Microba Life Sciences Signs Partnership With Nib-Backed Midnight Health

Microba Life Sciences Limited | May 26, 2022

Microba Life

Microba Life Sciences Limited has signed a strategic partnership agreement with nib Holdings Limited backed digital healthcare company Midnight Health, to deliver a personalised health service to the Australian consumer market.

Under this Agreement, Midnight Health will promote, market and sell a world-first subscription-based service, known as Vidality, with its network of pharmacists to formulate personalised supplements for each customer based on their microbiome test results, leveraging the recommendations from Microba’s Analysis Platform.

This personalised, pharmacy-integrated service model – delivered with trained, registered pharmacists – will bring a level of science and personalisation to an industry which commonly provides customers with one-size-fits-all solutions.

Midnight Health CEO, Nic Blair said: “We are experiencing strong demand for innovative online healthcare solutions aligned to an individual needs. We already have more than 13,000 subscribers across our existing brands with strong month-on-month growth. Many of our customers are looking for gut health solutions and we are proud to bring the Vidality product to our customers in partnership with Microba”.

The Agreement was signed, for an initial period of 3 years, after a successful pilot which tested the service model and product offering. It further demonstrates Microba’s scalable technology and ability to deliver evidence-based gut health solutions together with distribution partners.

Consumers are seeking personalised, evidence-based solutions to support their gut health. Together with Midnight Health, we are excited to bring the Vidality product to consumers, a truly personalised solution powered by our technology”.

 Microba CEO, Dr Luke Reid

This delivers on an undertaking in the Company’s Prospectus to enter into an Australian partnership with a fast growth innovative consumer healthcare company.

This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board.

About Midnight Health

Midnight Health delivers innovative online healthcare solutions through a patient-led digital platform. With the primary goal of democratising healthcare and enabling individuals to take control of their own healthcare, Midnight Health integrate telehealth technology, doctors, pharmacy network and other partners to provide a seamless patient experience for fast, convenient and discreet access to treatments, prescriptions and education through niche digital brand platforms.

About Microba Life Sciences Limited

Microba Life Sciences is a precision microbiome company driven to improve human health. With world-leading technology for measuring the human gut microbiome, Microba is driving the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for major chronic diseases and delivering gut microbiome testing services globally to researchers, clinicians, and consumers. Through partnerships with leading organisations, Microba is powering the discovery of new relationships between the microbiome, health and disease for the development of new health solutions.


Over the course of the last century, the medical sciences have made remarkable strides in developing safer and more effective treatments, such as minimally invasive surgery and new drugs that can help mitigate the effects of diseases such as arthritis. While the science of medicine has advanced, the funding, organization, and delivery of health care in Canada have not fundamentally changed since the advent of Medicare in the 1950s and 1960s.


Over the course of the last century, the medical sciences have made remarkable strides in developing safer and more effective treatments, such as minimally invasive surgery and new drugs that can help mitigate the effects of diseases such as arthritis. While the science of medicine has advanced, the funding, organization, and delivery of health care in Canada have not fundamentally changed since the advent of Medicare in the 1950s and 1960s.

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