Semantix Announces the Acquisition of Zetta Health Analytics

Semantix | September 01, 2022 | Read time : 01:00 min

Semantix Announces

Semantix, Inc. a leading Latin American end-to-end data platform provider announces the acquisition of Zetta Health Analytics S.A. a Brazilian health tech company focused on data analytics, with the strategic objective to further expand Semantix’s presence and capabilities in serving healthcare clients through proprietary SaaS data solutions.

Founded in March 2019, Zetta has a robust variety of SaaS data solutions to enhance data-driven decision-making, leveraging client insights to improve care and costs and deepen value-based healthcare (VBHC) approach enriched by market analysis. In particular, Zetta provides to clients embedded dashboards utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) tools that help manage claims and improve assertiveness through the display of key indicators to optimize selection of providers and health outcomes. Currently, Zetta caters to a portfolio of more than 640 companies, including pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, health insurance brokers, hospitals and large companies in various sectors. In recognition of the powerful capabilities of Zetta’s data solutions, Zetta was named the number one tech company in the Brazilian healthcare market, according to the Ranking 100 Open Startups 2021.

Semantix expects that the businesses combination with Zetta will complement the Semantix Data Platform offering and strengthen the healthcare business vertical, which caters to a sizeable and fast-growing market. According to market research produced by Grand View Research, the healthcare data analytics segment’s total addressable market globally is estimated at approximately US$35 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 167 billion by 2030.

Zetta also brings a team of highly talented professionals, which, Semantix believes, combined with Semantix’s capital resources and robust sales capabilities, should accelerate new product development and enhance product cross-selling opportunities.

We are very excited about the new business capabilities that Zetta adds to our platform, both in terms of new markets and customers as well as new product development opportunities. We believe it is an important step towards the execution of our strategy to increase the share of proprietary products to our mix, with a recurring revenue stream and high growth potential,”

Leonardo Santos, CEO of Semantix

About Semantix
Semantix is a leading Latin American end-to-end data platform provider. Semantix has more than 300 clients with operations in approximately 15 countries using Semantix’s software and services to enhance their businesses. The company was founded in 2010 by CEO Leonardo Santos.


eClinicalWorks is the Network EHR that delivers the solutions today’s practices need, from accommodating practice growth to adapting to industry changes, we deliver the value that other EHR companies can only dream about.


eClinicalWorks is the Network EHR that delivers the solutions today’s practices need, from accommodating practice growth to adapting to industry changes, we deliver the value that other EHR companies can only dream about.

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Eko Launches SENSORA™, Detects Heart Disease with AI

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On February 23, 2023, Eko, a digital health company employing artificial intelligence (AI) to combat heart and lung diseases, announced the launch of the SENSORATM Cardiac Disease Detection Platform. The platform features AI that detects structural murmurs, an indication of valvular heart disease, and Care Pathway Analytics software, which offers downstream visibility and metrics for the patient's journey along the healthcare system. SENSORA™ is a detection platform for cardiovascular disease that utilizes digital stethoscopes to capture and analyze heart sounds and electrical signals. This platform leverages the latest advancements in machine learning to continue expanding the platform and develop new use cases for cardiac conditions. Over 8 million Americans are diagnosed with clinically significant valvular heart disease (VHD), and one in ten older adults have a chance to develop it. Unfortunately, more than half (57%) of significant VHD cases in this population go undetected. Left untreated, VHD can cause blood clots, heart failure, and mortality. With SENSORA™'s FDA-cleared structural murmur detection, primary care physicians more than double their likelihood of detecting significant VHD. SENSORA™ Care Pathway Analytics can aid in crucial decision-making by identifying care gaps to convert them into improved operational efficiencies, ultimately improving patient and clinician satisfaction. In addition, the platform provides downstream visibility for those with identified structural murmurs by tracking clinical outcomes, patient flows, and economics throughout the care continuum. Eko currently offers five FDA 510(k) cleared digital solutions and is developing two novel machine-learning algorithms that use electrocardiogram (ECG) and heart sound data. These algorithms include "ELEFT," which detects low ejection fraction in heart failure patients, and another algorithm that detects and stratifies pulmonary hypertension. The company is dedicated to developing advanced solutions that fulfill the needs of patients and clinicians. By enabling early detection of heart and lung diseases, the company can help save lives. About Eko Eko, a digital health company based in Oakland (California), is evolving how healthcare providers diagnose and monitor heart and lung disease with its suite of innovative digital tools, patient and provider software, and AI-driven analysis. Its FDA-approved platform is employed by many healthcare professionals worldwide, enabling them to optimize detection, diagnosis, and treatment management, and ultimately provide the best care possible to their patients. It has received over $125 million in funding from Highland Capital Partners, Questa Capital, DigiTx Partners, NTTVC, Artis Ventures, Mayo Clinic, Sutter Health, and others.

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On February 28, 2023, one of the top safety, risk and insurance software companies, Origami Risk, announced the launch of a latest employee health information solution for managing and centralizing drug, vaccination details and alcohol screening results, and other records related to pre-hire, post-exposure or ongoing screening health assessments required by employers. The new capabilities, which can be easily integrated with an employer's existing HRIS, are an expansion of the technology company's single-platform risk management information system (RMIS); healthcare risk management; environmental, health, and safety (EHS) solutions; and well-known prior-generation COVID-19 solution suite. Utilizing the Origami Risk platform's online portal functionality, configurable screens and dashboards, automated workflow engine, and integrated reporting, the solution supports risk management, employee health, and safety professionals, as well as others tasked with ensuring compliance with organizational policies and regulatory requirements for participant (i.e., employee, candidate, contractor, volunteer) health and safety. The latest employee health solution enables organizations for Collect, assign and document the results of required tests and screening, including alcohol testing and drug, vision and hearing assessments, tuberculosis (TB) testing, respirator fit testing and post-injury or post-exposure medical evaluations. Track employee immunizations, including proof of completion (e.g., influenza, hepatitis B) and COVID-19 vaccinations, boosters, and waivers. Automate logistics for testing and exposure management (e.g., notifications and reminders). • Search, locate, and view employees' testing, screening, and vaccination records, as well as any attached documents. Observe testing, screening and vaccination metrics like rate of compliance. About Origami Risk Origami Risk is one of the top providers of integrated risk, safety, compliance, healthcare, and P&C insurance SaaS solutions. It provides its highly configurable GRC, RMIS, EHS and healthcare risk management solutions from a scalable, secure platform that includes work tools for automating critical workflows, centralizing data, and providing insights into safety and risk initiatives. Its cloud-based software is designed to meet the needs of multiple sectors within the insurance and risk marketplace. Origami Risk was founded in 2009 by industry veterans who recognized the need for a single-version, cloud-based RMIS platform. Since then, the company has expanded its product offerings and grown to more than 500 employees providing software and support to over 500 companies worldwide.

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