyond what the naked eye can perceive and beyond the walls of the clinic, which is why our dream has always been to equalize and improve healthcare access for humanity through intelligent diagnostics. The Swift Ray 1 gets us one step closer by helping clinicians and patients see below the surface of the skin, to heal wounds faster or prevent them from ever even developing.”

Carlo Perez, co-founder and CEO of Swift Medical

The Swift Ray 1 captures and analyzes important physiological characteristics of wounds that can indicate causes for concern and/or improper healing, such as signs of infection, bacterial colonization, tissue compromise, perfusion, inflammation and blood oxygen levels. The new device illuminates these invisible, beneath-the-skin characteristics through long-wave infrared, near infrared, ultraviolet and enhanced RGB imaging technology - enabling powerful clinical workflows.

The Swift Ray 1 works seamlessly with Swift Medical’s proprietary wound management software application and provides clinicians with unparalleled insights into a patient’s wound healing, informing clinical and operational decision-making. It also integrates directly into many of the leading EHRs to help clinicians both improve clinical efficiency and ensure that all relevant medical information is recorded in the patient’s chart.

“The technology can fit in your pocket. That means it can go anywhere a doctor or nurse goes. It means it’s on them, whenever they need it, wherever their patients are,” said Mike Comer, Founder and CEO at Wound Care Advantage. “There’s no forgetting it on the shelf or fumbling around with wires and clunky imaging devices. You just take it from your pocket and snap a photo. It really does make wound care accessible anywhere.”

Chronic wounds are one of the biggest public health challenges worldwide, and are often associated with other prevalent chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension. More than 8.2 million patients are currently suffering from chronic wounds in North America. As rates of obesity, diabetes and other chronic conditions continue to skyrocket, the number of patients at risk of developing wounds will continue to rise.

The challenges of providing wound care are exacerbated by the reality that high quality care traditionally requires highly trained clinicians using multiple pieces of bulky, expensive equipment in an institutional setting. Conversely, the Swift Ray 1 allows any clinician to capture and share images at any bedside, enabling healthcare organizations to provide more accessible, efficient and preventive care.

The Swift Ray 1 supports a variety of use cases, including early detection of deep tissue injuries and prevention of pressure injuries; identification of wound infections and inhibited wound healing; and remote physiological monitoring of chronic wound patients in the home. The Swift Ray 1 is also ideal for pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations engaged in clinical trials.

About Swift Medical
Swift Medical is the global leader in digital wound care. Our mission is to make empathy driven wound care ubiquitous through AI-powered diagnostic technology. We are the trusted wound technology partner of more than 4,100 healthcare facilities in North America across the continuum of care. Our solutions empower healthcare providers to deliver standardized, accessible and equitable wound care for every patient - with advanced, high-precision imaging, compliant documentation, clinical analytics and remote care. 


As the UK's national institute for health data science, our mission is to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. 


As the UK's national institute for health data science, our mission is to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. 

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Eko | February 24, 2023

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