Medicago Announces Publication of Phase 3 COVID-19 Vaccine Study Results in New England Journal of Medicine

Medicago | May 06, 2022

Medicago Announces

Medicago announced the publication of the results from the Phase 3 study of COVIFENZ®, COVID-19 vaccine recombinant, adjuvanted, in the New England Journal of Medicine. The Phase 3 trial studied the two-dose regimen of COVIFENZ® given 21 days apart versus placebo in over 24,000 subjects aged 18 and above. Common side effects in the vaccine group included injection site pain, headache, fatigue, fever, muscle aches, and chills.

COVIFENZ® is indicated for active immunization to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2  in individuals 18 to 64 years of age. The safety and efficacy of COVIFENZ® in individuals younger than 18 years of age or 65 years and older have not been established. COVIFENZ® has not yet received approval in other jurisdictions.

We are proud to have our Phase 3 clinical trial published in the esteemed New England Journal of Medicine to be shared with the larger scientific community. Medicago’s scientific team has dedicated decades to the development of our proprietary plant-based vaccine manufacturing platform, and we are thrilled to see our results disseminated in this way. We hope that this exchange of research and knowledge will encourage and inspire future innovation in biomedical science and clinical practice.”

Marc-André D’Aoust, Executive Vice President, Innovation, Development and Medical Affairs at Medicago

COVIFENZ® was authorized for use by Health Canada on February 24, 2022. This is the first authorized COVID-19 vaccine developed by a Canadian-headquartered company, and the first that uses a plant-based protein technology.

“The world needs a diverse range of vaccine options to continue to fight COVID-19, and we are proud to be able to contribute,” said Toshifumi Tada, CEO and President at Medicago.

About Medicago

Medicago is on a mission to help improve global public health using the power of plants. Founded in 1999 with the belief that innovative approaches and rigorous research would bring new solutions in healthcare, Medicago is a pioneer in plant-based therapeutics. We are proudly rooted in Quebec, with manufacturing capacity in both Canada and the US. Our passionate and curious team of over 500 scientific experts and employees are dedicated to using our technology to provide rapid responses to emerging global health challenges, and to advancing therapeutics against life-threatening diseases worldwide. Medicago is an affiliated company of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation. 

About Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, the majority parent company of Medicago, is one of the large Japanese pharmaceutical companies, with its headquarters in Osaka, Japan. It positions vaccines as one of its key R&D areas and is also working to develop new modalities of vaccines. MTPC will further contribute to the prevention of infectious diseases which is one of the world’s important social issues, by delivering a new option of plant-based VLP vaccine as a new type of vaccine. MTPC is a member of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group. 


This year’s annual report from the Office of the Chief Medical Health Officer is focused on vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) and immunizations in Fraser Health. This information is intended to inform Fraser Health programs, health care providers, schools, nongovernmental organizations, and community partners.


This year’s annual report from the Office of the Chief Medical Health Officer is focused on vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) and immunizations in Fraser Health. This information is intended to inform Fraser Health programs, health care providers, schools, nongovernmental organizations, and community partners.

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Komodo Health Acquires Mavens and Expands its Healthcare Map and software platform

Komodo Health | January 12, 2021

Komodo Health today reported its acquisition of Mavens, a pioneer in cloud-based innovation arrangements. The acquisition unites Komodo's Healthcare Map™ and programming suite with big business applications from Mavens, making the most progressive information driven, venture stage for healthcare and life sciences. This arrangement will empower clients to all the more productively and consistently put life-saving treatments under the control of patients who need them most. Arrangement terms were not revealed. “This acquisition disrupts the status quo, unlocking a fundamentally different opportunity for life sciences companies to gain access to differentiated insights through technology,” said Arif Nathoo, MD, CEO and co-founder of Komodo Health. “Purchasing fragmented and costly data assets, custom solutions and expensive consulting projects will be a thing of the past as Komodo Health delivers a seamless, data-driven platform across R&D, Commercial, Medical Affairs and Patient workflows.” “Customers will benefit from our cloud-based enterprise platform that offers access to a suite of software solutions powered by our industry-leading Healthcare Map,” added Web Sun, President and co-founder of Komodo Health. “This will revolutionize the value that healthcare and life sciences companies can now realize.” “We are excited to join forces with Komodo Health to create a next-generation solution for the industry,” said Prasad Kanumury (PK), founder and CEO of Mavens. “Together, we will transform the way life sciences companies support patients and providers, ultimately reducing the burden of disease across the globe. This raises the bar and changes the expectations of the entire healthcare ecosystem.” Together, Komodo and Mavens will grow their product abilities, fueled by experiences from Komodo's Healthcare Map™ - which tracks in excess of 320 million de-recognized patient excursions. As the business shifts toward a patient-focused information model, venture healthcare organizations can end their dependence on heritage information aggregators. The acquisition will likewise quicken Komodo's worldwide extension, as Mavens at present works in the U.S., U.K. what's more, India. The acquisition of Mavens additionally goes ahead the impact points of proceeded with monetary interest in Komodo Health, which brought $44 million up in Series D subsidizing drove by ICONIQ Growth. Past financial specialists Andreessen Horowitz, Oak HC/FT, IA Ventures, Felicis Ventures, and McKesson Ventures all partook in the round. This financing will quicken Komodo Health's capacity to extend its Healthcare Map, stage, and arrangements and further quicken its central goal to decrease the worldwide weight of sickness. “We have long admired Komodo’s achievements and we believe the company’s unique approach has finally linked robust patient journey data with crucial workflows to achieve greater efficiency and better outcomes in healthcare,” said Caroline Xie, General Partner, ICONIQ Growth. “With the acquisition of Mavens, Komodo extends its strategy deeper into the life sciences enterprise and remains well capitalized to accelerate its impact across the entire healthcare ecosystem.” About Komodo Health Komodo Health believes that smarter, more innovative use of data and analytics is essential for reducing disease burden. We apply artificial intelligence and other advanced data science techniques to our first-of-its-kind Healthcare Map™, which tracks the unique patient journeys of over 320 million patients. We empower a multitude of healthcare stakeholders – life science companies, healthcare payers and providers, patient advocacy groups, and others – to create a more cost-effective, value-driven healthcare system. About Mavens Mavens is the pioneer in building trusted software products and implementing cloud-based technology to help biotech, rare disease, and specialty pharma companies navigate the challenges of commercialization. The company was founded by two Salesforce alumni – Prasad Kanumury (PK) and Billy Ho – with a simple goal to demystify and unlock the power of cloud technology for life sciences. The Mavens team has designed, built, and implemented globally compliant software in life sciences for more than 13 years.

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Accountable Care Organization Southwestern Health Resources Selects ClosedLoop.ai to Predict and Reduce Unplanned Hospital Admissions

ClosedLoop | September 24, 2021

ClosedLoop.ai, healthcare’s data science platform, today announced a partnership with Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR), a national leader in population health management. ClosedLoop’s explainable artificial intelligence (AI) helps SWHR enhance its analytics capabilities to predict and reduce unplanned hospitalizations, and better identify and understand the unique needs of patients, so it can continue to set the industry standard for population health management. SWHR participates in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Model, which is Medicare’s highest-risk ACO Model, and has achieved nearly $120 million in savings since 2017. For SWHR, harnessing AI is critical to closing gaps, connecting patients to the right care at the right time, and leveraging patient- and population-level insights to transform outcomes. “At SWHR, our patient-centered network is committed to innovative care models that are value-based, high-quality, and data-driven. Because of our partnership with ClosedLoop, we’re better able to identify and act on the most impactful opportunities for our physician partners to improve patient results and reduce unnecessary costs.” Jason Fish, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of SWHR ClosedLoop’s explainable AI reimagines the concept of patient risk profiling by shifting away from legacy risk “scores” to comprehensive, personalized forecasts delivered directly into clinical workflows. Each forecast harnesses patient-specific data and surfaces key variables that explain precisely what risks a patient faces and why. It integrates relevant clinical details and links to specific interventions that clinical teams use to prevent adverse events, improve outcomes, and reduce unnecessary costs. SWHR joins a growing list of innovative healthcare organizations that trust ClosedLoop to address some of their biggest challenges and help achieve the Triple Aim of healthcare — improve individual care and population health and reduce costs. The ClosedLoop healthcare data science platform has deployed hundreds of predictive algorithms that impact over 3 million patients daily. Customers include Healthfirst, New York’s largest nonprofit health plan; Medical Home Network, the largest Medicaid ACO in the U.S.; and Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization, one of the nation’s leading and most successful physician-led ACOs in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). The SWHR deployment leverages the same technology that won ClosedLoop the CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge, the largest healthcare-focused AI competition in history. ClosedLoop beat more than 300 of the world’s leading technology and healthcare organizations, including IBM, Mayo Clinic, Merck, and Accenture. ClosedLoop also was recognized as a KLAS Healthcare AI 2020 Top Performer. "Today's most innovative leaders in value-based care choose AI solutions to help them attain the Triple Aim of improving individual and population health, as well as reducing costs. We're committed to helping SWHR, already a national leader in population health, achieve better patient outcomes and save millions in healthcare spending through our partnership." ClosedLoop CEO and Co-founder Andrew Eye About SWHR Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR), which blends the strengths of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Texas Health Resources, includes a clinically integrated network of 29 hospital locations and more than 5,500 physicians and other clinicians, and is committed to being the national leader in population health. With more than 650 points of access to care, the network provides higher value and allows patients to access services across a full continuum of medical needs. SWHR serves people across 16 counties in North Texas, coordinating care for more than 730,000 patients, aligned with commercial healthcare plans and Medicare programs. About ClosedLoop ClosedLoop.ai is healthcare’s data science platform. We make it easy for healthcare organizations to use AI to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Purpose-built and dedicated to healthcare, ClosedLoop combines an intuitive end-to-end machine learning platform with a comprehensive library of healthcare-specific features and model templates. Customers use ClosedLoop’s Explainable AI to drive clinical excellence, operational efficiency, value-based contracts, and enhanced revenue. Winner of the CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge and named KLAS Healthcare AI Top Performer for 2020, ClosedLoop is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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Swift Medical Launches the World’s First All-in-One Hyperspectral Imaging Device to Make Healthcare More Accessible

Swift Medical | March 03, 2022

Swift Medical, the global leader in digital wound care technology, unveiled the Swift Ray 1, a groundbreaking hardware device that wirelessly attaches to a smartphone camera and captures comprehensive clinical data to better support assessment, treatment and monitoring of skin and wound conditions. The Swift Ray 1 fits in the palm of a clinician or patient’s hand, making powerful medical imaging accessible anywhere, from the hospital to the home. Further, this advanced imaging enables the capture of accurate clinical data for every patient, regardless of skin tone, making wound care more equitable for everyone. “The future of wound care goes beyond what the naked eye can perceive and beyond the walls of the clinic, which is why our dream has always been to equalize and improve healthcare access for humanity through intelligent diagnostics. The Swift Ray 1 gets us one step closer by helping clinicians and patients see below the surface of the skin, to heal wounds faster or prevent them from ever even developing.” Carlo Perez, co-founder and CEO of Swift Medical The Swift Ray 1 captures and analyzes important physiological characteristics of wounds that can indicate causes for concern and/or improper healing, such as signs of infection, bacterial colonization, tissue compromise, perfusion, inflammation and blood oxygen levels. The new device illuminates these invisible, beneath-the-skin characteristics through long-wave infrared, near infrared, ultraviolet and enhanced RGB imaging technology - enabling powerful clinical workflows. The Swift Ray 1 works seamlessly with Swift Medical’s proprietary wound management software application and provides clinicians with unparalleled insights into a patient’s wound healing, informing clinical and operational decision-making. It also integrates directly into many of the leading EHRs to help clinicians both improve clinical efficiency and ensure that all relevant medical information is recorded in the patient’s chart. “The technology can fit in your pocket. That means it can go anywhere a doctor or nurse goes. It means it’s on them, whenever they need it, wherever their patients are,” said Mike Comer, Founder and CEO at Wound Care Advantage. “There’s no forgetting it on the shelf or fumbling around with wires and clunky imaging devices. You just take it from your pocket and snap a photo. It really does make wound care accessible anywhere.” Chronic wounds are one of the biggest public health challenges worldwide, and are often associated with other prevalent chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension. More than 8.2 million patients are currently suffering from chronic wounds in North America. As rates of obesity, diabetes and other chronic conditions continue to skyrocket, the number of patients at risk of developing wounds will continue to rise. The challenges of providing wound care are exacerbated by the reality that high quality care traditionally requires highly trained clinicians using multiple pieces of bulky, expensive equipment in an institutional setting. Conversely, the Swift Ray 1 allows any clinician to capture and share images at any bedside, enabling healthcare organizations to provide more accessible, efficient and preventive care. The Swift Ray 1 supports a variety of use cases, including early detection of deep tissue injuries and prevention of pressure injuries; identification of wound infections and inhibited wound healing; and remote physiological monitoring of chronic wound patients in the home. The Swift Ray 1 is also ideal for pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations engaged in clinical trials. About Swift Medical Swift Medical is the global leader in digital wound care. Our mission is to make empathy driven wound care ubiquitous through AI-powered diagnostic technology. We are the trusted wound technology partner of more than 4,100 healthcare facilities in North America across the continuum of care. Our solutions empower healthcare providers to deliver standardized, accessible and equitable wound care for every patient - with advanced, high-precision imaging, compliant documentation, clinical analytics and remote care.

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