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Medtech Global is growing its innovation platform with Smartek21's voice command healthcare product - IntelliTek Health's Clinical Virtual Assistant

PRNewswire | May 18, 2023 | Read time : 04:00 min

Medtech Global is growing

SmarTek21, a global AI solutions company, has announced its partnership with Medtech Global, the largest provider of General Practice Management Software (PMS) in New Zealand, by joining the Medtech ALEX® Partnership Programme. The partnership will make SmarTek21's healthcare solution, IntelliTek Health's Clinical Virtual Assistant (CVA), simple for general practice to adopt by providing a secure and seamless connection to the Practice Management System. IntelliTek Health's CVA allows care providers to utilize voice commands for dictation during consultations, prescribing and changing medications, and scheduling follow-up appointments. It also offers clickless and voice navigation through the electronic medical record, reducing the administrative burden on clinicians. As a result, clinical staff will have more capacity and capabilities, extending outside the physical walls of a clinic and into patients' homes with the help of this Gartner-validated AI-based technology.

SmarTek21's AI Product CEO and IntelliTek Health's business lead, Martyn Molnar, stated: "We are thrilled to partner with Medtech Global, which will enable clinicians in the APAC region to benefit from the automation of workflows related to patient/clinical encounters. Clinicians will no longer be tied to keyboards and can now move to a hands-free interaction with their patients. Our clinicians have experienced a 17% increase in patient throughput with the help of their voice-enabled system and data-access tools, freeing up an average of 4 minutes per visit due to the automation of administrative tasks and note-taking. They have also reported a 90% improvement in the accuracy of capturing encounter data. As well as a reported 40% decrease in time management follow-up activities, such as bookings. We appreciate the efforts of Geoffrey Sayer, CEO of Medtech Global, and his team in helping us bring this offering through the Medtech ALEX® program."

Molnar adds, "All Medtech customers can now enjoy access to Gartner-validated AI-based voice technology, which is fully integrated with Medtech's PMS whether in the clinical setting or on home visits. IntelliTek Health's CVA also has the added benefit of being 20% cheaper than non-Medtech integrated offerings, saving the clinicians both time and money while offering superior features."

Geoffrey Sayer responded, "Our health workforce is struggling with shortages, burnout, and economic sustainability. The new IntelliTek Health's clinical virtual assistant creates efficiencies utilizing AI technology, allowing doctors, nurses, and care providers to focus on care delivery and not on administration tasks. This is a great example of how the Medtech ALEX® Partnership Programme is enabling the next wave of innovation throughout the APAC region and supporting care providers delivering healthcare in the home. Secure API FHIR® integration, like the Medtech ALEX® platform, is required for innovation and solving complex problems for patients and providers. We're excited to welcome SmarTek21 on board."

Dr. Richard Medlicott, practicing physician and former Medical Director of NZ Royal College of GPs, agrees that "sector collaboration, such as the SmarTek21 and Medtech partnership, is key to supporting our GPs with sustainable solutions that will reduce administration and increase the accuracy of consultation data. These technologies continue to help support us GPs, and nursing teams, with more face-to-face time with our patients in the clinic and outside of the clinic during home visits."

About MedTech Global

Medtech Global is a leading health information technology company providing over 85% of the patient management systems (PMS) in general practices across New Zealand. Medtech Global also empowers health across several geographic regions worldwide. It is widely recognized for its innovative, leading-edge software solutions, which enable health professionals to provide improved care and for patients to manage their health and well-being.


Technology is changing the way we experience healthcare. What if it could also help us navigate the complex and often chaotic environment of a hospital? Find out how in our video.


Technology is changing the way we experience healthcare. What if it could also help us navigate the complex and often chaotic environment of a hospital? Find out how in our video.

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