PointClickCare Launches Integrated Virtual Health Solution for Long-Term and Post-Acute Care Providers

PointClickCare | October 11, 2022 | Read time : 02:00 min

PointClickCare Launches

PointClickCare Technologies, a leading healthcare technology platform enabling meaningful collaboration and access to real‐time insights announced the launch of its Virtual Health offering – an integrated telemedicine solution to the Skilled Nursing Facilities market. With the help of partner Sound Physicians, this technology is currently being implemented in more than half of the states across the U.S. Over the next two days at the AHCA/NCAL Convention and Expo, PointClickCare will be showcasing the innovative ways providers can better achieve quality care and reach the full potential of virtual health in the post‐acute setting.

According to the Forrester U.S. Tech Outlook, 2022 Report, investment in virtual health, remote monitoring, and hospital-at-home, are spending priorities in 2022. Forrester analysts have confirmed that these technologies have the power to reduce the cost of administrative complexity, which is currently $265 billion.

Recent data from the US Department of Health & Human Services explains that the share of Medicare visits conducted through telehealth rose to 52.7 million in 2020, from approximately 840,000 in 2019. Knowing that telehealth has become an increasingly important, yet sometimes complicated component of healthcare, PointClickCare has developed an alternative to traditional telehealth by applying technological improvements to offer an integrated solution.

Telehealth is no longer a futuristic concept in long-term care, it’s table stakes. Our customers continue to navigate between care settings and our team has sought to innovate and push the envelope on providing virtual care. We’re proud to announce this technology that has been specifically designed to meet the mission‐critical needs of post‐acute providers to improve clinical care and reduce healthcare costs, consistently driving down hospital readmissions by 30%.”

Travis Palmquist, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Senior Care at PointClickCare

With PointClickCare’s Virtual Health offering, providers can now

  • Improve patient care & staff satisfaction: By streamlining operations through a sophisticated level of integration into existing workflows, care teams have access to shared patient records, and can cut down on administrative tasks and can focus on what matters most – patient care.
  • Reduce healthcare service costs: With the ability to “treat in place,” facilities experience stabilized occupancy rates and can reduce the need for after-hours readmissions or emergency room department transfers, ultimately lowering overall costs.

“The ongoing staffing crisis has created a new level of pressure for our staff. With PointClickCare’s Virtual Health solution, our care teams can access an on-shift physician with just one click, streamlining operations and cutting down on a lot of the administrative burdens we are faced with, all while ensuring our patients are getting the best quality of care, any time,” said Kevin Baxter, Vice President of Operations at Health Services Management.

About PointClickCare
PointClickCare is a leading healthcare technology platform enabling meaningful collaboration and access to real‐time insights at any stage of a patient’s healthcare journey. PointClickCare’s single platform spans the care continuum, fostering proactive, holistic decision‐making and improved outcomes for all. Over 27,000 long‐term post‐acute care providers, and 2,700 hospitals use PointClickCare today, enabling care collaboration and value‐based care delivery for millions of lives across North America.


Schedule, track, and manage every stage of maintenance, calibration, and breakdown processes from anywhere, at any time. Biomedical technicians are instantly notified of work order requests with the real-time location of assets.


Schedule, track, and manage every stage of maintenance, calibration, and breakdown processes from anywhere, at any time. Biomedical technicians are instantly notified of work order requests with the real-time location of assets.

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