Kubat HealthCare acquires Hilltop Drugs Etc

Kubat Healthcare | May 10, 2022

Kubat HealthCare

Kubat HealthCare, a leading health care service provider, announces today the acquisition of Hilltop Drugs Etc located at 108 W 11th St in Neligh, Nebraska 68756.

Founded in October 2008 by co-founder and current Pharmacist-In-Charge, Jami Schmidt, Hilltop Drugs Etc quickly became a community staple providing personalized pharmacy and healthcare services. In 2019, Jami Schmidt and her business partner sold to Mark Vogt.

"When I started Hilltop Drugs Etc in 2008, I wanted to provide the community with exceptional pharmacy solutions," said Jami Schmidt, who will remain as the Pharmacist-In-Charge, "I am thrilled that by joining with Kubat HealthCare, not only will our community continue to have pharmacy needs met, but we will now be able to offer additional health care services that have not been made available until now."

By joining the Kubat HealthCare family, Neligh and surrounding communities will benefit from the access to respiratory care, specialized compounded medications, infusion, and home medical equipment solutions through their other locations in Nebraska. Hilltop Drugs Etc will continue to offer home delivery and mailing of patient's prescriptions, RediMedi compliance packaging, vaccinations, and assistance with enrolling in Medicare Part D prescription insurance plans.

"The team at Hilltop Drugs is exceptional. While the name will change in the coming months, we are ecstatic to have Jami Schmidt and the team continue to provide exceptional service to the community."

Tony Schmid, Vice President of Pharmacy Operations at Kubat HealthCare

At Kubat HealthCare, their growth initiative has been focused on entering communities that have been previously underserved by their healthcare options. "Through our network, our team members are able to provide additional healthcare services to communities throughout the Midwest" said Bret Cain, COO of Kubat HealthCare, "And as we continue to grow, it reassures me that we are creating a beneficial healthcare network of service offerings to deserving communities."


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Hologic, an Innovative Medical Technology Company, Launches Panther Trax for High Volume Molecular Testing

Hologic | December 24, 2021

Hologicannounced today that it has completed regulatory filings needed to make Panther Trax® available in a number of countries and regions. Launch of Panther Trax represents the latest addition to the Panther® Scalable Solutions (PSS) portfolio of products, offering the ultimate in lab automation by physically linking multiple Panther instruments together into a single, powerful workcell that allows labs to increase testing volumes without increasing staff.Panther Trax is now listed as a Class I medical device with the United States Food and Drug Administration, CE-marked for diagnostic use in Europe, and will also be commercially available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. “Clinical laboratories have performed heroically, meeting unprecedented demand for close to two years now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the job of manufacturers like Hologic to continue to innovate and enable our lab partners to accomplish more with less, ensuring they manage their workloads while responding to further potential surges in COVID testing.” Kevin Thornal, president, Diagnostic Solutions Division at Hologic The Panther system, initially launched in Europe in 2010, offers random access and full automation for molecular testing. It provides a broad assay menu that includes tests for women’s health, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), respiratory health, viral load and COVID-19 testing, as well as Open Access™ functionality for laboratory developed tests (LDTs). This broad menu enables labs to consolidate molecular testing onto a single platform. The Panther system serves as the foundation for optional add-ons including: Panther® Fusion, which launched in 2017 and provides additional IVD menu and the Open Access functionality to run LDTs; Panther® Plus, which gives labs greater flexibility, walk-away time and throughput; and Panther® Link, which virtually connects multiple instruments to share data and reagents while providing a centralized dashboard to monitor all instruments. These scalable solutions address the needs of today’s laboratories, allowing them to increase operational capacity and testing volumes at their own pace, while building on the flexibility, and streamlined user experience they require. With Panther Trax, labs can customize configuration to meet space constraints and minimize facility costs. Taken together, the suite of Panther Scalable Solutions offered by Hologic significantly expands upon the proven performance and reliability of the foundational Panther system. About the Panther System The Panther system for molecular diagnostics is a best-in-class fully automated, sample-to-result platform with adaptable workflow options and consolidated testing menu. The Panther Fusion system provides an expanded in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) menu, as well as Open Access functionality to run LDTs. Hologic’s Panther and Panther Fusion systems now offer 19 FDA-cleared assays and up to 22 assays outside the U.S. depending on the region. This high-throughput molecular diagnostic platform combines comprehensive sexual health, cervical health, viral load, respiratory testing and open channel functionality on a fully automated system. About Hologic Hologic, Inc. is an innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women’s health and well-being through early detection and treatment.

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Trilliant Health Launches Demand Forecast to Enable Healthcare Providers to Understand Future Care Consumption at an Individual Market Level

Trilliant Health | September 22, 2021

Trilliant Health, a health care analytics company that provides evidence-based strategy for intelligent patient acquisition, today announced the launch of its Demand Forecast solution, a new predictive analytic that gives health systems novel insights into market-level healthcare-consumption trends. Developed over the last three years, Demand Forecast provides a 10-year view of the healthcare market based on a variety of claims, demographic and psychographic data. The application provides health system strategy teams with a deep understanding of the relationship between consumer demand in a local market and the supply of healthcare providers available to serve that demand. Health systems operate in a negative-sum game, and winning that game requires a sophisticated solution that can be translated to strategic planning – free of friction. Health systems must be able to trust that the solution is built around the uniqueness of their market, not modeled from a national view. An effective solution must not restrict discovery to predefined views, but should instead allow its user to construct scenarios, based on the local market realities. Most importantly, a solution should fit into the user’s process, not the other way around. Trilliant Health's new Demand Forecast solution does just that. Jason Nardella, SVP of Predictive Analytics at Trilliant Health Trilliant Health developed Demand Forecast with the understanding that health systems must have data analytics that power immediate insights into the uniqueness of each market in which they operate, delivering them with unmatched fidelity and specificity. As a result, Demand Forecast allows strategists to drill into specific service lines and procedures related to their strategic planning initiatives, giving them the ability to understand which consumers are driving growth across gender, age, location, and care behavior (incidence rate). These insights allow strategy teams to better understand, target and quantify the forecasted impact on their system. Demand Forecast is specifically engineered to allow users to interpret a range of scenarios using confidence intervals. The confidence intervals empower users to measure different outcomes and incorporate their comfort level or risk aversion to the strategic initiative at the heart of a forecast. Demand Forecast also offers "grab and go" visuals that are presentation ready. However, as different provider organizations have varying needs, the application also comes with a one-of-a-kind "build your own" capability, enabling customized forecast visualizations and data outputs in real time. As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the healthcare economy, health systems are eager to implement first-class data analytics platforms that predict the constantly changing market dynamics in healthcare, providing them with stability and opportunities for future growth. Trilliant is already trusted by more than 50 of the top U.S. health systems. The company recently published its landmark report, “2021 Trends Shaping the Post-Pandemic Health Economy,” which includes an in-depth look into the U.S. health care system’s supply-and-demand issues. About Trilliant Health Trilliant Health is an analytics and data science company that provides Evidence-based Strategy for Intelligent Patient Acquisition™. By synthesizing a variety of first-party and third-party data sets, Trilliant Health provides a comprehensive view into market dynamics that enables healthcare providers to find the most efficient and effective solutions for growth in their markets.

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MedCrypt's Heimdall SaaS Solution will Monitor Accuray's Medical Device Software for Vulnerabilities and Provide Alerts if an Exposure is identified

MedCrypt, Inc. | November 18, 2020

MedCrypt Inc., the main supplier of proactive security answers for the medical care space, today declared Accuray has picked MedCrypt's Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and Vulnerability Tracking Software, Heimdall, to help upgrade observing the advanced security stance of the organization's arrangement of radiation therapy conveyance, arranging, and information the executives arrangements. Accuray innovations empower clinical consideration groups to convey progressed malignancy therapies to patients, limiting the measure of sound tissue encompassing tumors that is presented to superfluous high-portion radiation. "The work being done to treat cancer is some of the most important work in the healthcare industry and we are proud to partner with Accuray to help enhance the security posture of its life-saving technologies," said Mike Kijewski, CEO of MedCrypt. "Our solution gathers critical vulnerability data from the National Vulnerability Database, giving us an accurate rundown of potential exposures, so we can respond quickly if a problem is found. With MedCrypt focused on the security aspect, Accuray can focus on their clinical expertise." Accuray advancements in radiotherapy incorporate two of the most exact and exact radiation therapy conveyance frameworks in the business — the CyberKnife® and the TomoTherapy® stages, including the cutting edge Radixact® System — empowering clinicians to convey more customized and more viable therapies. MedCrypt's Heimdall programming will contrast these frameworks' SBOM with the National Vulnerability Database from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to recognize known programming weaknesses. In the event that a realized weakness is distinguished in the SBOM, MedCrypt will inform Accuray with alarms, and the on-going assistance will consistently screen for weaknesses in any SBOM transferred into the framework. "Patients treated with the Accuray systems are our number one priority and augmenting the security of our technologies against potential vulnerabilities is increasingly important," said Frank Valentino, vice president, research & development at Accuray. "We are very pleased to be working with MedCrypt. With their software, we can easily monitor our SBOMs and take immediate action if a vulnerability is identified. We can focus on creating innovative solutions for patient treatments, knowing our technologies are being monitored and protected." MedCrypt offers proactive cybersecurity solutions for medical device manufacturers to build safe and secure medical devices by design. The company recently launched its API verification tool to help secure Liberate's VentFree™ Respiratory Muscle Stimulator, a device intended to be used to treat COVID-19 patients. MedCrypt also welcomed Michael McNeil to its board of directors, reaffirming its commitment to proactive cybersecurity and the promise that clinical functionality, patient safety, and care delivery are always the highest priority. About MedCrypt, Inc. MedCrypt is a San Diego-based company that provides proactive security for healthcare technology. MedCrypt's platform brings core cybersecurity features to medical devices with just a few lines of code, ensuring devices are secure by design. MedCrypt announced a $5.3 million Series A funding round in May of 2019, bringing the total funds raised to $9.4 million with participation from Eniac Ventures, Section 32, Y Combinator, and more. The company is based in San Diego, California.

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