MarketVector Indexes™ Licenses the MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index to VanEck Europe

MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index | December 08, 2022 | Read time : 01:00 min

MarketVector Indexes

MarketVector IndexesTM announced the licensing of the MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index to underlie the VanEck Bionic Engineering UCITS ETF.

The MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index includes companies that generate at least 50% of their revenue from medical, dental, or vision-related implants, bioprinting, prosthesis, or preservation of organs and tissue.

We have observed sound growth in the global bionics market which includes a range of niche healthcare solutions from medical implants to prostheses and bioprinting. These innovations in medical technology open new horizons to meet the rising needs of an aging population, significantly improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, and pave the way for the discovery of potentially life-saving treatments. The MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index offers an investable benchmark to track the leading companies in this industry.”

Mirela Stefanova, Manager of Equity Operations at MarketVector

The MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index is weighted by free float market capitalization and reviewed on a quarterly basis. The index is calculated in USD as a price index and a total return net index. Capping factors are applied to avoid overweighting of single index components.

“The proportion of the elderly population is rising and with it the demand for technical solutions such as hearing and visual aids, pacemakers, artificial joints and the like that improve the quality of life in the old age,” says Martijn Rozemuller, CEO at VanEck Europe. “At the same time, increasingly available bionic tools are helping people with chronic diseases such as diabetes or functional disorders.”

About MarketVector Indexes
MarketVector IndexesTM is a regulated Benchmark Administrator in Europe, incorporated in Germany and registered with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). MarketVector maintains indexes under the MarketVectorTM, MVIS® and BlueStar® names. With a mission to accelerate index innovation globally, MarketVector is best known for its broad suite of Thematic indexes, a long-running expertise in Hard Asset-linked Equity indexes, and its pioneering Digital Asset index family. MarketVector is proud to be in partnership with more than 25 Exchange Traded Product issuers and index fund managers in markets throughout the world, with approximately USD 26.99 billion in assets under management.


Suresh is working on the technology of the future. Giving doctors and patients better ways to manage their health.


Suresh is working on the technology of the future. Giving doctors and patients better ways to manage their health.

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