Orion Health strengthens North American operations with new technology and leadership

prnewswire | March 27, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Orion Health strengthens North American

Orion Health, a global leader in population health software, is strengthening its position in North America with new technology and the appointment of James Rice as Executive Vice President for North America.

With operations in 12 U.S States and seven Canadian Provinces, the company has long been at the forefront of transformational Digital Health in North America. Orion Health is continuing on this path with the launch of the Amadeus Unified Healthcare Platform leading away from traditional broken healthcare systems, by creating patient-first digital health solutions.

Alongside his new position, Rice will continue in his strategic role on the Orion Health global Executive Leadership Team with responsibility for the company's sales, business growth and marketing strategy. His new role will see Orion Health having a global executive on the ground in North America and demonstrates the company's confidence and commitment to this significant market.

Brad Porter, Orion Health Global Chief Executive says the North American health sector is in desperate need for innovative technology to reduce the strain brought on by the pandemic and the ever-increasing shortage of medical professionals.

"To overcome the challenges facing the sector today, we need to reimagine how IT can improve healthcare by giving more time back to medical professionals and making health systems easier for users to navigate. We're already seeing how Digital Front Door technology is achieving this in parts of Canada, and we look forward to introducing these solutions across more regions in North America," says Porter.

Orion Health has been operating in North America for more than 25 years. In addition to its DFD, Orion Health has developed over 30 state or province-wide Digital Care Records (DCR) or health information exchanges across the US and Canada, allowing health information to flow seamlessly to and from authorized organizations and individuals across the state.

Amadeus Unified Healthcare Platform

In 2023 Orion Health is reinventing its Amadeus Unified Healthcare Platform, which is made up of its Digital Care Record (DCR), Digital Front Door (DFD), and its new Health Intelligence Platform (HIP).

"HIP is an exciting new health-centric solution that helps customers get the most out of their data. As a core component of the Amadeus Unified Healthcare Platform, HIP is a scalable, modular data solution that compliments the full range of products in the Amadeus suite.

"James will lead the implementation of Orion Health's Amadeus Unified Healthcare Platform strategy across North America, and thus will play an instrumental role in improving health outcomes for the region," says Porter.

In his new role, Rice is leading the North American arm of Orion Health as well as the Middle East. He is responsible for creating and leading revenue streams focused on these markets.

With more than 25 years of experience, five of which at Orion Health, James's experience makes him the perfect candidate to lead the team working to deliver the right care, to the right people, at the right time.

"The North American market is hugely important to Orion Health. I'm looking forward to engaging with existing and prospective customers, showing them how our transformational new technology will change the game for healthcare," says Rice.

About Orion Health

Orion Health is a global healthcare technology company focused on reimagining healthcare for all. We are leading the change in digital health with health and care organizations to improve the wellbeing of every individual with our world leading Unified Healthcare Platform. Made up of a Digital Front Door, Digital Care Record, and Intelligence Platform - each underpinned by extensive health and social data sets, machine learning, and 30 years of innovation focused purely on improving global well-being.


Watch how Omni Interactions saved Carbon Health 35-55% on customer support costs while maintaining excellent healthcare services.


Watch how Omni Interactions saved Carbon Health 35-55% on customer support costs while maintaining excellent healthcare services.

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