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Marpai Launches Marpai Connect Platform to Predict and Help Modify Risk in Healthcare

PRNewswire | May 31, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Marpai Launches Marpai

Marpai, Inc. an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered healthcare payer transforming self-funded employer health plans, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative platform, Marpai Connect.

Marpai Connect, an AI and data-driven matchmaking platform, actively pairs health plan members with an array of value-based providers. Marpai Connect offers self-insured employers a way to reduce risk and cost associated with their healthcare spending. Marpai Connect will be a core part of Marpai's offerings within health plans that it manages for self-insured employers. It includes analytics to measure the impact of the value-based solutions over time versus the current trend.

Marpai also intends to offer Marpai Connect to other healthcare payers starting in Q4 of this year.

"We realized that chronic diseases are currently representing 41% of the cost across our book of business", said Lutz Finger, Marpai's President of Product and Development. To address those costs, Marpai Connect started to partner with the best value-based solutions for chronic conditions. As of June 2023, Marpai Connect will offer more new vendors.

Edmundo Gonzalez, CEO of Marpai, emphasized, "There are amazing, evidence-based solutions that are very specific to a condition, like diabetes, but our clients need a portfolio of solutions covering all the cost drivers of a health plan. That's what Marpai Connect delivers." To monitor the cost drivers, Marpai Connect has created a new AI driven forecasting solution so that Marpai Connect clients can keep track of the reduction of cost.

The cornerstone of Marpai Connect's distinctive approach is its use of advanced deep learning technologies, which enable the proactive identification and outreach of health plan members in need. "Marpai Connect is not just about reporting cost trends, rather we're helping plan members improve their health and this leads to savings for employers," asserted Mr. Gonzalez.

Marpai Connect aims to create more quality life years for its members. "We have ambitious plans", said Mr. Finger. "We aim to grow our value-based-care network to cover more than 15 different disease states."

The launch of Marpai Connect signifies Marpai's dedication to revolutionizing the healthcare industry. By harnessing AI and data, Marpai is transforming the landscape of self-funded health plans, providing a higher quality of care while effectively managing costs.

About Marpai, Inc.

Marpai, Inc. is an AI-powered Third Party Administrator (TPA) delivering health plan administration and services to employers that directly pay for employee health benefits (self-funded employer health plans). As a technology innovator in the $22 billion TPA sector representing over $1 trillion in annual claims, Marpai includes services beyond traditional TPA services that improve health plan value to members, and significantly reduce medical and pharmaceutical costs for members and the plan.


Discover how Futurism AI is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technologies. Delve into how we leverage AI to predict and prevent equipment failures, monitor disease outbreaks, expedite clinical trials, detect fraudulent activity, and pioneer drug development.


Discover how Futurism AI is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technologies. Delve into how we leverage AI to predict and prevent equipment failures, monitor disease outbreaks, expedite clinical trials, detect fraudulent activity, and pioneer drug development.

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Quantum Health Partners With Progyny To Launch New Family-Building Benefits Offering

Businesswire | July 06, 2023

Quantum Health, the leading consumer healthcare navigation and care coordination company, announced today it has partnered with Progyny, Inc. (Nasdaq: PGNY) as part of its launch of a new family-building benefits offering to help employers provide a better, more comprehensive and inclusive experience for all employees who need support to build their families. Progyny, a leading benefits management company specializing in fertility and family-building benefits solutions, will be included as a new Preferred Partner within Quantum Health’s Comprehensive Care Solutions™ platform. As part of this new offering, Quantum Health will fully integrate Progyny’s solution, including access to its national and actively managed network of top fertility specialists, dedicated concierge patient support, integrated pharmacy and wraparound technology, into Quantum Health’s navigation and engagement platform. Quantum Health’s 500 employer clients, currently supporting close to 3 million members, can now elect Progyny’s comprehensive fertility and family-building benefits with an accelerated contracting and implementation process and seamless integration. “Quantum Health has long supported our clients and members with their reproductive health needs, but there is growing demand for a more comprehensive and integrated family-building experience, especially for groups of people who may face heightened barriers to accessing fertility care,” said Quantum Health President Shannon Skaggs. “After evaluating the market, we are excited to partner with Progyny, one of the market’s leading solutions in delivering an exceptional family-building experience that leads to healthy pregnancies. We already share mutual clients with Progyny and are eager to integrate their offering into our navigation engagement platform to better meet the needs of our clients and their millions of employees across the country.” The recent Mercer survey, Health & Benefit Strategies for 2024, found over 40% of employers currently take steps to provide equitable family-building benefits, including fertility treatments that do not require individuals to meet the clinical definition of infertile, and coverage for surrogacy expenses. Yet, in the recent Employee Benefit News and Quantum Health State of Healthcare national study, 43% of employers and 28% of employees reported that their company does not currently offer family-building assistance, including fertility and/or adoption assistance. Additionally, 30% to 35% of those in younger workforce generations (e.g., Gen Z, millennials and Gen X) say they want family-building assistance benefits but don’t currently have them, an important consideration for employers as they support their future workforce. “At Progyny, we share Quantum Health’s goal of delivering superior outcomes, exceptional member support and sustained cost savings. Through this partnership, Quantum Health’s leading employer clients can easily expand their benefits offering to include the comprehensive, equitable and inclusive family-building services their workforce increasingly seeks,” said Dr. Janet Choi, Chief Medical Officer of Progyny. “We are excited to integrate our solution into Quantum Health’s unique navigation and member engagement platform to further expand access to our fertility and family-building services and to help members engage with the specialists and treatment they need more quickly and comprehensively.” Quantum Health has recognized the increasing demand by employers and their employees for more holistic family-building solutions. By integrating Progyny’s unique benefits design and highly curated network of specialists with Quantum Health’s proprietary care management and Real-Time Intercept® model, members on family-building journeys will now be guided to all the support they need by their trusted Healthcare Warriors®. Through human-centered engagement, Quantum Health serves as the single point of contact for healthcare benefits questions, such as family-building support, and will direct members to the right resource at the right time, resulting in better experiences, reduced stress for the members and better outcomes. This new partnership with Progyny provides employers with a comprehensive family-building solution that complements Quantum Health’s integrated services, including the Early Steps® Maternity program, a high-risk pregnancy program that pairs expectant parents with a Personal Care Guide nurse for guidance. In the coming months, Quantum Health will continue expanding its Preferred Partners™ program for building families, along with addressing other high-demand and top cost-driving categories for employers. About Quantum Health Quantum Health is the industry-leading consumer healthcare navigation and care coordination company that delivers an unparalleled consumer experience to its members, as well as validated claims savings and high satisfaction rates for its self-insured employer clients. Quantum Health’s proprietary Real-Time Intercept® model identifies opportunities for early intervention in a member’s healthcare journey, resulting in better engagement, outcomes and cost efficiencies. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Dublin, Ohio. Since its inception, Quantum Health has earned numerous awards and honors, including being named among the Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. 5000, and a Great Place to Work by FORTUNE Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Quantum Health has consistently been named one of the 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies by the Women Presidents Organization, and Columbus Business First has consecutively honored Quantum Health as a Best Place to Work.

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Forcura Launches Enhanced Referral Technology Designed to Improve Patient Care Transitions Into Home-based Care

Businesswire | July 13, 2023

Forcura, a healthcare workflow management company, announced significant product enhancements to its referral workflow technology, which will enable home-based care providers to improve their patient admission rates and intake processes. Through enhanced AI and machine learning technology, providers can now prioritize referrals to accept into care patients who best fit the practice’s care team and capabilities. Forcura’s technology makes this possible by automatically identifying more patient demographics and data points – including location, referral source and primary and secondary payers, then allowing intake teams to prioritize that data based on a practice’s business rules. Forcura is also introducing an improved automated capability that will notify providers of duplicate entries. These alerts will help mitigate wasted effort and potential errors when receiving the same referral from multiple channels or at different times. Overall, the evolved platform serves as a comprehensive referral hub for home-based care providers, continuing to provide a single place for referral management, while enhancing its existing smart technology to better identify and prioritize the right referrals for the practice. Forcura’s enhanced technology is launched during a time when the referral rejection rate in home-based care remains a significant problem. In a Spring 2023 study, sector leadership reported the industry rejection rate had not changed or worsened since 2022. Home Health Care News reported it had reached 76% in early 2023. “One of the most strategic pivots a provider can make is to stop accepting any referral and to start accepting the right referrals,” said Annie Erstling, chief operating officer of Forcura. “Getting smarter and more strategic with referral management is a key step to overcoming care transition challenges. In the end, it benefits everyone, including the patient, the provider and the referring physician or facility.” To further analyze smarter referral management, Forcura is bringing together executives from Reliant at Home and Kaiser Permanente for an online panel conversation on July 24. Payer, provider and technology experts will break down how to identify the right referrals and how it will drive operational and revenue-based improvements. To register, visit the webpage here. About Forcura Forcura, a healthcare workflow management company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, facilitates continuity of care and improves business performance for providers via its automated workflow, collaboration and analytics SaaS solutions. The company is deeply committed to empowering better patient care and elevating the role of post-acute in the broader healthcare continuum. The company is a KLAS® reviewed technology vendor, is a certified Great Place to Work™ employer, and has ranked for the sixth consecutive year on the Inc. 5000.

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GBIN Launches eNautilus Project to Add New Oracle Health EHR Capabilities to Better Support Patient Care

prnewswire | September 27, 2023

The Georgian Bay Information Network, a partnership of six Ontario healthcare organizations, is advancing its use of Oracle Health's electronic health records (EHR) by adding new capabilities for advanced clinical services, optimized medication administration, and oncology specialty support under its recently launched multi-year project called eNautilus. These additions are expected to help caregivers improve patient safety, enhance collaboration between caregivers across facilities, and reduce the administrative burden on clinicians across the GBIN's combined 15 hospitals. The GBIN includes Brightshores Health System Hanover & District Hospital (joined 2002), South Bruce Grey Health Centre (joined 2005), Muskoka Algonquin Health Care (joined 2015), Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital (joined 2016), and Almonte General Hospital (joined 2017), all of which use a common EHR to help streamline patient information. This collaboration has been essential to making GBIN one of the first multi-site organizations to have a single, shared health record to support patients across multiple sites in the region. Aligning GBIN organizations to the same technology helps increase productivity, enhance care coordination nearly anywhere the patient is treated, and improve patient care decisions. "Oracle's technology has been a game-changer in the way we deliver healthcare to patients and is a core pillar of our digital transformation," said Jamie Page, director, EMR Integration, GBIN. Its robust functionality has enabled us to scale EHR across our network while adding new functionality to meet the changing needs of our organizations. Now, we can create and maintain a single, portable health record that follows a patient as they visit various caregivers across our regions. This gives clinicians access to comprehensive patient information to better inform decisions and improve care coordination for patients. [Source: PR Newswire] The GBIN manages more than 610,000 outpatient visits and over 30,000 inpatient admissions per year though their 15 facilities, offering a wide range of services, including complex surgeries, total joint replacements, cancer treatment, laboratory, MRI and CT diagnostics, ambulatory care, and 24/7 emergency departments. New modules advance EHR capabilities By integrating new Oracle Health modules with the EHR, including computerized physician order entry and closed-loop medication reconciliation, clinicians within the GBIN can more quickly and easily enter medical orders electronically, which can help reduce the risk of handwritten order errors, streamline workflows, and lower costs. The new modules can also help increase patient safety by helping to ensure the correct medication and dosage is administered to the right patient at the right point of care. Using Oracle's Oncology EHR solutions, the GBIN is able to create a single, centralized patient record inclusive of all cancer treatment information to drive more personalized patient care. "We are working to help the clinicians within the GBIN deliver more personalized and effective care and treatment plans for their patients across their region," said Brian Sandager, vice president, Canada, Oracle Health. "By connecting this healthcare ecosystem, Oracle Health can help them provide better experiences and health care decisions for patients while reducing administrative functions and overall operating expenses."

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