Office Ally Announces Acquisition of Bluemark

Office Ally | May 11, 2022

Office Ally

Office Ally, a leading provider of electronic clearinghouse and healthcare software solutions, announced that is has acquired Bluemark, LLC, a provider of specialized healthcare software for healthcare professionals and community-based organizations. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Founded in 2001, Bluemark provides specialized healthcare software and adaptive technology, including revenue integrity and Medicaid enrollment solutions, for hospitals, health systems, nursing homes and community-based organizations across the country. Bluemark offers four unique products that span Payer Audit Management and Assistance Program Enrollment, enabling healthcare professionals to both enhance reimbursement processes and achieve workflow efficiencies.

As a leader in healthcare revenue cycle software, Bluemark has built an impressive suite of high-quality RCM products that are designed to provide mature cloud-based technology solutions that simplify some of the most complex processes in healthcare finance. Not only are Bluemark’s self-pay and health information handling solutions highly complementary to our solution set at Office Ally, but the company’s network of hospital and health system relationships expands our customer base into some of the largest providers of care in the US.”

Chris Hart, CEO of Office Ally

“We are thrilled to be growing the Office Ally platform with the addition of Bluemark. Together, we believe there is an incredible opportunity to leverage our extensive network of providers and combined solution set to further scale our offerings as a leading healthcare technology company,” continued Hart.

With the acquisition of Bluemark, Office Ally will be able to expand its product set and add new health information handler credentials. In addition, the complementary nature of the two businesses will allow Office Ally to better serve existing customers with an integrated suite of healthcare software solutions now spanning self-pay management and Medicaid enrollment.

“Over the last two decades, Bluemark has been a pioneer and innovator in healthcare finance by developing unique solutions to drive the enrollment of self-pay patients into Medicaid and associated benefit programs, as well as the electronic exchange of health information between providers and audit contractors. We are thrilled to be joining Office Ally, and look forward to better serving our customers as the healthcare market continues to evolve,” said Ken Sacks, CEO of Bluemark.

About Office Ally

Office Ally is a healthcare technology company that offers cloud-based solutions to healthcare providers, independent physician associations (IPAs) and health plans. Office Ally’s platform supports both the management of care and facilitates payments between providers, health plans and patients. Office Ally’s platform is paired with a clearinghouse that enables the secure exchange of healthcare information including claims, remits, and eligibility information between covered entities and across the healthcare market. 

About Bluemark

Bluemark, LLC, is a specialized software and technology developer that provides expert solutions for healthcare professionals. Bluemark helps clients maximize reimbursement and achieve workflow efficiencies through the development of technology-based business process solutions for revenue cycle and HIM audit and compliance processes. Backed by a national footprint and strong industry relationships, Bluemark offers mature SAAS-based technology solutions that are time-tested, proven and positioned to evolve with the healthcare market’s changing needs. 


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On February 15, 2023, Masimo announced that Centroid®, its wearable, wireless patient activity and orientation sensor, has been given the Innovative Technology designation by Vizient, Inc., a leading healthcare performance improvement company in the US. In conjunction with the Masimo Root® Patient Monitoring and Connectivity platform, Masimo displayed Centroid® at the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange in Dallas last October. Healthcare experts on Vizient member-led councils evaluate products and technologies yearly to improve patient safety, healthcare worker safety, clinical care, or healthcare organizations’ business operations. In addition, innovative Technology designations are given to previously contracted products to highlight their positive impact on patient care and business models. Masimo Centroid® helps clinicians monitor patient position to prevent hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs), which affect nearly 2.5 million US patients each year and directly cause mortality of almost 60,000. It can also alert clinicians to sudden movements like falls. Additionally, it detects chest movements to consistently provide respiration rate, helping clinicians make better care decisions. Centroid® uses Bluetooth® to pair with Root® and track patient posture, orientation, and activity. Centroid data can also be shared via Masimo Hospital AutomationTM to Patient SafetyNetTM, a centralized remote patient supplemental monitoring platform by Masimo, and Replica®, a mobile app that lets clinicians view continuous data from anywhere. Connecting to the Masimo Hospital AutomationTM also allows clinicians to automate patient turn charting in EMRs, run reports and analytics to direct resources, and improve turn protocol adherence. The National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) recommends scheduled turning protocols to prevent HAPIs. However, most US hospitals still use paper wall clocks or egg timers, which are outdated and ineffective in modern healthcare. In addition, staff shortages and competing priorities have stressed nurses, and it is challenging to keep track of the last time a patient was turned without a more sophisticated system like Masimo Centroid®. About Masimo Masimo is a pioneering medical technology company that designs and manufactures an extensive range of industry-leading monitoring technologies based in Irving, California. The company offers groundbreaking measurements, patient monitors, sensors, and automation and connectivity solutions. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life, patient outcomes, and healthcare costs. Through constant innovation, the company built a portfolio of clinically proven offerings that set the standard for modernization, performance, and patient safety by availing healthcare providers with the necessary data to boost clinical decision-making.

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WebMD Expands Flagship Medscape Brand with Grupo SANED Acquisition

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On March 08, 2023, WebMD Health Corp., a subsidiary of Internet Brands and a provider of information services for healthcare professionals and consumers, announced that it had acquired Grupo SANED, the Spanish market leader for medical and health information services. Grupo SANED is an industry pioneer for scientific communications, clinical news, medical education, and regulatory advice. The acquisition expands Medscape's presence among healthcare professionals in Spain to include over 200,000 registered nurses, physicians, and pharmacists, as well as 1 million Spanish-speaking consumers. The acquisition marks a significant expansion for WebMD's global flagship brand, Medscape, which features an exceptional reach of over 6.5 million physicians worldwide. In addition, the transaction secures the company's position as the premier global provider of clinical news, healthcare communications, and education for healthcare professionals. For more than four decades, Grupo SANED has provided the medical and healthcare industry with research, marketing, publishing, communication, and onsite training. Its partnerships with business schools, universities, and scientific societies, as well as its close collaboration with prestigious academics, have enabled the development of highly regarded accredited training, which has been instrumental in fostering member loyalty. Medscape's strategic growth plan is advanced with this transaction, which follows similar acquisitions of country-specific clinical and health information providers that target healthcare professionals, such as MGP in the UK in 2021, Coliquio in Germany in 2020, and MediQuality in Benelux in 2018. Grupo SANED will now operate as an independent subsidiary of WebMD. About Medscape Medscape, headquartered in New York, is a major online platform for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide. With over 30 specialty sites for physicians, and additional sites for medical students, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists, it offers essential point-of-care drug and disease information, expert perspectives, medical news, professional education, and CME. The platform aims to enhance patient care by providing physicians and healthcare professionals with comprehensive clinical resources and information.

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NuraLogix to Unveil New Capabilities for Anura™ Platform at MWC 2023

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On February 26, 2023, NuraLogix, a global leader in contactless health monitoring, announced that it will demonstrate numerous new capabilities of the AnuraTM platform at the MWC 2023. Utilizing desktop devices and mobiles already in the hands of billions of people, AnuraTM can provide over 30 health parameters, enabling the mobile industry to incorporate digital health solutions into various aspects of the healthcare and retail, automotive, and smart city industries. At MWC 2023, the company will demonstrate its latest capacity for conducting metabolic and blood biomarker health risk assessments for various chronic conditions, including assessing HbA1c and fasting glucose and the risk of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and hypertriglyceridemia. The findings are displayed on an intuitive results screen, showing data on dozens of health parameters, including breathing rate, heart rate, and cuffless blood pressure. Visitors can experience AnuraTM at Ontario/Canada Pavilion booth #6C75. Anura, powered by NuraLogix's proprietary Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technology, can measure vital signs and provide health risk assessments through mobile and desktop devices using a video selfie. It automatically recognizes a person's face, identifies critical regions of interest, and extracts blood flow data, which is then combined with AI data models developed from data from over 40,000 patients with multiple conditions. Currently, the company's predicted model research has appeared in ten peer-reviewed research publications worldwide, with three additional publications in the works. In addition, NuraLogix holds 13 original U.S. patents. Its most recent models have demonstrated clinical accuracy in predicting whether a subject's HbA1c is greater than 5.7% or whether their FBG is greater than 5.5mmol/L. In January 2023, The company announced that it can measure blood pressure with a standard deviation error of less than eight mmHg, the highest standard for contactless blood pressure measurement. About NuraLogix NuraLogixis a fast-growing tech firm committed to delivering science-backed health wellness analytics software products. Its products, such as the AnuraTM platform, utilize the patented Transdermal Optical Imaging™ (TOI™) technique that extracts facial blood flow data via a video camera. Then, with advanced machine learning and neuroscience, it predicts physiological and psychological effects with or without expressions. The company aims to transform healthcare with innovative digital solutions that enhance people's well-being. It is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and was founded in 2015.

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