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Oscar Health Renews and Expands Relationship with Digital Solutions Platform Provider Ciox Health

Businesswire | April 20, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Oscar Health Renews

Ciox Health®, a Datavant company, and Oscar Health, Inc. the first health insurance company built around a full stack technology platform, announced that they have renewed and expanded their digital services agreement.

Under the expanded agreement, Oscar will have access to the Datavant Switchboard via Ciox to securely request, retrieve, and digitally deliver clinical data. Through this digital capability, medical record access is improved and turnaround time is reduced, while reducing the burden on providers. The arrangement is expected to deliver a total spend reduction of 25% over the term of the agreement for Oscar under the new contract.

"Ciox's offering, both from a product and financial perspective, is strategically aligned with our broader company objectives," said Scott Blackley, Chief Transformation Officer of Oscar. "After having been a trusted partner for nearly seven years, they continue to help drive meaningful cost savings through scale, while being best positioned to support our consumer-centric, tech-focused business."

“We are thrilled to power the aspirations of the innovative team at Oscar, a long-standing client,” said Bill Horn, Executive Vice President of Payer Growth at Ciox. “By leveraging Datavant Switchboard, Oscar stands out as a leader in digital healthcare data exchange, and this extended relationship will quickly benefit both their members and bottom line.”

About Ciox

Ciox Health, a Datavant company, provides leading clinical data technology that empowers greater health by unlocking the potential of data in medical records. The company leverages a ubiquitous network of clinical data connections to simply and securely connect healthcare decision makers with the data and hidden insights in patient medical records. Ciox helps customers connect, control and comply in solving last mile challenges in clinical interoperability. Supporting a range of connectivity needs from research to revenue cycle, Ciox’s solutions include clinical data acquisition, release of information, and clinical coding.



When a large academic medical center was unable to keep up with massive overnight data management, integration, and reporting demands, they turned to the experts at EXL. Using our data and analytics workforce, the organization saw reduced costs, enhanced capacity, and advancement in their IT maturity.


When a large academic medical center was unable to keep up with massive overnight data management, integration, and reporting demands, they turned to the experts at EXL. Using our data and analytics workforce, the organization saw reduced costs, enhanced capacity, and advancement in their IT maturity.

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Experity Acquires OnePACS, the Leader in Teleradiology PACS

businesswire | August 21, 2023

Experity, the national leader in on-demand healthcare solutions, has acquired OnePACS, a SaaS PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) platform purpose-built for teleradiology. OnePACS is the only PACS platform to offer a fully location-agnostic, distributed multi-user, cloud-based PACS with a cloud-based modality worklist and its own automated structured reporting solution with both native OnePACS and third-party voice recognition integration. With the addition of OnePACS, the leading teleradiology PACS platform, Experity extends its position as the leading urgent care teleradiology company. In addition, this merger enables Experity Teleradiology to offer a fully tech-enabled service offering. “As the trusted partner and solution provider for over 50% of the U.S. urgent care market, Experity is always looking to identify and fill gaps for urgent care clinics, particularly where our services can improve the delivery and accessibility of high quality on-demand care,” said Dr. David Stern, CEO, Experity. “OnePACS and Experity complement each other – OnePACS is the best PACS platform for teleradiology, while Experity’s software platform is the best operating system for on-demand healthcare.” Thomas Bryce, MD, PhD (CTO and cofounder, OnePACS) added, "The entire team at OnePACS is thrilled about the possibilities we can achieve together with Experity. Their offering is a natural complement to OnePACS' role in the teleradiology ecosystem, and their focus on urgent care dovetails well with OnePACS' teleradiology sweet spot. Benefitting from their resources and expertise, we are confident we’ll continue to innovate and grow the OnePACS platform to benefit providers, teleradiology groups and patients." About Experity Experity is the leading software and services company for on-demand healthcare in the U.S. urgent care market, providing an integrated operating system complete with electronic medical record, practice management, patient engagement, billing, teleradiology, business intelligence and consulting solutions. Nearly 50% of the U.S. urgent care market runs on Experity solutions. With Experity, providers can best meet the demands of the evolving on-demand space and deliver high-quality, high-velocity care by streamlining operations, improving patient experiences and optimizing revenue. A GTCR portfolio company, Experity’s leadership is comprised of growth-minded urgent care experts and business leaders committed to improving on-demand healthcare for all.

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Oracle Helps Medical Entities Handle Financial and Supply Chain Issues

Oracle | September 20, 2023

The Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite offers healthcare-specific functionalities enabling entities to streamline operations and enhance patient outcomes. The conference highlights the need for healthcare organizations to prioritize transparency and collaboration across the entire delivery system, including suppliers, payers, and patient invoicing. As healthcare increasingly prioritizes proactive patient care, enhanced integration and collaboration across the ecosystem are vital for greater efficiency, accessibility, and equity. During the Oracle Health Conference, Oracle introduced specialized healthcare features into its Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain and Manufacturing (SCM) solutions to assist healthcare organizations in improving patient care. The healthcare-specific functionalities have been integrated into the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite to assist healthcare organizations in enhancing financial transparency, fortifying supply chains, and elevating patient care. These will also help empower healthcare organizations to boost efficiency, reduce costs, adapt to new business models, improve decision-making processes, and enhance patient services. Nevertheless, the healthcare sector faces significant hurdles due to unpredictable demand and increased administrative costs. These challenges include managing resource and supply shortages and adapting to changing financial requirements for patient care. These difficulties have arisen when the demand for efficient and accessible healthcare is more critical than ever. The newly introduced capabilities within Oracle's healthcare-specific solutions empower healthcare organizations to streamline operations and adapt to evolving healthcare delivery models, from telehealth to home and community-based care. These enhancements encompass vital areas, including financial consolidation and reporting, which provide healthcare organizations with the tools to maintain comprehensive financial oversight in a complex healthcare environment through AI and automation. In procurement, these capabilities help reduce expenses and enhance the efficiency of medical supply orders, including contract and pricing integrations with group purchasing capabilities. Furthermore, replenishment planning and recall management features improve the availability of medical supplies by predicting demand and facilitating efficient recall processes to enhance safety and reduce risks within the healthcare supply chain. Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle, stated, The new capabilities added to Oracle Fusion Applications Suite will help healthcare organizations adopt new business models, embrace rapid innovation, build agile and sustainable supply chains, and better serve patients' needs—now and in the future. [Source: Cision PR Newswire] The Oracle Fusion Applications Suite will empower organizations to leverage cloud technology for dismantling internal barriers, standardizing operations, and centralizing financial, HR, supply chain, and customer experience data within a unified cloud platform. Through quarterly update cycles, customers can continuously access the latest innovations as new capabilities are regularly incorporated.

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Azalea Health and Particle Health Enter Strategic Partnership

businesswire | August 18, 2023

Azalea Health, a leading provider of fully-integrated cloud-based healthcare IT solutions and services, and Particle Health, an intelligent data platform that aggregates and delivers actionable patient data and insights to healthcare companies, today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership to foster a seamless exchange of vital healthcare data, streamline communication, and elevate the standard of patient care for the rural health market. With the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape and the growing need for interoperability, the initiative between Azalea and Particle represents a significant step towards overcoming the multitude of challenges associated with fragmented health data. Together the organizations will combine their expertise and resources to develop a cutting-edge platform that optimizes data sharing, promotes data security, and facilitates seamless collaboration among rural healthcare providers. "We are thrilled to align forces with Particle as this collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize healthcare for the rural health market,” said Brian Kenah, Chief Technology Officer at Azalea. “By combining the strengths of both organizations, we aim to simplify the way healthcare professionals access and share patient information, leading to improved patient outcomes and ultimately, a healthier society. Together, we will empower rural healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver exceptional patient care in a connected and secure environment.” Key benefits of this partnership include Improved Healthcare Data Interoperability By integrating Azalea state-of-the-art ambulatory and inpatient solutions with Particle's robust data exchange infrastructure, healthcare providers will gain access to a unified platform capable of generating a complete patient health record seamlessly and securely. These advanced interoperability capabilities will reduce administrative burdens, minimize data redundancies, and empower healthcare professionals to make well-informed decisions promptly. Enhanced Patient Care Coordination Through this partnership, healthcare organizations will experience improved patient care coordination across the continuum of care. This includes real-time access to comprehensive patient records (medical histories, test results, and treatment plans) that will enable providers to deliver more personalized care while improving patient outcomes. Strengthened Data Security and Privacy Both Azalea and Particle are committed to upholding the highest standards of data security and patient privacy. By pooling their expertise, they will develop a robust security infrastructure that safeguards sensitive health information, mitigating the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. Enhanced Management of a Patient’s Health By combining data capabilities of Azalea and Particle, healthcare organizations will be better equipped to analyze patient health trends and manage chronic diseases more effectively. This data-driven approach will facilitate preventive care measures and promote overall community well-being. “The Particle team is excited to enter a strategic partnership with Azalea to truly transform how care is delivered to patients in rural communities,” said Jason Prestinario, CEO of Particle Health. “Combining the insights available from our platform with Azalea's solutions, we are able to put more advanced patient insights directly in front of the providers making important care decisions, ensuring that the right treatment is getting to the right patient at the right time.” About Azalea Health Azalea Health is changing the way health IT platforms connect community-based healthcare providers and patients across the lifecycle of care. Offering a 100% cloud-based integrated solution, Azalea delivers electronic health records and revenue cycle management designed for rural and community practices and hospitals. Quick to deploy and intuitive to use, Azalea solutions ensure better care coordination and communication – enabling better outcomes and a meaningful competitive advantage. About Particle Health Particle Health has built the integrations and APIs that enable a modern, seamless data experience for healthcare companies, with a mission to unlock the power of medical records in an intelligent platform that focuses health back on the patient.

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