Novant Health launches new business division to accelerate clinical operational and technological advances for the healthcare industry

Novant Health | March 29, 2022

Novant Health, one of the largest health care systems in the Southeast, today announced the launch of a new business division designed to innovate and support scalable solutions for some of the health care industry's biggest challenges. Operating as an independent business entity, Novant Health Enterprises will better enable partnerships with other health care organizations, create diversified growth and generate value for Novant Health's core business. Some of Novant Health's existing services will move over into this new division, and additional service offerings will be developed and acquired. NHE will accelerate the improvements Novant Health is making through its investments and partnerships focused on clinical, operational and technological advancements.

Envisioned as an incubator to accelerate the development of solutions that promise to unlock clinical, financial and patient value at scale, the health system's new venture will bring to market innovative solutions that empower all patients to live healthier lives – while enabling physicians to focus on delivering the best possible care. Novant Health Enterprises will build on the health system's considerable scale and prominence as well as the strength of its strategic partnerships and will focus on three core areas over the next five years: developing transformational clinical capabilities, continued expansion into non-acute settings, and commercializing differentiating digital solutions.

"Novant Health has long been at the forefront of innovation in health care, pioneering solutions internally and through unconventional partnerships to solve the industry's biggest challenges. This forward-thinking has enabled us to reimagine the patient experience, advance the quality and capability of care and be named the safest health care system in the region. I can't wait to see what a unique entity such as Novant Health Enterprises will incubate, innovate and accelerate as we leverage technological innovation to create better outcomes for our patients, providers and communities."

Carl S. Armato, president and CEO, Novant Health

Novant Health Enterprises will be led by Dean Swindle, who will serve as executive vice president of Novant Health and president of this new division. Swindle has over 30 years' experience as a financial and strategic executive in both national and regional health systems and has developed transformational growth activities and industry leading capabilities.

Angela Yochem will serve as chief operating officer and general manager of Novant Health Enterprises in addition to her current role as Novant Health executive vice president and chief transformation and digital officer. Yochem has over 25 years' experience in new business creation and operation, delivery of world-class consumer experiences and differentiating technologies, and development of advanced solutions for the competitive advantage of global companies at scale.

"Novant Health Enterprises convenes the industry's leading partnerships to deliver on our promise to make health care remarkable for all our patients, in every dimension, every time," said Swindle. "As most of us have witnessed in the health care industry, the events of the past two years have underscored the value that technology and transformational capabilities can bring to patient care. Novant Health Enterprises has never been more confident in the potential for technological innovation to alleviate the most pressing problems in health care and we are excited to get started."

"The creation of Novant Health Enterprises will maximize the power of innovation and partnerships, allowing us to better pursue our mission of making our communities healthier, one person at a time," said Yochem. "We'll not only have our finger on the pulse of what is needed to improve care, but we'll have the ability to foster, create, test and apply those solutions at an unprecedented rate. I look forward to uncovering new opportunities as we focus Novant Health Enterprises' initial priority areas in the coming months."

Novant Health Enterprises will continue to develop the operating framework and strategic plans over the course of the next year.

About Novant Health
Novant Health is an integrated network of physician clinics, outpatient facilities and hospitals that delivers a seamless and convenient healthcare experience to communities in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. The Novant Health network consists of more than 1,800 physicians and over 35,000 employees who provide care at nearly 800 locations, including 15 hospitals and hundreds of outpatient facilities and physician clinics. In 2021, Novant Health was the highest-ranking healthcare system in North Carolina to be included on Forbes' Best Employers for Diversity list. Diversity MBA Magazine ranked Novant Health first in the nation on its 2021 list of "Best Places for Women & Diverse Managers to Work." In 2020, Novant Health provided more than $1.02 billion in community benefit, including financial assistance and services.


Are you looking for a reliable medical provider? Look no further! We are excited to introduce our new online tool that simplifies the process of finding a trusted healthcare professional.


Are you looking for a reliable medical provider? Look no further! We are excited to introduce our new online tool that simplifies the process of finding a trusted healthcare professional.

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PhysioWave, a spinoff from Stanford University, successfully completed a 200-subject clinical study with OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd., a global leader in medical devices for health monitoring and treatment. PhysioWave has been developing rapid, non-invasive technology to measure a person's risk of cardiovascular disease, using a weight scale, when they arrive for a clinic visit. PhysioWave's technology is mature and FDA-cleared, and PhysioWave is seeking opportunities to bring this important new technology to the consumer space through partnerships. The PhysioWave Pro™ scale measures the stiffness of the major blood vessel into which the heart pumps, the aorta. Stiffness increases with age, but excess stiffness among people of similar ages can be a warning sign of risk. It is established that increased vascular stiffness can predict the later development of high blood pressure, or hypertension, and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. "The chance to work with OMRON Healthcare is a true honor. We have used their blood pressure instruments as reference standards on many clinical studies and greatly value their brand power," said PhysioWave founder, Greg Kovacs, MD, PhD. The study was carried out in Kyoto, Japan, and was intended to explore the use of PhysioWave's technology to assess cardiovascular disease risk at home. This new technology could be used to monitor the beneficial effects of lifestyle changes or prescription medicines for preventing and managing cardiovascular disease. It is widely recognized that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally, and the PhysioWave vascular stiffness technology is low-cost and requires no disposables to deliver meaningful information in under one minute. The study validated the accuracy and reproducibility of PhysioWave's vascular stiffness technology in a wide distribution of subject attributes such as age and BMI. "As we move more aggressively into disease prevention, rather than treating cardiovascular disease after it has manifested, the ability to carry out personalized cardiovascular risk assessment assumes even greater importance to our healthcare systems" said Judith Swain, MD, PhysioWave CMO, and previous Chair of Medicine at Stanford and previous Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. "OMRON Healthcare is exploring innovative technologies to help prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases for its "Going for ZERO" vision, including collaboration with partners. The accuracy of PhysioWave's vascular stiffness technology was excellent. We look forward to further exploration of cardiovascular measurement technology at home with this collaboration," said Minoru Yoshimura, Executive Officer, OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. PhysioWave and OMRON intend to continue to explore opportunities for vascular stiffness in consumer settings, including its use to help identify persons with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and to provide feedback as they manage their conditions. About OMRON Healthcare Committed to advance health and empower people worldwide to live life to the fullest, OMRON Healthcare is a global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for home health monitoring and treatment. Aiming to realize its vision "Going for ZERO, Preventive Care for the Health of Society", the company develops products and services for cardiovascular condition management, remote patient monitoring, respiratory care, and pain therapy devices. These help healthcare professionals and patients to reduce cerebro-cardiovascular events, aggravation of respiratory diseases and restrictions due to chronic pain. With well over 300 million units sold globally, OMRON provides the world's most recommended blood pressure monitors by healthcare professionals. Throughout its history, OMRON Healthcare has been striving to improve lives and contribute to a better society by developing innovations that help people prevent, treat, and manage their medical conditions and provides products and services in over 110 countries.

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Tomorrow Health Cements its Focus as the Premier Partner for Home-based Care Providers by Closing its Medical Supply Business

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Tomorrow Health, an innovator in home-based care, announced that it has closed its first-party home medical equipment (HME) supply business to remove barriers and unlock new opportunities for its network of home-based care providers. Tomorrow Health serves as a partner for home-based care needs to leading suppliers, including AdaptHealth, Apria, Home Care Delivered, Lincare, and Rotech Healthcare, providing each with holistic technology solutions that streamlines end-to-end workflows and enables unparalleled operational efficiency at scale. Tomorrow Health's vision has always been to restore the home as the primary point of care. Initially, it sought to achieve this vision by operating its own home medical equipment (HME) supplier business. A more powerful opportunity to shift care to the home quickly revealed itself: the transformation of the end-to-end process of how HME is ordered, processed, and delivered to patients at scale. Tomorrow Health evolved, building a market-leading connective technology and service layer that coordinates care seamlessly across payers, referring providers, patients and home-based care suppliers. The company's unique approach, built on its prior learnings as an HME supplier business, has delivered technology that supercharges home-based care provider growth via high-quality, cost-effective care. With its technology seeing rapid adoption and impact, Tomorrow Health has formally closed its HME supplier business. Tomorrow Health's decision to concentrate its focus on technology for supplier partners comes as the broader healthcare ecosystem shifts its strategic priorities and seeks greater support in enabling the delivery and reimbursement of quality home-based care. Nearly 91% of health plans have recently indicated plans to move more care to the home. HME suppliers are facing a critical challenge: meeting that demand in an operationally efficient manner. A recent HME delivery cost survey found that new personal protective equipment expenses, plus longer round trips with associated fuel and labor expenses, have increased overall delivery costs by 30% or more for most suppliers. "HME suppliers are a critical lever to shift care to the home, which is often overlooked by payors," Vijay Kedar, CEO and Co-Founder, Tomorrow Health." Tomorrow Health's technology and unique position with payors enables change end-to-end, supporting everything from prescription to reimbursement while arming suppliers with valuable insights that can drive business growth and ensure positive experiences for every single stakeholder." "Tomorrow Health is not only focused on delivering high-quality, innovative technology to suppliers in need of operational efficiencies, but they're also connecting with suppliers to understand what is and isn't working for them," said Tom Ryan, President and CEO, American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare), an advocacy organization for home-care providers and DME and HME companies. "By actively seeking out and listening to feedback from the supplier community, Tomorrow Health has been able to build a solution that drives definitively better outcomes for everyone." Many suppliers today receive HME orders from one-size-fits-all digital solutions that don't meet payor requirements or specific clinical needs. Tomorrow Health delivers an intuitive, precise digital order to suppliers within its platform, prioritizing urgent, same-day orders and queuing other provider orders as they come in, in compliance with payor requirements. Tomorrow Health has reduced supplier operating expenses by up to 24%. All necessary documentation is included in the order, with 87% of orders having enough information to be immediately serviceable. The supplier also has the ability to communicate with all necessary parties, including payers and providers, about the order through the platform. "Our partnership with Tomorrow Health enables us to automate and dramatically scale Home Care Delivered's best-in-class customer onboarding process, while simultaneously allowing us to drive the clinical, quality, and financial outcomes that are needed by patients, their healthcare providers, and payers," said Lowell Price, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Chief Growth Officer of Home Care Delivered. "While there are other e-platforms in the market today that we support, none are more strategically aligned to us in both commitment and capability to delivering value-based care in DME than Tomorrow Health. We couldn't be more excited about our partnership." About Tomorrow Health Tomorrow Health builds technology that improves the way home-based care is ordered, delivered, and paid for. Today, the home-based care ecosystem is fragmented, confusing, and expensive, costing the healthcare system billions of dollars annually. Tomorrow Health manages and improves every step of the process, using technology-driven matching and considering quality, specialization, insurance coverage, and geography to pair patients with appropriate suppliers of more than 40,000 products and services, leading to improved patient health results and lowered costs. Tomorrow Health partners with more than 125 leading health plans and health systems nationwide, including Pennsylvania's Geisinger Health Plan, and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, BOND, Obvious Ventures, BoxGroup, Rainfall Ventures, and Sound Ventures.

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