Northwell Health and Aegis Ventures Launch Ascertain – Healthcare AI Company Creation Platform to Improve Quality and Access to Care

Northwell Health | April 13, 2022

Northwell Health

Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider, and Aegis Ventures, a New York-based startup studio announced at their inaugural Healthcare AI Innovation Summit the finalization of definitive agreements to launch Ascertain, a joint company creation platform. Ascertain is a first-of-its-kind partnership that pairs a dynamic venture studio with one of the nation’s largest and most impactful health systems to develop and commercialize breakthrough healthcare AI companies that improve quality and access to care and close health equity gaps.

Ascertain represents a novel, more targeted approach to the way entrepreneurs and healthcare systems collaborate to solve major healthcare challenges. The platform combines clinical and business leadership, expert technical and product teams, access to Northwell’s leading, diverse datasets, and capital resources within a single ecosystem – with a sole focus on building and validating effective solutions that can be rapidly brought to market.

Ascertain brings a unique structure, an innovative approach, and a compelling vision to create breakthrough healthcare AI companies that are set up for success. We are all driven by the idea that everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. Our aim is clear: to find new, cost-efficient ways to create and accelerate companies that deliver real, equitable solutions.”

Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health

Ascertain has commenced the creation of its first portfolio companies in partnership with Northwell’s clinicians and administrators. One such collaboration is focused on bringing substantive improvements in maternal health, working hand-in-hand with Northwell’s recently launched Center for Maternal Health to develop new approaches to detecting and managing serious complications for expectant mothers and babies. Ascertain’s data science team has been working hand-in-hand with Northwell’s Maternal and Fetal Medicine team to examine tens of thousands of cases of preeclampsia, a hypertensive pregnancy complication that disproportionately affects Black mothers in the United States.

Using cutting-edge data science techniques, the Ascertain team aims to deliver an AI solution that helps clinicians predict the risk of developing preeclampsia, enabling them to intervene earlier than previously possible.

“Existing approaches to the detection of preeclampsia often occur too late in pregnancy, once the condition has begun to manifest. An important enabler for a solution to this challenge is predictive analytics, applying available knowledge of a patient's history to enable action far earlier with simple, yet life-saving, clinical interventions. We believe the AI solution Ascertain is currently developing will enable this,” shared Burt Rochelson, MD, Chief of Maternal Medicine at Northwell Health.

“Aegis and Northwell’s multidisciplinary teams are pursuing innovation through a systematic approach that will bring validated solutions to patients more quickly and at a lower cost,” said Bill Schoenfeld, Aegis Ventures Chairman. “Our skillsets are extraordinarily complementary and enable us to address healthcare’s most entrenched quality, equity, and cost problems far more powerfully than either organization could alone.”

Ascertain is preparing to launch multiple companies in 2022 that focus on maternal health, chronic disease detection and management, and next-generation AI tools.

Ascertain’s Chairman Tom Manning shared, “Together, we’re paving a new way forward, a monumental step toward real, proven AI solutions that can bring impact to the world. It is a bold collaboration to drive AI-backed companies that save lives and resolve long-standing health inequities – and realize results that deliver something greater in healthcare.”

Ascertain is committed to building exceptional teams that will embrace this unique opportunity to create unparalleled impact. To learn more about Ascertain or register your interest, please visit

About Ascertain
Ascertain is a revolutionary new partnership between Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider, and Aegis Ventures, a dynamic startup studio. This unique partnership assembles leading medical, technology, and business resources to create a first-of-its-kind company creation platform for healthcare innovation to address healthcare’s most challenging quality, equity, and cost problems. Ascertain brings $100M in seed-stage capital to bear in pursuit of a three-pronged approach to company creation: internal ideation, commercialization of scientific breakthroughs, and US market entry partnerships for global ventures. Ascertain creates companies that improve quality of care, patient experience, and long-standing health, placing patient needs at the center of every business model, technology solution, and product.

About Northwell Health
Northwell Health is New York State’s largest healthcare provider and private employer, with 23 hospitals, 830 outpatient facilities and more than 16,600 affiliated physicians. We care for over two million people annually in the New York metro area and beyond, thanks to philanthropic support from our communities. Our 77,000 employees – 18,900 nurses and 4,800 employed doctors, including members of Northwell Health Physician Partners – are working to change healthcare for the better. We’re making breakthroughs in medicine at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research. We're training the next generation of medical professionals at the visionary Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell and the Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies.

About Aegis Ventures
Aegis Ventures is a next-generation startup studio that partners with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to originate, launch, and scale transformative companies. Our platform brings together market-shaping ideas, permanent growth capital, and ambitious individuals driven to solve major societal problems. We aim to build companies with the capacity for vast impact, with an initial focus on artificial intelligence and digital health. Within these verticals, Aegis seeks to create companies that leverage technology to better optimize tradeoffs between quality, access, and cost, focusing on innovations that promote seamless continuity of care, patient empowerment, and better-informed clinical decision-making.


In house hospital marketing departments come in all shapes and sizes. At one end of the scale, we’ve encountered a hospital with more two hundred employees involved in marketing. But in most cases, we find that even large hospitals often have small marketing teams that are stretched very thin, and therefore are forced to become jacks of all trades.


In house hospital marketing departments come in all shapes and sizes. At one end of the scale, we’ve encountered a hospital with more two hundred employees involved in marketing. But in most cases, we find that even large hospitals often have small marketing teams that are stretched very thin, and therefore are forced to become jacks of all trades.

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HealthVerity Launches Cloud Platform Offering Flexible Technologies Empowering Healthcare Enterprises

HealthVerity | November 17, 2020

HealthVerity, the pioneer in security ensured data exchange, today reported the business accessibility of its incorporated cloud stage offering adaptable advancements that enable medical care endeavors to plan and assemble their own one of a kind data technique, data work process or data universe, all in a security ensured way. Upheld by an amazing API (application programming interface) suite, HealthVerity customers can rapidly coordinate these advancements straightforwardly into their current data and examination work processes to convey development in new and novel manners. The new HealthVerity stage presents a structure based on the primary components of Activate, Discover, Exchange, Govern, Organize and Deliver, urging customers to consolidate either select abilities or the full suite to all the more likely favorable position their most significant undertaking data work processes. Presently accessible for sure fire engineer use are more than two dozen APIs pre-worked to empower capacities, for example, security ensured character goal, venture wide assent the executives, multi-party data exchange and by and large data administration, among others. As a component of the dispatch, HealthVerity has advanced HealthVerity Marketplace, the cloud answer for finding and authorizing the country's biggest medical services data biological system, to incorporate direct admittance to its new API layer. "Over 250 leading life sciences and insurance enterprises trust us to safeguard privacy, drive data interoperability and enrich their data-driven applications," said Andrew Kress, CEO of HealthVerity. "Whether it's linking and managing the combination of specialty drug data with deidentified healthcare data for new patients, boosting signal for clinical trial cohorts in real-time or consolidating disparate datasets, all in a HIPAA-compliant manner, our clients can more rapidly and efficiently enable these outcomes via a self-service API suite. Over the coming months, HealthVerity will continue to announce new additions to its platform to support a wide range of data management requirements and to ensure that all clients are able to reimagine and benefit from the modern way to data. About HealthVerity For transformative, evidence-led healthcare companies, HealthVerity enables the creation and execution of unique end-to-end data strategies with privacy and HIPAA-compliance at the forefront. With HealthVerity technologies directly embedded into the enterprise workflow and the largest, most flexible data ecosystem at their fingertips, our partners benefit from cloud solutions spanning expert patient identity resolution to secure data management and transformation. From activation to delivery, HealthVerity is the modern way to data.

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Olive and ASUS Collaborate to Bring AI-Assisted Coding to 775+ Hospitals

Olive | May 27, 2021

Olive, a healthcare AI firm, announced today a collaboration with ASUS, a leading global consumer electronics company with a growing portfolio of healthcare products and services, to bring AI medical coding assistant ASUS Miraico to healthcare providers via the Olive Helps platform. ASUS's customer-first mindset and technical competencies are combined with Olive's deep expertise and proven track record in enhancing healthcare operations via workflow automation. ASUS Intelligent Cloud Services (AICS), a newly formed software subsidiary within ASUS, is collaborating with providers to reimagine care delivery and accelerate the transition of a data-driven and AI-enabled healthcare ecosystem with AI services like ASUS Miraico, the world's first medical coding AI assistant to capture the whole patient experience. ASUS Miraico, an ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision) AI coding assistant which has already been deployed in select hospitals, has greatly improved medical coding efficiency and accelerated revenue cycle workflows within hospitals. The inclusion of ASUS Miraico as a feature within the Olive Helps platform (a platform that provides real-time intelligence to human workers) will significantly improve hospitals' revenue cycle management processes. With the addition of Miraico, Olive Helps can analyze clinical terminology in medical records more accurately, increase efficiency in DRG assignment processes, and automatically recommend the most relevant and accurate ICD-10 codes. The collaboration was formed to provide the innovations required to bring healthcare together. One example of synergies is the use of AI, specifically cybernetics (the scientific word for how people and machines collaborate to achieve better outcomes), to facilitate faster medical coding in high-intensity environments while enhancing the overall accuracy of the final outputs. They will also assist medical coders to upskill more effectively, giving them more time to focus on higher-value activities and improving the revenue cycle process's efficiency. About Olive Olive's AI workforce is designed to fix our broken healthcare system by addressing healthcare's most pressing issues - increasing revenue, reducing expenses, and improving efficiency for hospitals, health systems, and payers. People are unhappy with the system today, and health professionals are essentially working in the dark as a result of outdated technology, which leads to a lack of shared knowledge and siloed data. Olive is established to enable connections by providing new light on the broken healthcare processes that stand between providers delivering patient care and payers. She uses artificial intelligence to discover life-changing outcomes that make healthcare more efficient, affordable, and effective. Olive's objective is to unleash a trillion dollars by connecting a disconnected healthcare system. Today, Olive is working on improving healthcare operations so that everyone can benefit from a healthier industry tomorrow. About ASUS ASUS is a multinational corporation known for providing the best motherboards, PCs, monitors, graphics cards, and routers in the world. ASUS leads the industry with cutting-edge design and innovations to create the most ubiquitous, intelligent, heartfelt, and joyful smart life for everyone, in addition to an expanding range of superior gaming, content-creation, and AIoT solutions.

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MD Revolution, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare launch Remote Patient Monitoring for COVID-19 patients

MD Revolution, Inc. | September 17, 2021

San Diego-based care management company MD Revolution recently partnered with Memphis-based healthcare system Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare to implement a Remote Patient Monitoring program for recovering COVID-19 patients. “MD Revolution was able to rapidly deploy effective and personalized COVID-19 follow-up care to non-critical patients throughout the MLH system,” said Paul Huffman, MD Revolution director of Sales and Business Development. “Our expert clinical care team combined with our RevUp patient software, allows Methodist primary care providers to safely monitor patients and address patient needs in real time.” Recovering COVID-19 patients receive a cellular connected hub and monitoring device that directly connects them with MD Revolution’s clinical care team and their primary care provider to monitor vital signs, offer health coaching and provide 24-hour clinical care assistance. Data automatically uploads to the patient’s electronic health record, eliminating the need for separate documentation. We appreciate MD Revolution for the rapid integration of the RevUp platform throughout our healthcare system. We are currently monitoring over 100 COVID-19 patients who are safely quarantining from the comfort of their homes, creating greater flexibility for us to treat more critical patients in our hospitals. Marigay Miller, vice president and Chief Operating Officer for the MLH Physician Enterprise Methodist implemented RPM in response to the ever-present Delta variant responsible for a surge in local COVID-19 cases. We’re on a mission to digitally connect millions of patients to their primary care physician or specialist. Forward-thinking medical practices, hospitals and healthcare systems like Methodist realize the benefits of partnering together to deliver scalable, beneficial remote care programs. MD Revolution CEO Kyle Williams. MD Revolution plans to expand its Remote Patient Monitoring program and RevUp software across a variety of medical disciplines to influence patient care while also addressing hospital capacity challenges. About MD Revolution, Inc. MD Revolution, Inc. is an innovative Care Management company that uniquely combines technology, services, and analytics to produce scalable, high-touch care models that enrich the patient-provider experience and, more specifically, mitigate the challenges associated with meeting the requirements for Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) initiative, Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), population health programs, Annual Wellness Visits (AWV), as well as supporting Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and other digital health services. Solutions are available as turn-key solutions, software-as-a-service, and through reseller partners.

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